kumkum bhagya : happy love (Episode 20)


Frnds… thanks for supporting me.. actually iam from tamilnadu asmitha… last epi njoy well.

The epi start by aliya huga abhi and said sry bro. Abhi geta shock but he also hug her. Then aliya come to dadi and said sry of holding his ears. Dadi also accept her and kiss her forehead. Then aliya looks pragya she come pragya stand silently infront of pragya. Fb shown : pragya ask purvi to help convince her and she ask aliya address. They both purvi and aliya also go to aliya place. But aliya is no be there. Then search her suddenly pragya seen aliya in road. Aliya was walking slowing by thinking of something she didn’t notice she is in mid of road. On that time a car come fastly but pragya rushed to aliya and hold her hand to corner of road. Then only aliya came to present. She to see pragya. She shout her y u help me. Bcos of u only I lose my family now. Plz get away from my life. And aliya walks pragya hold her hand drag to a place of park. Pragya said aliya I know u angry on me and also I know u don’t like me. But I know u love ur bro more. U love purab I accept that. But bulbul and purab are love each other then how could u live with purab. And ur bhai do everything what u said even Mrg me. But u don’t do anything to ur bro. Actually he do only one step without ur permission for that u angry on ur bro y u don’t think of past. Finally pragya said actually aliya love is not only to live together it’s also a sacrifice. Plz think ur bro love and come to home. 2moro sangeth fun plz come aliya I hope. Then Pragay leaves that place but purvi give something to aliya. That is full of abhi and aliya ‘s childhood memory photos. Then purvi said I take this all from ur room only. See this bye take care aliya u hope u come 2moro with new avatar.
Fb ends.

Aliya hugs Pragay so tightly with terty eyes and said Iam soo sorry bhabi. Plz accept me. Then pragya smiles and said I always accept u aliya. U r also my sis . Then every one family gets happy. End of the sangeth fun Aliya go to stage with purvi they do a announcement that is so 2moro meta bhai and bhabi gets married again. Iam so happy of this. So in my side contribution is but suddenly purvi stop aliya and said no aliya it’s our side contribution then aliya smiles and hug purvi then said ya in our side contribution we only arrange all the Mrg things. And they said in kkb hall 2moro no one else should came to enter only in engagement only u all enter the hall it’s order to every special y of sarala maa. So everyone accept this. Abhi nods yes dadi also. Then pragya make sarala too accept even tabu pair also accept that. But bulbul have some doubt on her mind about aliya. Then everyone try to leave. But abhi drag prgaya to his room and lock his room (nobody no seen them.) Then abhi hug pragya tightly and said thanks for aliya return. Pragya said plz d said thanks suniyea and hugs him tightly. Then dadi call prgaya with loud voice after hear that they break the hug and pragya came out from room abhi seeing pragya continuously pragya also turn around and see abhi then pragya run and hugs abhi. Abhi also hugs her tightly (sanam re plays).
After some time pragya family leaves mm. Bulbul also go with them. Purab stay in abhi house.

Next day morning.
Aliya woke up so early and get ready and go to do the work of Mrg in kkb hall. Purvi also be in right time they both lock door of kkb and do every thing. They don’t allow any one inside even sarala maa also.

In mm dadi and dasi be in high level happy Ness they buy some thinks for pragya and they arrange that.

Abhi wakeup and see pragya photo and said so fuggi finally u again come to my home but now this time u come by full of rights. And smiles. Suddenly he thinks one thinks he call that producer and said r u upload my music in net. ( abhi already gave music cd to producer). The process are going on sir with in 1 hrs it’s uploaded fully. Abhi said thanks. And the call
Then he make another call and order a cake&Then cut the call.In arora home.

Pragya was full of lost in thinking of abhi. Bulbul come and shake her and ask r u lost by thinking of jiju. Pragya smiles. Then have talk together even sarala maa and dadi jhanki also join with them. They have spend fun time together.

In eveng (Mrg evng)

Abhi dressed up and looks himself in mirror. He greats himself. Purab came there and done some other makeup to abhi. They both came out of room dadi see that and gets happy and hugs them. Then they leaves mm.

Pragya also ready and see herself in mirror she thinks so finally iam get back to my fuggi get up now abhi like me soo much and smiles.

In kkb hall aliya and purvi done all work and they also ready to Mrg cerymon. Here abhi family reached kkb hall but purvi not allow abhi inside then pragya also come hall abhi see pragya and stunned. Abhi want to hug pragya but he relize he is in out hall. Prgaya understand abhi think and smiles. So purvi and aliya finally allow abhigya and family inside they all are go inside and see the decoration and gets happy. Every think is perfect. But suddenly every one gets shock. There was 2 Mrg mandap. Abhi ask aliya y 2 mandap. Abhi smiles and go to hold purab hand drag him to that mandap and said now u understand bhai. Abhi gets shock but aliya again come to bulbul and said this was ur last chance plz go and marry purab again bulbul. And hugs with smiles. Bulbul geta tears in her eyes. Everyone gets happy of seeing this. Aliya said to bulbul iam sry bulbul I do many wrong thinks to u. Plz forgive bulbul. Bulbul said no aliya don’t talk like that and hugs her. Then purvi said It was aliya plan she only told me rabul married already but no one family not seen there Mrg so we arrange abhigya and rabul in same day. After here that abhi hugs aliya and kiss her forehead and said thank you Dr. Dadi also kiss her. Then aliya gave a bride wear to bulbul. After there dress changes Mrg ceremony started.

Abhi and prgaya happy married with 7 rounds and also Purab and bulbul also Mrg again with 7 steps. But this time everyone the family and the Mrg couple also happy with each other.

After that pragya leaves kkb hall but this time she not cry even sarala maa also. They hug eachother and sarala maa said take care of my child abhi and his family. Pragya smiles and hugs sarala maa. And kiss . Bulbul also leaves kkb hall after get every one bless.

Rabul and abhigya reach mm.

After doing all rituals. They talk with each other in main hall. That time suddenly all lights are off. Pragya gets panic. But hold her hand and said I give a surprise to u pragya. Suddenly all lights are on sarala maa and rackstar dadi is also there. Pragya gets confused. Suddenly abhi go inside and come by a cake with singing the song ” happy birthday “. Then only pragya revember today is her birthday. She fully stunned of abhi behaviour. Abhi come to prgaya and hugs and tell happy birthday fuggi. Pragya gets tears in her eyes and ask who do u know?. Abhi said I know everything about my heart (pragya.). Then pragya cut cakes and celebrate. Aliya came to pragya and give a gift to them. That is honeymoon package even she gives that gift to rabul pair also. Abhi hugs her and said thanks. Then aliya said to pragya happy birthday bhabi. Pragya thanks to her.on that time a letter came to mm house for abhi name. Abhi get that open that. The letter from tanu in Delhi. Abhi gets angry after seeing tanu name and he try to tare that paper but pragya stop him and take that letter in her hand she reads and gets happy. After reading that letter pragya give smile to abhi. Abhi ask y u smile. Pragya give that letter to akash and said read loudly. Akash read the letter loudly. In that letter abhi apologise to abhi and pragya. She said I done many wrong things plz forgive me for that. And now only I understand wat is true love. And Wat is Mrg and how that Mrg get respect to us. Now only I understand that. So abhi iam really sorry. And pragya plz forgive Me pragya. I know today is ur Mrg day. Here after u njoy ur Mrg life happily. And one day aliya also understand ur true relationship then she come back to you (Tanu don’t know about aliya return). And plz tell my sry to aliya. Bye guys finally I left from ur life be happy always. By tanu nikil

After hear this everyone get emotion and feel for tanu after some time Sarala family leaves.

Rabul pair in a room and think of aliya changing. Bulbul said actually purab I had doubt aliya on yesterday also but I feel for that. She totally changed. Purab also said yes and he ask then today over Mrg completed so at least now u give a kiss to me bulbul. Bulbul blushed. Then they spend there romantic night.

Abhi and pragya be in there room balcony. They both watching the moon. Abhi said so finally I get my fuggi again. Pragya said Haa. Abhi suddenly give kiss to pragya cheeks. Pragya gets shock. Abhi see pragya then pragya give a kiss to abhi cheeks. They both happily start life.

Thanks for all ur love and support. All the best for all other ff writers. Bye frnds. Take care . If I do any mistakes plz forgive me.

Credit to: HARINI

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