kumkum bhagya : happy love (Episode 2)

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The episode start with dadi came to hospital and seen abhi and pragya sitting besides and abhi hold pragya hand .

Dadi: beta abhi Wat happen to Sarala ji ?

Abhi: dadi I didn’t know. Doctors are said she is in critical situation. (With terty eyes)

Dadi: no beta don’t cry . God will save Sarala ji. And hold pragya hands.

Now pragya gets more weaken after dadi holding the hand pragya hug dadi and cry loudly dadi try to consul her.

Purab came to hospital to see Sarala ma ( abhi informed purab) and sees pragya crying and ask Wat happen? abhi explained purab.

Tanu seen everything and she thing in her mind y pragya acting like this actually she is like money only but now she cry for her mother and also she things in bulbul died day pragya’s crying. He gets confused about pragya’s behaviour in her mind. On that time a doctor(nikil)crossed Tanu and tells silently to Tanu ears come back side of hospital. First Tanu didn’t understand that person then only she realised that is nikil and goes back to the hospital.

Back side of hospital.

Tanu: what r u going to do now? If Sarala open her eyes then Conformed tell everything to abhi. (With sacred voice)

Nikil: don’t worry she is be in critical situation definitely she died or else he will kill her before she leaving this hospital.

They came to icu ward. Nikil goes and hide somewhere like a doctor.

They are waiting more time after 5 hours doctor came out of Sarala room and said she is alright now . Soon she opened her eyes . Everyone happy after hearing the news except Tanu and Nikil.

Tanu gets shocked and leave that place and call nikil .(purab seen Tanu and thinks to follow her)

in phone
TANU: where r u? Sarala crossed critical situation safely .and doctor said she open her eyes soon. Wat we do now?
Nikil: (now he is be in car infront of hospital) ya I also heared that then only I came to my car. I do something u don’t worry.
Tanu: (with angry voice) I told u na kill Sarala in that studio u only save her. And also after hitting the car u don’t check she died or not . It’s ur mistake.( purab heared her talking and record every thing in his phone)
Nikil: Ya I know . U don’t worry I will do some thing. (And cut the call)
Tanu get irked then she leave that place. Purab things so she and her boyfriend only try to kill Sarala ma . Now I have proof but I don’t know who is her bf. Purab also leave that place and go to icu ward.

Precap: abhi sit with terty eyes , pragya see this and come to abhi and asks Wat happen. Abhi leave that place. Pragya confused.

sry guys I know it was boring episode sorry for that. Keep reading and comment me.

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