kumkum bhagya : happy love (Episode 19)


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Recap: tanu married nikil and she avoid aliya. Aliya and purvi do a plan and bulbul hear. Pragya abhi purab and whole family be feel happy.

The epi start by aliya thinking of tanu behaviour and she thinks how to get a producer without producer my plan is not work out. Wat I do. Suddenly she revember some of producers and she call a producer and tells iam aliya abhi the rock star sis. Producer said Haa. Aliya talk something with producer then the producer gets happy. And they arrange a meeting.

Abhi came to home and thinking something continuously. On that time his phone rings abhi see the phone and happy it’s pragya . He attend the call and ask who is this? Pragya gets angry and tells u don’t know me? Abhi said no. Pragya said oh k iam don’t know u so first u tell who u r? Abhi suddenly tells iam ab..but he stops and tell stranger. Now u tell who u r? (Pragya and abhi get there old remind of phone talk before Mrg and smiles) prgaya said with a smiles iam prgaya . Abhi said pragya nice oh pragya iam abhi. (Both are smiles) then abhi said ur name so beautiful. Pragya suddenly said ha I have more beautiful name like me.. Abhi laugh pragya also. Then abhi said I miss u fuggi. Pragya also said I miss u too. She only 2 hrs we meet in engagement. Abhi said ha and I give u a surprise to u. Pragya ask Wat? Abhi said ya pragya I give everyday a surprise. Pragya said oh and let see. They both smiles and cuts the call. (Alla wariyan plays)

Aliya came to home by producer. Purvi ask who is this ? Aliya said he is producer of our album . Purvi said oh and greets him. Producer ask where is abhi ? Aliya said actually abhi is busy in his Mrg so I only manege his album. Even he don’t have time to meet u. So u belive and accept this offer. Producer said actually I happy but if abhi have no time to meet me means how he compose music in a day. Aliya said actually he already completed the music work 2moro he definitely give cd to u then u Update that be in net. And one more it’s was supries to all abhi fans so u don’t do any advertisement. And it’s abhi’s order. Producer accept that I belive u bcos u abhi the rock start sis that y. Then he give a paper and said I want abhi sign to be here after get sign and call me I give advance payment. Aliya said k. Producer again said if the cd not come right time then I compliant against abhi k. Aliya said don’t worry cd come on right time. Then producer leaves. Aliya and purvi hifi eachother.

Evening in mehra home

Pragay family reached abhi house. Pragya looking so beautiful. Dadi gives greets to her beauty. Then Pragya search abhi. Dasi came to pragya and ask wat u r searching. Pragya nods no. Then dadi smiles and said abhi is be in his room. U go and see him. Then pragya came to room. In room abhi confused so much to wearing dress. Pragya see that and choose a colour and give to him. Then only he relize pragya me hear. And he get shocked of pragya beauty and tells looking amazing Pragya. Pragay blushed. Then dadi call prgaya so she go. Abhi chant his dress and he get a call talk. Finally said k.

Abhi pragya engagement ceremony started. Dadi do all rituals to pragya. And sarala maa do all rituals to abhi. And then ring exchange segment but on that time all lights are off everyone gets panic. Slowly a voice came it’s abhi voice fuggi I already told u na I give a supries to u. Now here is ur supries and praba this us also ur supries also. Suddenly lights on bulbul stands in front of everyone. Pragya gets shock. She rub her eyes and see. Purab also be in same stage. Everyone in shock . Then only pragya relize presents of bulbul and runs to her and hugs tightly. Pragya kiss her forehead. Then breaks hugs. Purab came to bulbul and first he touch her forehead by his hand then he hug bulbul very tightly. Then sarala maa and everyone hugs her and kiss her. Then pragya ask abhi how u know about bulbul.

Fb shown: abhi purab pragya be in shopping to brought Dresses there a Muslim girl continuously watching they abhi notice that and come out of shop and go to tat girl she try to hide but abhi find her. Then abhi ask who r u and y u hide and watch us. Girl be silent. Suddenly a car pass so fast bcos of that her face cloth moved abhi see the face and find its bulbul. Abhi gets happy and ask how u alive. I an very happy to see u. Come let go and see ur Di she gets more happy but she refused. Abhi ask why. She said no I don’t come with this face abhi gets anger and bcos of that only u hide from us. Bulbul Haa jiju. Even purab also not accept me. Abhi gets more anger and he said purab loves u more. Everyday thinks of u and he tell some incident. Still bulbul refused abhi finally said we want u bulbul without u ur Di maa. And purab not live happy. And today prgaya and me going get engagement so u come on fun right time if u want ur love and family live happily means u come. Before ur come u call me. And said bye. After that bulbul call abhi and tells I come to engagement fb ends.

Purab go to bulbul and tells I hate u bulbul. How u think of me like that. Y u left me bulbul with cries. Bulbul tells sry and hug him. Then dadi said it’s time to engagement come let’s go.. then happily abhi and pragya exchange rings. Pragya said I love ur supries. Abhi smiles and kiss her forehead. Everyone be happy in mm.

(Actually bulbul be in her mom home bcos of help in sarala for mrg)

Next day morning
Mehendi fun’s starts. Pragya applied mehendi with letter A. Bulbul tease abhi to find out his letter even purab also join with bulbul. Finally abhi find the letter A and happily he tells I find it. But that time police came there and stop.

Everyone of mm gets shock. Police said abhi mehra u r get arrest . Everyone on sickly ask y. Police actually abhi cheat a producer so only. Abhi ask wat. Who is that producer. The producer came there and tells iam that. Abhi ask when I cheat u. Then the producer said yesterday ur sis came to me and Explain everything. Abhi gets shock pragya also . Producer show the paper of authority there abhi signed the paper. Abhi get that paper and see then he tell it’s not my sign it’s fake iam not sign hear. Then police ask doubt lying then who signed this? Suddenly bulbul told I think aliya. Ha jiju aliya only do this and she tells plan of aliya and purvi. And also she said that y only yesterday I said to u compose a music for my Di (bulbul told abhi last night jiju now u get my Di back so u compose a album before ur mehendi abhi said oh yes). Abhi clear everything. And said Iam not done this so u and pick that girls be here then I proved it not signed by me. Police accept and goes to aliya home and get aliya and purvi back to mm. First aliya not accept that then she accept I only did this. Producer ask money back but abhi said I will give my album cd 2moro and plz give a new agreement paper I sign . Producer gets happy and gets sign from abhi and leaves. Abhi said police to leave aliya and purvi.
(Aliya and purvi also in shock stage of bulbul alive)
Then pragya go to purvi and ask when u changes like this purvi. Purvi said bcos of u only. On that day u all are doubt on me so only actually bulbul only do all that. Bulbul gets shock and said how I do that Di is my sis then how I kidnap her even u forgot one thing purvi actually that kidnapper plan to kidnap me only they wrongly kidnap Di. Then how could u think I do all this. After hear this purvi gets confused and see aliya . Then purvi said I accept that. But y u all are not belive on me I try tell my truth in many ways but u all are not to ready to listen me. Bcos aliya only I came out. But pragya tells no purvi bcos abhi only u came out. Then she tells truth and also pragya ask sry to her. Sarala maa jhanki dadi bulbul everyone ask sorry. So finally purvi understand the truth and hugs everyone. Abhi sees aliya. Aliya try to go. But abhi hold her hand and said no aliya u don’t go any where. I want by sis back to Me. Aliya I know I do many thinks but y u not understand my feelings. Without u iam not be hear aliya and abhi talks old memories and gets tears. Pragya also get tears. Tears also roll on from aliya eyes but he reject abhi and leaves.

After everything over abhi tells prgaya I really want my aliya be pragya. Wat I do for that. Pragya said today also u give surprised to me and give purvi to be back. Now its my turn I talk to aliya. After some talk pragya leave.

Next day evening sangeth fun. Everyone enjoying but suddenly aliya came there and abhi gets shock . But aliya run to abhi and hugs. And said sry bhai.

Precap: abhi pragya Mrg.

Ok frnds 2moro is my final epi and 2moro epi is full of happy only.

Credit to: HARINI

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