kumkum bhagya : happy love (Episode 18)


The epi start by abhi and pragya come there room and pragya pack her thinks abhi see that and ask why u r packing ur dress no no u don’t go from hear and abhi hugs pragya. Pragya said suniyea I have also not intrest for that but I don’t have any way na. Abhi sit sadly in bed. On that time purab came there and hugs abhi and said so finally abhi u and pragya do going to marry again iam so happy ya. And he tells if bulbul know this then she will also get happy and he takes his phone but then only he relize and abhi and pragya also get sad. Purab said sorry ta I forgot that. K wat happen here y pragya Di pack her dress . Abhi said dadi told us the bahu only come for her home so only. Oh so only my abhi gets sad . K k . Abhi pinch praba. Then praba leaves abhi room. But pragya stand silently. Abhi notice that and ask Wat ? Pragya said I miss my bulbul. Tears rool on from her eyes. She said bcos me only bulbul died. Abhi come to her hugs and tell don’t think like that pragya. She is always with us. Don’t cry of u cry then bulbul not get happy. Then only pragya relize purvi met in temple. Suddenly she breaks hug and tell suniyea actually I forgot to tell u I saw purvi in temple and she narrates everything about purvi behaviour. Abhi tells I think purvi still angry on u. Pragya nods yes and also she said I don’t know when purvi relised. Abhi said actually fuggi I only make her relies. Pragya get shock.

Fb show: after that purvi arrested abhi go to aliya room and he said aliya you go and get back compliant against purvi. Aliya ask for y Bro. Bcos her only u and bhabi kidnapped. Abhi said no aliya I have still doubt. I think purvi is not done this she is a good girl. But some things is wrong happened her. I want to investigate once again so u go and get back purvi home then I her to Wat actually happened. Aliya try to tell something but abhi tells do wat I say aliya then aliya nods yes and go.After sometimes aliya only came back to home and tell abhi actually Bro purviRelised but she is not willing to come here. She by her way Bro. Fb ends

Pragya ask y don’t tell this to me. Abhi said on time u r in very sad position if u know about purvi is more angry on u na u get more sad na so only. Pragya cries. Actually suniyea I do a big mistake. I only not beliving purvi if I belive her she is not behave like this to me. Abhi consul pragya on that time purab came there and ask wat happen abhi tells everything. Then purab said u don’t worry Di I go and find purvi and talk to her. On time only abhi revember aliya relised so abhi said actually I also forgot to tell one thing fuggi pragya ask wat? Abhi said I saw aliya on a shop and he narrates everything. Pragya get shock. How could she came out from jail abhi said I don’t know. On that time dasi came there and tell y u three are in serious mood anything happens. Abhi said no dadi. Dadi then tells k pragya come fast maa ur mom waiting for u. Abhi said dadi when is our engagement. Dadi said today evening in our home. Abhi gets happy. Pragya blushes. Purab hugs abhi. Then dadi leaves. Purab said first we think of ur Mrg then we think of aliya ok. Abhi said ok. Purab leaves. Abhi said k fuggi I drop u and maa in home. Pragya said k. And they leaves.

Purvi and aliya sit in a restaurant table and purvi ask Wat is ur idea ? Aliya said some plan to purvi. Purvi said this is nice plan we have to workout this ? Then aliya and purvi hifi. Bulbul see that and she hear there plan also. She thinks so this is ur plan and think something. Suddenly aliya said purvi for this pan we have one producer . Purvi said ya u r right . Then aliya thinks about nikil and she said I know a producer who is nikil. Purvi ask who is him. Tanu’s frnd. So we definitely have help from him. Purvi said ok. Aliya said ok I have to go and met tanu and she call tanu phone but her phone is switched off. Aliya thinks Wat happen to tanu. Bulbul hear everything and thinks I Have to do something.

Abhi and pragya reach pragya Home there janaki ma and rock star dadi waiting. Abhi come hugs rockstar dadi. And they have fun each other. Sarala ma go take some rest. Pragya go to her room and thinks her old memories she gets tears on that time abhi cane there and said no fuggi this time only u have to be strong. Pragya nods and stop her crying. Then abhi said ok come fuggi we go shop buy dresses prgaya said k. But purab come there and said no u don’t go any where without me iam also come with u. Abhi and pragya said samely ok.. then they leaves home and go to shop dresses for whole family. Suddenly abhi miss. Pragya search abhi. After some time abhi come infront of pragya. Pragya ask where u went ? Abhi said nothing and he takes some bags from pragya hand and they reach home.

Aliya thinks y tanu’s phone is off. I don’t know wat happen in mehra house. If tanu truth came out or something else. On time TV is in on there was news about tanu and nikil married today morning. After seeing this aliya get shock. Same time purvi enter room and ask tanu married nikil. Oh nikil is husband of tanu and said ok ok. But after sometime they telecast today evening rockstar abhi and pragya engagement going to happen them day by day mehendi and sangeth fun. And the 3rd day abhi and pragya marry again announced going on. After seeing this both aliya and purvi gets shock. Purvi ask aliya when they get separate and y they marry again iam confused. Aliya said no purvi there was big story and I come and tell that after some time and now I have one important work so I leave. Aliya leaves purvi room. Purvi gets more confuse.

Aliya came to tanu home there tanu pack her things and she see aliya and get shock. On that time nikil come and tell tanu this is all are ur reports so don’t forgot take this.( nikil not see aliya) after complete the sentence only nikil see aliya. Tanu said aliya. When u relised from jail. Aliya said first u tell Wat happened. Tanu see nikil and then nikil said everything. And also he saidNow we going to Delhi where I have a contract and also I have some own business there so we leave Mumbai eveng. Aliya said no I want one help from u she try to tell the plan but tanu interfere and tell wat help aliya u want to take revenge on abhi? Aliya said yes. But tanu said we don’t have intrest for that and u may go now aliya we have many works. Aliya gets shock and left. Tanu feels and think aliya iam sry u and me are done many wrong thinks but we are good frnds from childhood.but have no way aliya sry. Nikil shake tanu and ask wat happen. Tanu said no and tell nikil I do many wrong things for y iam sry for that and hug nikil. Nikil said I forgot that we start our new own life in Delhi. Let’s pack. Tanu Smiles and pack the thinks.

Precap: aliya come with a producer, purvi and aliya talk to him. Abhi and pragya engagement. Suddenly all lights are off everyone get panic.

Credit to: HARINI

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