kumkum bhagya : happy love (Episode 8)

Thanks for reading my ff… hope guys i unite abhigya soon. I want to ask u one thing if any one is willing to continue my happy love story after 15 epi.. bcos I have very busy work schedule so only.. if any of them intrest comment here.. no one is not willing means I complete the ff in 15th epi. Ok guys come to the epi.

The epi start by abhi see a document and get shocked actually that paper is property paper and he see the property are already be in abhi name. And abhi also see a document that is before pragya leaving she get sign on a paper that is that paper. Abhi thinks pragya words after makeover of first day she said u sign me in property paper not in divorce paper. And abhi get more confuse so he think to releave the truth the paper and makeover.

On other side purab and pragya do every thing for proofing tanu . dadi also help them.

Nikil home he think how to kill sarala and think Wat to do. On that time abhi call nikil and tell him to come 2moro morning in my home. Nikil ask if any important matter. Abhi said ya it’s important. Ushould come definitely that’s y only the surprise get fulfill nikil ask surprise abhi said come on ya I told u na come 2moro I tell everything 2moro. Abhi said plz don’t said this to Tanu. Nikil said k and think Wat happen to abhi.

In hospital pragya and purab be there . Pragya thinks ma I going to expose tanu and Nikil plz give me a strength and pragya gets asirwat from sarala purab also .

Night pragya came to room and see abhi. Abhi slept. Pragya went near to abhi and kiss his forehead and tell 2moro ur problem will solve. Then she going to sleep.

Next day morning pragya and purab plan well to expose and set the thing. On that time tanu’s mom and dad came there . Pragya seen they and get shocked. She goes them and ask y r u coming hear. They start to answer but tanu came there and see her mom and dad and said maa shockingly ..

Purab and dadi also see tanu mom dad and dadi ask purab if u call them. Purab said no dadi how to I call them. I don’t have there num. Dadi ask then y they are came here. Purab said I don’t know.

On that time tanu ask her mom y r u coming here if any problem to u pragya dadi purab everyone be in shocked. On that Time nikil came there and seeing tanu mom dad and get shocked. After seeing nikil tanu get doubt on him. If he calls her mom dad here. Pragya ask nikil y u came here doubly nikil says abhi only call me here.

Everyone of mm get confuse and shock stage abhi come down from his room and said to everyone I only call tanu mom and dad be here even nikil also… Everyone get shock. Purab ask y u call them.
Abhi said Iam going to marry tanu soon so only I call tanu parents. Pragya get shocked . Tanu also be in shock stage. Purab ask y u decide this very soon. And he said u still not get divorce from pragya. Abhi said ya I know that. And he go to pragya and show a paper and he said plz sign this paper also he said its divorce paper.

After seeing that pragya look abhi shockingly and dadi purab also get shock. Purab come to say something but abhi said plz purab don’t come between me and pragya and he said u know very well na tanu carry baby so she get married soon. And abhi give a pen to pragya and said sign here . After hearing everything tanu and her parents gets happy.

Pragya boldly said Iam not sign this paper. And pragya try to tell some thing but abhi said if u not sign this paper u should throw out of this house. Pragya get shocked but she manege that and said this home is mine then y I go from this home abhi slowly show property paper and he tell the property is already be in my name and he ask y u don’t give this to me and y u said wrong thing. After seeing that pragya fully frezed..

Tanu see property be in abhi and she come and hug abhi and said I love u abhi I know u again get ur property. And she said plz complaint police she cheat u. And she said pragya sign in divorce paper after ur divorce me and abhi marry then we happy live with our Child and also tanu hug abhi.

Pragya gets angry and said stop tanu and she drag tanu from abhi and slap tightly. Tanu parents get shock abhi also. Tanu parents hold tanu and ask pragya r u made y are u slap my child. She is pregnant but u behave rudely and ask abhi y u not ask any thing to pragya . Tanu carrying ur children but u stand without any reaction.

After hearing this pragya said Wat tanu carrying abhi child no she carrying nikil child . Everyone get shock. Purab came there and said yes pragya Di is right and he show the video of nikil tanu talk and also he show video sarala accident did by nikil tanu talk. And pragya said car num and everything.

Everyone get freezed . Suddenly nikil said they jute boring. Nikil said abhi that already I love another girl then how could tanu pregnant. And he said pragya and purab video is fake they show only the one side conversation (actually in purab video 1st video tanu talk in phone , 2nd video nikil talk in phone) and he said they add wrong audio . Purab ask oh then y u have tanu photo in ur room nikil said tanu is model I know her very well and I like her as a model. U I carry her photo. And she said tanu also by best friend. Pragya said abhi they do a drama and she said tanu carrying nikil child only she is also like ur money only plz trust me and tears on her eye. Abhi standing silently. Tabu ask y u behave like this pragya and shout how cheap u r. Purab said stop it tabu u r the cheap girl and character less . Tabu gets angry and fight with purab and pragya . At last tanu hold pragya hand and drag from there place and try to push out of house but abhi hold pragya hand and said leave pragya hand tanu.

Tanu get shock . And ask y abhi u belive her words r u doubt on me . Abhi said yes I belive on pragya words. Tanu looking abhi weidly. Abhi go to nikil and said ya nikil is right in that video one side conversation only. But in my video 2 side conversation Is there. Nikil and tanu gets shock.

Precap: abhi slap tanu and said get out from my home.

Thanks for reading this frnds. .

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