kumkum bhagya – innocent love part 10

Sorry guys for late update. .as I was busy in seminars and bla. .bla..
Thanks for remembering me and my story…I don’t know whether it will be a short ir long but I am giving my best..

They both reached the railway station.abhi wakes pragya as it’s time to go home.pragya slowly opens her eyes and smiles at him.abhi says I am sorry for yesterday’s incident. .I didn’t mean to..pragya,it’s ok..I didn’t mean. .infact I am happy, while you are scolding me I could see love in your eyes ..it’s enough for me ,I will die now too..abhi says shut up you have to live with me..you are not going anywhere leaving me..got it..pragya ,ok my Lord. .let’s leave.

Abhi’s car was waiting near outside.both gets in.purab greeted them and asked about thier journey.abhi felt sad because he lost his case.purab asked him not to worry and says you will get bigger case than this.pragya too says yes.abhi in side mirror sees some one following in car.abhi remebers about babaji’s words. He holds pragya’s hands tight. PRAGYA looked and asked what happened.abhi says nothing and was looking at the car. But after some time the car disappears. Abhi thought where it went and thinks to discuss with purab.

They both dropped pragya and leaves from there.pragya enters the home with happiness and ragini and Neil hugs her.bulbul, you came..oh..my freedom is lost..pragya pinched her and says I will kill you…bulbul hugs her and says go and get fresh up first..

Abhi tells purab about the matter.purab, may be you are imagining abhi..you are trying to coincide these things..I think we should wait..but before make sure pragya di is fine..keep an eye on her.
PRAGYA gets ready .bulbul asked where are you going..pragya ,to college..you know n.a…I am professer.Neil says but you will na tired..pragya ,no dad..I am fine..no need to worry ..ragini, if so..you go but come soon ok. PRAGYA smiles at her loving family and leaves.

Abhi thinks about pragya.he calls her.but she was not picking the call.abhi tried again.she was not picking.he get tensed and was asking constables to give a strong protection near check post.but after few minutes ,he gets a call.abhi, where are you…why you didn’t pick ..I will come first day where are you..you are in home n.a…pragya, you are missing me right..abhi, answer me first.pragya, ok..no..I am not in home.actually I am leaving to college ..yes I M on the way.abhi, what you are going to college..you never informed me. You should have told n.a…I would have picked you.pragya, come on abhi..it’s simple thing.and you who be busy.abhi, nothing is more important than you.pragya,I know but you are a sincere police officer dcp sir..and I too don’t like my future husband of being not punctual.abhi smiles at her lines.pragya ,finally I convinced you..abhi, I love you..pragya, I love you more ..

Abhi heard pragya’s loud voice shouting abhi.abhi puts his phone down and was stunned.he starts to cry.purab comes there and was shocked to see abhi’s condition.purab asked what..abhi,pragya..she..purab, what happened abhi..abhi, pragya..and looks at phone.purab takes it and looks like the call disconnected.abhi shouts purab come let’s go and runs outside.He was about to drive but purab stops him and asked where to go.abhi says near pragya’s college.

They both were travelling abhi was praying to god that nothing should happen to pragya but the voice he heard made him to shiver.soon they saw some people surrounding .abhi gets out of the car and runs towards them.he pushed all and shocked .he sits on the ground like a lifeless body.purab comes behind him and shocked” pragya di” .purab consoles abhi sating we must take her to hospital abhi..but he was just looking at her.purab shakes him when abhi comes to his sense.he says nothing will happen to her.she promised me she will never leave..and takes her in his arms and both reached hospital.They admitted her and was waiting outside.abhi, I will not leave the person who is responsible for this.purab, call down abhi..first pragya di should recover.Abhi’s you are asking me to call down.if the person comes infront of me na..sure I will kill him.purab hugs him asking to calm down.Neil and ragini comes there.They saw abhi standing with his shirt stained with blood.Neil, what happened beta..where is pragya.abhi, uncle calm down..she had an accident.ragini cries accident and sits ,Neil sits beside her and consoles.abhi, I am responsible..while She was driving I called her..it’s my mistake..because of me she is in this state.purab consoles him

So I know..it’s small one…but I am feeling tired so I could not type more…so lots see in next episode

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