kumkum bhagya : happy love (Episode 9)

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Abhi give an report to nikil and said before watching the video u just read this report. Nikil read the report and get shock and look abhi. Tanu get panic and Wat the report is that. After nikil read that abhi give that report to tanu and she get shock.

Pragya and other of mm get confuse abhi tells loudly this the dna report of me and tanu. And abhi said tanu u cheat me tanu . And ask how charcter less u r . Tanu cries and tell naki abhi this report is fake pragya try to separate us plz don’t belive this abhi. I know pragya only doing this fake report and she go to pragya and ask y pragya u do this u only join me and abhi but know y try to separate me and abhi. How could u do this pragya. Abhi said just shurt up tanu this report not given by pragya . I only check dna with u and me. Abhi said on that day u & me went hospital for ur check up that day

only I said the doctor to done dna test without ur knowledge. Pragya get that report after seeing that report he gets happy and smiles. Dadi purab everyone see that .

Then abhi again go to nikil and ask him so nikil u should take care of ur child here after. Nikil said my child !!! Abhi said ya ur child and hmm I forgot to show that video na and abhi call Robin to bring that cd.

Video start to play it’s shows nikil stand outside of his home with doctor dressup tanu came there by taxi and said Nikil to remove the doctor dress nikil also remove that then tanu ask nikil how to kill sarala between this security. Nikil said I don’t know. Tanu get irked and tell plz nikil kill Sarala as soon as possible if she get her voice again then she tell my child father is u(nikil ). Then our life get end. Nikil said don’t worry I definitely kill Sarala . Plz take care of my child. Then tanu leave from there and video stop…

After seeing that nikil said abhi ya tanu is pregnant of my child . I love her but she loves money that’s y only she want to marry u. After hearing this tanu mom slap her. And said y u do this tanu. U have a more money in home then u do this. After hearing this tanu said yes!!And she said I love abhi because of his money and fame. And my producers frnds everyone told me abhi the rock star love u .. and they prises me. And I get more chances but after pragya came to abhi life . It’s changed totally even abhi also..

After hearing this abhi said just get out from my life tanu . U do many thing to my life and my family. U totally ruined my life just away from my life. After hear this tanu go and hug abhi and said plz abhi sry I Love u abhi plz marry me. I do abortion. Then we live happily . I want u abhi plz don’t leave me. Actually I not be in studry state on that day that’s y only I pregnant . Plz belive me abhi.

After hearing everything abhi gets angry more and break the hug and slap tanu right and also left and said get out from my home . If u not go I call my security to done this. And abhi shout security! ! Tanu go from there on seeing pragya angrily. Nikil also leave from there.

Pragya ask abhi how to u know everything about tanu. And abhi also ask the same question to pragya.

In tanu room nikil came there and ask tanu to marry him. He said now our truth came out so we marry now. Tanu said r u mad. Y I marry u. If I carry ur baby means I marry u. No way nikil. Nikil gets angry and said u only told me na after get divorce from abhi I marry . Tanu Smiles and said ya I only told after divorce I marry u but now that’s changed. I go and abort my baby. u go ur way I go my way. Plz don’t disturb Me and tanu leaves from room.

Abhi ask pragya to tell how u know tanu truth. Purab said every truth by the starting . After haring this abhi see pragya and ask so u know everything about tanu and aliya but u not tell anything to me y . And abhi show that divorce paper of pragya got sign before leving and he said u told me u got sign by property paper but wat is this? Pragya stand silently . Abhi ask tell pragya y u do all this .. how u get my property to ur name tell . Dadi said i only help pragya for this . Abhi gets shock after hearing this.

Precap: abhi said u all are hide truth from me. Y dadi y u do this for me iam not expect u do this. And abhi said u all are thing me iam not belive on u. And cries.

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  1. Nice one..

  2. finally tanu out felt relieved awesome episode yr…..

  3. Superb yaar… I have doubt y tz kkb writer s not getting idea lk tz?

  4. I really wanted this only becoz we r eagerly waiting for this scenes only in kkb. At least you give happy to us.. tanu is out from abhi life… today’s episode was good…

  5. Divya chandru

    Rock star style of declaring the truth in front of all really good, looking for same in really of kkb, don’t know stil how much we have to wait for there reunion….

  6. hey heyheyhey tanu out finally and nice episode

  7. Finally its there! The truth of tanu we were waiting for wow amazinh yaar

  8. Sab kuch teek hai…let me tell u ,DNA test could be possible only after develops and it comes out…

  9. Nice yar,medicine for a wound which was given by kkb continuesly.thanks yar.

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