kumkum bhagya – hidden love…. Introduction


Hi guys…I got a thought about writing story..so here it is…..

Meet pragya….

Oh my god where is my ipod.”Mom!!! Where is my ipod!” I yelled from my room. “It’s on your dresser beta!” My mom yelled back from downstairs. Wow I went and checked my dresser three times I didn’t see it but all of a sudden it appears. That’s not fair. Maybe I’m just blinded by my nervousness. I’m nervous because tomorrow is the day I leave to go to my new college, William’s college.Β Β  This is no ordinary college. This a rich people college.. I’m not rich but I’m smart. I got into that college through scholarship andso has my best friend pari. We both have been the exact same since we were kids and today both of us are going to college together I am so happy…but nervous. Being nervous is scary I feel butterfly’s in my stomach. Oh god why am I so nervous. Pragya kisise nahi darti. It’s true I’m not afraid of anything. I once slapped a boy right infront of his parents for bothering me. See this is why I don’t have a boyfriend. I scare all the boys away.But I somehow invite trouble for myself. I’m like a trouble magnet. Ok all my things are packed now. I’m ready to go to college. I just hope I don’t get into any panga over there.What panga am I going to invite anyways? I’m always studying or singing. I don’t have time for any panga. Tomorrow’s a brand new beginning for me.

Meet pari…
My head is going to blast. I’ve been trying to look for my book for the past thirty minutes. Where can it be.I sat down on my bed and felt something hard on my back. I got up and saw my book was there. You’ve got to be kidding me. I wasted half an hour for nothing. Oh god I haven’t finished packing my bag yet. I grabbed the remaining clothes from my cupboard and threw it in my suitcase. I grabbed a couple of books and movies for my entertainment. I’m going to the college of my dreams williams college. The college for rich kids in which I got in through scholarship. I can’t wait to go I’m going to be with my best friend pragya. I’m not nervous or anything because this is exactly what I wanted and I walked hard for. I’m so happy that my dreams are being fulfilled

Pragya’s pov
” Mom come on stop crying.” I said to my mom. My mom was getting really emotional about the fact that I was leaving to live alone. “How can I stop. You are going so far.,I’m really worried about you pragya, Call me when you reach ok.” She said. I hugged my mom. “I love you mom. I’ll really miss you.” I said. “Bye beta.” My dad said as I hugged him.I waved goodbye to the rest of my family and I sat down in taxi. When the car got a little far from the house the tears automatically started falling from my eyes. I wiped them away and drank some water from the water bottle I brought along. I didn’t know going to college was this hard. But it’s only for a couple of years. I’ll be back and we’ll all be that happy family once again.

Pari’s pov.
“Don’t forget to eat on time, don’t leave your bags lying around and study with all your heart.” My mom reminded me before I left. “Why don’t you write that down for her she’ll frame it and put in her room.” My dad said. Me and my dad started to laugh but we stopped when my mom gave us a glare. “I’m saying it for her sake ok so don’t bother me when I’m talking to her.” My mom said to my dad. “Bye pari. Dhyan Rakhna.” My mom said. I hugged her and then I hugged my dad. “All the best beta.” My dad said. I saw the taxi in which pragya was already sitting and I went in the car and sat down. “Pragya!!” I said and hugged my best friend. “We’re finally going to the college of our dreams.” I said. “I know right. I am so excited.” She said. “Let’s try not to get in any trouble with anyone.” I said . “Yeah that’s what I was thinking but we’re not going to have too much time to get into any trouble anyways.” Pragya said. “True. But I’m staying away from boys as well.” I said. “Yeah college boys are way too creepy.” Pragya said. We talked for the rest of the car ride non-stop we didn’t realize that three hour drive is over until we saw the huge gates of the college open.
Welcome to the land of dreams.

Ha….its my first episode hope you all liked it

Credit to: naveena

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  1. Just nice yaar. Continue ya

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Nice ……You should continue…..

  3. Superb naveena
    Rock on..
    It’s just awesome..
    Update the episode soon..

  4. Really super ya just continue…..

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  6. hey why did u put shaddha’s pic in the cove photo ??//

  7. Very nice navee

  8. Very nice actually I loved it , continue it dear and Naveena who is playing Pari?
    Anyways , I also write a FF for Abhigya actually I changed their names to Shashi and Raghav combo known as RaHi and yes it is named as
    Abhigya:Love for 7 lives!!
    Hoping u will read it.?

  9. superbbbb but u know how badly I miss your ff & why u not updating that ff u give character introduction means in that kasam tere pyar ki serial aslo have sort but I dont remind name but plz updated that ff too if u bot then u will updated this ff regular without any excuse

  10. It’s awesome yr…

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