kumkum bhagya : happy love (Episode 6)

hai frnds … sry for late update .. today onwards i update regularly.

Recap of last epi: abhi know about tanu truth . Pragya get confuess of tanu and a doctors car num. Purab seen doctor dress in nikil car.

Today episode start by abhi think pragya words of property handover by pragya said no I have complete on another work then I give. So abhi think if pragya know about Tanu truth . Suddenly abhi think no pragya didn’t know about this.. Suddenly abhi think who is that doctor I didn’t seen him anymore with tanu.(actually abhi not see the face of that doctor. He only know tanu’s baby father is a doctor) thinking of this abhi get more angry on Tanu and cry widely.

In hospital dasi said dadi u and pragya go to home and take some rest. I and janaki take care of sarala . So pragya and dadi leave from hospital .

Nikil and purab enter nikil’s home nikil show washroom purab go and clean Dress. On that time nikil get a call so he went out of the room purab come to the room he see tanu photo and get shock.

Pragya and dadi came to mm pragya said dadi to take rest dadi also said same to pragya. Pragya go to her room but room is full of dark she get scared and call abhi but no response she move slowly and switch on the light and get shock run to abhi . Now abhi is full of unconscious stage (actually abhi drunk) pragya call abhi suniyea suniyea abhi slowly open his eyes and see pragya they get an eye lock (gailya song play)

Abhi said pragya actually I do a big mistake to u . That’s y only u can changed like this. my fuggy do many thing to me. She sacrifice her life to me but it get waste today and she also leave from me. Pragya cries . Abhi see pragya tears and ask y u cry u only kill my fuggi na u changed then aliya change then raj bhai ya change everyone change and show there real face to me. Abhi get more emotion and cry. Pragya also cry and ask Wat happen to u?
abhi didn’t listen her and say actually I love everyone by my heart but they loved my money and fame only. Abhi show pragya’s spectes and he try to wear that spectes to pragya.she also wear that and say iam ur fuggi Iam not leave u anymore I am always with u. Abhi hugs pragya tightly pragya also hug abhi.(saiyarea plays)

In nikil home purab see tanu photo and think y nikil have tanu photo suddenly he do one thing. And get away from nikil room and said thanks to nikil and leaves.

In mm mithali come to Tanu and said abhi’s behaviour. Tanu get scared and think to call nikil but his phone is busy.

Nikil home nikil cut call and go to his room and see tanu photo and said I love u Dr I know u also love me more. Nikil gets tanu call and tanu said about abhi behaviour. Nikil said don’t panic abhi’s mood is not ok on time that’s y only he behave like that. Plz u don’t worry if u worry our baby also get affect. Ok take care of u and my baby. Bye and Nikil cut the call.

In mm tanu think to go and see abhi but suddenly she change her thought and go to sleep. In abhigya room abhi sleep on pragya laps . Pragya also sleep on position of sitting.

Nikil dress up by doctor and said sorry sarala anuty today is ur last day I come and kill u. And Nikil leaves his home and he came to car on that time purab came to nikil home. Nikil get scared and again go inside the home and lock inside (actually purab not see nikil) and remove doctor dress up . Purab came and press the calling bell after 5 mins nikil came with yarning and ask Wat purab any problem. No actually I miss my phone here that’s y only I came sorry for the disturb. nikil said it’s k and said come Inside purab and also said I didn’t see ur phone be nowhere purab said I think I miss it be ur room and he ask nikil I go and take that.
Nikil said k. Purab ask water. Nikil go to get water purab go nikil room and take his phone and switch off that and came out. Nikil came with water purab drink that and then he said I get my phone actually it’s battery low that’s y switched off. Purab leaves from there and said Iam going to hospitalnow so see u 2mmrro nikil said k and get irked. After purab leaves he thinks If purab be in hospital then killing sarala is difficult so he plan to kill sarala ji 2moro.

Precap: pragya see nikil and his car number and get shocked. Purab see a video by his phone and get shocked. Abhi call tanu’s mom and dad and said please come soon to his house i want talk to you .

Thanks for read this .. I know it was boring episode. Plz do comments…

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  1. should be this ff is in original track nice episode

  2. it was awesome episode Harini please try to update long episode…. please i wish it could happen in reality also..

  3. I dont wanna hurt u plss work on ur grammar nothing personal

  4. please update it regularly

  5. Sema yaar… Hope tat tz type of awesome n not dragging twist occurs in real kkb too…

  6. Superbbbb…..really it s gng in d right track yaar…..go ahead….really i luvd it a lottttt…

  7. Nice…

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  9. I agree with kaif..really ur episode was nice…really kkb.its so much of dragging…ur epi.was so nice..keep going..

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    Good episode yaar, waiting for next one … asap

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