kumkum bhagya – innocent love part 11

Haha…suprise to all…another one from my side. ..sure all will be happy…if you people are happy then me too..let’s start the story..

Abhi was impatiently waiting for doctor to come out.he was praying to god that nothing must happen to pragya.finally the doctor comes out.abhi goes towards him.he asked doctor..pragya is ok right..Neil and ragini sees abhi.they could feel how much love he has on her.but it’s not the time to think about it.the doctor looks at abhi’s condition and says abhi..calm down.she is fine…she had a minor injury. .hope she will will recover soon.take care and leaves.abhi enters in and sees pragya lying unconscious in bed.he goes near her and sits beside looking at her.abhi, why you did like this..you would have informed n.a…and hugs her.tears were rolling from his eyes.

pragya opens her eyes saying come on dcp sir.hearing Pragya’S voice abhi breaks the hug and looks at her.pragya smiles at him.abhi, you are laughing at me.pragya ,oh ho..I am not..sorry for not informing you.abhi, i am sorry..because of me you are in this state.pragya, dcp sir…please don’t blame yourself…see I will be fine.abhi, how this happened.pragya, I was talking to you but I saw that signal turned to green .I started my scooty but soon a lorry hits me.I don’t know what happened..next.abhi closed his eyes.pragya tries to get up. Abhi says no need..you take rest. I will come after seeing doctor.he comes out sees Neil and ragini.he gestured them to meet her and leaves from there. PURAB follows him.Neil and ragini enters Pragya’S room.pragya says ma,dad nothing happened see ..I am fine.Neil,I know my daughter is strong..ragini , beta but.pragya, ma..don’t worry..Neil, beta so you love abhi..pragya, dad and looks at him.Neil, I could see pain in his eyes.you know how much he suffered. Ragini ,ha beta…I saw his sadness in his eyes.pragya, I am sorry for not informing you both..but I love him so much..I could not live without him .now I am here means because of him..Neil, ok. .take rest..we can talk about it later.pragya,dad..they both leaves.pragya felt sad.

After sometime..bulbul comes in and hugs pragya.pragya,drama queen..no need to worry.bulbul ,di. .you are joking in this state too..pragya ,what happened to me..bulbul,di you are really strong in this state..too love you ..pragya pats her back and says enough..now move away from me..I could not breathe. BULBUL breaks the hug and looks at her.pragya ,bad home I think..bulbul hits her and says ha..pragya,waise..abhi came .bulbul,no di..I didn’t met him.pragya,oh..ok..

Days passed pragya gets a flower and a greeting card saying get well soon from doctors or nurses or by bulbul.she knows it’s from abhi.and he is feeling guilty .soon she was discharged and pragya was now feeling good.Neil and ragini was not speaking to her normal as it hurts pragya.but she is having a hope that abhi will convince them.bulbul was the one who supports her.she used to make sure whether pragya takes rest and her medicines.may be it’s some one order..pragya knows abhi is behind all this.

One day ,pragya asked bulbul to take her out as Neil will not allow her alone.bulbul too agrees.pragya calls abhi but his phone is not reachable. She and bulbul reached Abhi’s office.bulbul, di why are we here.. that too comissioner office.pragya,to see your jiju..bulbul, di..it’s not fair.pragya ,come on..you go and have your favourite coffee..I will meet him and will pick you.bulbul, di it’s not fair..but ok you go safe .pragya again calls abhi but it’s not reachable.pragya enters .PURAB sees her .pragya smiles at him .purab,di why you came here..you would have called na. PRAGYA ,I called your dcp sir but it’s not reachable …where is he.purab,ha..he is inside .pragya,let me give him a suprise and enters before purab stops her.pragya enters and saw many people with abhi are discussing about matter.all looks at her.pragya says sorry and comes out.she waits for him.but purab comes there asking her to go home as it’s late and to take rest.pragya, before that say me..why he is avoiding me.purab, di it’s not like that.we are quite busy.pragya,acha..busy. .purab I saw that people leaving..I know he is alone sitting .why he diesjt want to see me.purab, it’s not like that di. Abhi comes out.pragya looks at him.abhi, purab I am leaving..and who is this..pragya ,how you mean..you don’t know me..abhi nods no.abhi, purab ask her to leave as it’s no use to stay here.pragya, are you out of mind .I only for injured but I am remembering all things but not you..bulbul comes there.abhi, thank god you are here..take her from here.pragya ,abhi..don’t play..I am seriously not in the mood to play.abhi, excuse me..you are speaking to dcp …deputy commisioner of police .purab says guys stop your fight..pragya gets tears and holds abhi’s collars.pragya, you don’t know me..okay. .from now I will not meet you..if you come to meet me sure I will kill you.ouch..she placed her hand near her hand as its not cured. Abhi, pragya what happened. .he got panicked..pragya, nothing dcp sir. .I am ok. It’s not bigger than what you spoke today..I am leaving .abhi, pragya and tried to stop her but she leaves with bulbul.purab, stop her yaar. .abhi runs behind her.abhi shouts fuggie..pragya didn’t turn back.abhi runs towards her and stops her.pragya pushed him.abhi again holds her hands and says I am sorry..I am angry on you but after seeing you I thought to tease you..sorry..pragya looks at him in how dare you..abhi,I am sorry.pragya hits him and he hugs her.pragya too hugs him.both longed for this .pragya,why were you angry on me.abhi,for not informing me..sure it’s a lesson for you..I am not asking you to go out but inform me before. PRAGYA,ok dcp sir..you know when you asked who am I..I thought why I escaied form that accident..I would have died. Abhi breaks the hug asking her to shut up and says don’t dare to say again.pragya smiles at him and says deal.purab and bulbul in car..enough of your romance guys..come .let’s go.abhi ,pragya smiles at them and gets inside.pragya keeps her head near his chest.abhi hugs her by his protective arms .pragya,I missed this place..abhi you know..ma and dad came to know about us ,so it’s better you come home one day.abhi , yes I will come soon.pragya,I am waiting …soon they reached Pragya’S home.neither abhi nor pragya wants to leave but pragya gets out of the car waving bye to both.

Hope you liked ….it’s small…but I felt to post….

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  1. nice epi..good going..keep writing…update regularly…

  2. super sweet heart……………..

  3. Aww..so cute episode dear..

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    Superb yaar..

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    awesome doll. i loved it.

  6. Awesome yaaaa……..

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    Wow semma cute epi darlu loved to the core muuaahh????

  8. Thanks for updating ! Missed this ff . superb update ! 🙂

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  10. Awesome episode yaar really I too shocked when abhi asked lk tat to pragya….. Bt it’s just a prank… Thank God

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