kumkum bhagya : happy love (Episode 7)

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Epi start with nikil think how to kill sarala ji and he plan something.

In hospital purab see Sarala ma and worried. Dasi came there and said beta u don’t worry. Plz u go to ur home and take rest . First purab not agree that then he accepted. He went home after freshen up he see his phone suddenly he revember one thing and play a video. After watching that he get shocked. Then he try to call pragya but she didn’t attend the call and dadi also not attend the call. So he think 2mmrro morning show that video to pragya and dadi. Then he go to sleep.

Next day morning in MM
ABHI wake up and see pragya he think to wake up pragya and tell everything but he suddenly decide not now first I want to find out the person (doctor). And he go to washroom then only pragya wake up and search abhi. Abhi came from wash room and ask Wat happen? Pragya said actually I only asking this question to u. Abhi said nothing and leave. Pragya think Wat happen to him? y yesterday he behave like that? Something . Then she goes to ready.

Abhi goes to Tanu room and see tanu. Tanu still sleeping abhi wake up her and ask her to r u forgot today u have appointment for ur check up. Go and get ready I will take u to check up . Tanu gets happy and smiles. Suddenly she thinks mithali words so she ask r have any angry me? Abhi said no and said get ready for check up. Then he leave from there.

Nikil think first we go mm after watching situation he go to hospital to kill sarala . And go to mm.

In mm nikil ask to abhi how is Sarala ma. Abhi said she still be in same stage. Nikil act to worried of sarala ma. Suddenly nikil see pragya in home then dadi so he think it’s right time to kill sarala in hospital. So nikil said abhi I have some we so I leave.
On that time pragya see nikil. but he forgot his car key. Pragya see that key and go to give that key to nikil. Nikil also return again to inside but pragya gave key to him. Suddenly pragya get purab phone on that time nikil Starts car and move litly suddenly pragya see that car num and she get shocked. Now pragya remember that kidnap, accident, car num everything. But her phone purab be in line she suddenly revember that and said purab to come home (mm).

Abhi and tanu in hospital(same of sarala ma admit) abhi said something to a doctor and the doctor said ok. Then tanu go inside for checkup abhi leaves that place and came sarala ma room . He said sry to her bcos he only reason for ur condition. For that time a doctor came that room suddenly doctor get shocked after seeing abhi and abhi also get shock(nikil be in doctor get up) abhi come to normal state and ask Wat doctor Wat happen y r u shocking after seen me. Nikil said not like u r a rock star na so only first time I seeing u. Abhi said oh… and tell come check ma .Doctor said no not necessarily now I just came to see her. Abhi said k on that time dasi came there abhi said to dasi I leave now I came with tanu so I go and meat her. Dasi said k. Nikil thinks oh tanu also be hear I go and meet her. Both abhi and Nikil leaves that place.

Purab came to mm and said pragya I have a video plz watch it. But pragya said no I want to tell u one thing. Purab said I am the first and pragya said Iam first. On that time dadi came there and said stop and ask Wat happen to u both. Purab said I show a video but pragya Di not see that and pragya said I want to tell something but he not listen that. Then again they fight each other suddenly they both said in same time actually the kidnapper is nikil (coros) Dadi pragya purab get shocked.

In hospital abhi thinks himself i want to follow that doctor and he search that doctor.

Nikil and tanu meats in hospital. Tanu ask wat u r doing hear. Nikil said i come to kill sarala but abhi is here so only i came to meat u. Tanu said k leave now if abhi see u again get dout on u. But nikil said how could he dout on me iam in doctot get up na. Tanu said k and kill sarala after abhi leaves. Then they leave that place. Abhi hear every thing and think to give security for sarala maa. Then he think who is that doctor. A doctor(orginal)ask him to come inside abhi go there and the doctor said test is complete u collect the report on evening. Abhi said k and thanks also he said plz don’t tell this to any one. Doctor said k. Then abhi call some one . After 10 mins abhi’s 3 security people are came there. Abhi said u all are give security to Sarala plz should not allow any people without my knowledge. And also he said u can allow only one doctor and a nurse only be in room. Otherwise u don’t allow any one and abhi introduced that doctor and nurse (sarala ma doc and nur). After seeing this tanu gets scared and think how to kill sarala even nikil also. So nikil leave that hospital and abhi tanu also leave.

Suddenly abhi see that doctor in a car and he thinks to follow him so he said tanu I have another work so go by taxi also he get into the car and move. Tanu get a taxi and go. Abhi follow nikil car. After long following nikil reach his home and get down from his car abhi see that and guess it was nikil home. Abhi also get down from his car and try to see Wat happen.

In mm pragya said r u sure that is nikil and ask u have proof . Purab show a video in that video last night nikil phone conversation played in that nikil said plz take care my child sentence was talked by nikil. Suddenly pragya said so nikil is the father of tanu baby and try to kill maa. On that time purab ask how to you know about nikil pragya explain that car num and every thing. Dadi also hear that and said so finally we find out now how to tell this to abhi when. Pragya said 2mmrro we expose tanu definitely. And he promise to dadi hand purab also promise .

Abhi came to his room and think so nikil is the father of tanu baby. And he think how cheat he is . Now I want to expose tanu and Nikil infront of pragya and dadi and all family members. And he think after expose tanu I will change pragya to fuggi and then i live happily. He smiles with remember of pragya and abhi’s old days.
Then he call tanu mom and said plz come 2mmrro I will give a supries and said not tell to tanu. Tanu mom ask Wat is that any serious matter abhi said ya it’s like that u come soon plz should not tell this to Tanu I want to give her a surprise. Tanu mom said k and said I will come 2mmoro.
Then abhi see a report and he think to hide that report and he choose a place but in that place he see another document after seeing that document he get shocked.

Precap : abhi said pragya to sign on divorce paper and he said I want to marry tanu it’s my sarala maa last wish. After hearing this tanu gets happy and tanu mom and dad also get happy..

Thank for read this.. Thank you soo much frnds.

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  1. Gud story line yar… please update next episode as soon as possible …

  2. Omg it is awesome yaar really loved it abhi and pragga nborh came to know the truth that’s good but precap scares me but it may be acting of abhi… What is that document? May be pragua has named all her property back to abhi but loved this

  3. Superb yaar… Sema interesting episode…

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb yaar………..I loved it…………

  5. Superb harini it was amazing I wish if this would happen in the current track of kkb then it will be a treat to all abhigya fans… Keep going

  6. Superbbbbb….keep going….its soooooo interesting…

  7. Wow..nice..twist..

  8. Wow superb yar line by line very interesting but the precap is so sad wait for the next episode.

  9. awesome yrrr wish it could happen in real. ..

  10. Nice Harini… I know precap is abhi’s drama?.. keep going on yaar

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