kumkum bhagya : happy love (Episode 17)


Frnds iam back…. very very sorry for late update.

Recap: purvi and aliya join together. Bulbul is alive(muslim girl). Tanu agree to marry nikil. Abhi and pragya ready to go out.

Now the epi start by abhi and pragya going to place in car. Abhi see pragya and thinks fuggi today iam going to get back u to my life. Pragya see Abhi and thinks Wat going to happen. If he suchme love a girl or he play with me. (Also they both thinks there old proposal day… sanam re palys.)

Abhi and pragya reach a place both are get down from car. The place was full of dark pragya could not see anything and stand silently. Abhi breaks silent and said pragya come , come and meet my love. Pragya gets sad. Abhi notice that but he hide felling and hold pragya hand they both walk together.

Pragya ask abhi it was full of dark and iam not able to see anything. Abhi said ha u r right. And he said first we meet that girl then definitely light will come. Pragay see abhi and ask so u suchme love a girl na. (With lit of tears). Abhi said of course fuggi and he said don’t waste time come inside suddenly they both enter a hall in that hall also full of dark.

Abhi go pragya’s back side and close pragya eyes with his hand. Pragya shout . Abhi starts his countdown 10.. 9.. 8..7..6..5..4..3..2..and 1 lights are on . Abhi takes his hand from pragya eyes and rub her eyes & see the room she not get clear focus . Abhi make her to wear glass. Pragya see the hall and gets shock. Slowly, her eyes wet then she hugs abhi tightly. (In that hall there was full of abhigya’s photo from the day one they meet). Abhi breaks the hug and said ya pragya I love this girl only. Pragya see Abhi with terty eyes.

Abhi go to pragya photo and said U know pragya how much I love her. She is my life without her iam not fulfill. Abhi said actually she loves me more than I love her. She is not expecting anything from me but she loves me. Once upon a time iam not give proper respect to her but that time also she loves me.We met by accidentally and our Mrg is also a accident after the Mrg I hurt her for every thing even iam not belive her words but time also she gave love to me. She is only girl to teach Wat is love ? She is only girl to teach how to love? She is only girl to teach me sacrifice gives only happiness not sad? She sacrifice many thinks for me?
U know without her my dadi her maa only jot live even also not live without her. (Pragya stand silently with terty eyes )abhi come to pragya and Pragya try to talk something but abhi touch her nose and said ya forgot to say her name. Finally abhi said ya pragya I love a girl . She is most beatyful girl in world. She can make my world to more beatyful. And her name is pragya arora… On this times abhi also gets tears pragya cry and hugs abhi tightly they both hugs tightly and abhi kiss her forehead pragya also kiss him and hugs (saiyarea plays).

Suddenly abhi breaks hugs and go back from pragya. Pragya gets shock. Abhi go some steps back and then stop. And said so miss pragya arora now u help me to propose that girl. Pragya smiles. Abhi said actually pragya in first time we met in water I only help u on that time I said, I always with u iam not leave u. And ur my love. But time iam a rock star. Now iam just abhi and tell u the same line. Ur my love Dr. Iam leave u anymore. Plz accept my love Dr. Abhi kneel down and ask. Pragya runs to abhi and kneel down and hug abhi.(sanam re palys) and she signal to abhi to touch her nose again. Abhi smiles and touch.

Then Pragya said ya suniyea I love u. I want to live u happily forever. I promise u iam also not leaving u anymore abhi interrupt and said hear after u don’t hide anything from me k. Pragya nods yes. Abhi is in high of happy he lift pragya and round with her. And the finally abhi show a ring to pragya and ask r u willing to marry me pragya . Pragya face gets sad and she run away from there abhi gets shock and he follow her . Pragya go to a car and take her purse and she Take a ring and come back. abhi ask wat ? Pragya show the ring and ask now u tell r u willing to marry me. Abhi see pragya suprisely. And said yes of course fuggi. Pragya also said I am also ready to marry u. They put rings and hugs each other. (Alla wariyan plays)

They both spend there night happily in that place.

Next day morning abhi and pragya came to home dadi see that and stop them. Dadi looks abhigya and show some girls photos to abhi and said choose one girl. Abhi gets scared and ask for Wat. Dadi said for ur Mrg and said select one of by bahu soon. Abhi sees pragya. Pragay is also in shock stage. Abhi said dadi Wat u r thinking u know na I love pragya too much then how select a girl and he said Iam ready to marry again with prgaya. Dadi smiles so finally my beta accept to marry again. Dadi hugs abhi and said it’s just for fun. Then only pragya get relief. Suddenly sarala ma comes there and hugs pragya. This time ur life will give u so much of happy to u and kiss her forehead. Dadi said after 3 days Mrg date be fixed. Abhi said too soon. Dadi said ya we already consider date with panditji. Pragya blushes. Sarala said the Mrg will happen kkb hall dadi said k. Dadi said so 2moro mehendi and day after 2moro sangith then the 3 day Mrg. Dadi and sarala hugs. Everyone of mm gets happy. Suddenly sarala said k maa now me and pragya leave bcos the bahu will come from her house only dadi said yes u r right. But abhi pragya gets shock nd ask wat we going separate again in same time. Sarala see Pragya and dadi see abhi. Dadi said abhi after 2 days pragya come to hear only don’t make cn. Sarala pinch pragya and said control Dr. Abhi sees pragya and pragya sees abhi. Suddenly abhi gets idea and said k Mrg will happen in kkb hall but mehandi and sangeth be my home . Dadi see abhi and I know y u doing this. K accept that. Then abhi hugs dadi and pragya hugs sarala maa.Abhi and pragya looks each other.

Precap:aliya tells a plan to purvi.And bulbul hear that plan.

Credit to: HARINI

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  3. You are making superb story with abhigya with positive twists make bulbul alive its also very good after abhigya she is the most wanted guy in kkb.make them also happy in abhigya’s marriage. The marriage should be a loveable and memorable one with their hot romance and nok jokes because they lost it in first marriage. Plz

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    Update regularly please

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    Fantastic and superb yaar

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