kumkum bhagya : happy love (Episode 16)


The episode start by pragya hugs a girl and kiss her forehead and ask how r u? Y u not came to home. And asking some other questions. But that girl not respond to pragya and she breaks the hug and move on. Pragya follow her and ask where u go Purvi come home. (s frnds that girl is purvi). Purvi shout pragya and ask who r u? Y u are talking like this? Y u hugs me,are u mad. Everyone of the temple watching that pragya feels sad. Finally purvi said I don’t have family so plz u go ur way I go my way. After that purvi leaves temple. Pragya stunned of purvi behaviour tears roll on from pragya eyes.

In car purvi thinks the old memories and gets angry on arora family and thinks I came hear to take revenge on ur family pragya this time I have more money so I going to ruined ur life keep watching me!!! And smiles. She go to a hotel and meat aliya.

Tanu thinks of nikil again and again also she thinks her mom words (if u not marry nikil then u r baby born without knowing father name also ur image of media will ruined u don’t get any chance). Finally tanu deside to marry nikil with a condition so she call nikil and said him to come to home.

Aliya ask purvi y u r late. Purvi said I saw that pragya in temple she again act to me as lovable person. Aliya said in that family everyone like that and she said even abhi also change like that so only he spoiled my life. Purvi said I want take revenge so plz do something give an idea. Aliya said I also thinking that only also she said u only take me out from jail so I can definitely do something. Purvi said u also do same thing to me na.

Fb shows: (epi 265 after)purvi was arrested to help of kidnapping. She was in jail. After some time aliya come to jail and get back compliant against purvi. Purvi came out jail and ask y u do this bcos of u only this all happened. But aliya act in front her as she is consent to her. She tells to purvi as sry purvi I miss understand u. actually bulbul only told me kidnapped plan is ur’s and u Can do this all for money and she tells u love a boy and he wants money so u kidnap bhai and bhabi. and she (bulbul) tells I have no rights to check purvi if i do that maa get angry on me so u do something. Then only I make a detective and check u. Now only I know the truth bulbul only put that money and letters in ur cupboard and she wants take revenge on u bcos she don’t like u . So after knowing truth only I get back my Complaint. After hear this purvi gets angry on bulbul and she thinks to tell this to pragya but aliya stop her and tell I think pragya also know bulbul truth she is also support bulbul only bcos bulbul is her own sis and U r just like a sis but bulbul not like that and manipulate purvi. Then aliya told her to go somewhere and live happily and earn money then come back . so purvi leaves Mumbai and reached pune and she changed her name as Riya and do fashion designer job with the help of her frnds. After some days she do her own fashion design and earn money and now come back as purvi to take revenge.

After reached Mumbai only purvi know about bulbul died so her first target already completed so her 2nd target is pragya and her mom. Then only she knows about aliya is in jail so she go and meat aliya in jail then she only help her to released in jail. Now both aliya and purvi have one aim that is runi abhi and pragya family. Fb ends.

Purvi said to aliya one day night I saw abhi and pragya in a highway road i get angry so I try to hit them but they get escape and she said in my next attempt iam not leave them. Aliya said it’s not that easy she said abhi is a rock star so first we runi abhi name and fame. That is a great punishment of abhi and then kill pragya is so easy. Purvi agreed that. They do hifi. On other side that Muslim girl hear everything of purvi and aliya talk and she gets sad. She (Muslim girl) thinks I want to do something.

Nikil came to tanu home and ask y u call me. Tanu said sry nikil iam really sry now only I understand ur love. NOW I also love u. Plz nikil accept me. Nikil said k tanu I accept u but there was one condition and he said actually I really love u so I marry u but hear after u don’t interfere on abhi and pragya life. U don’t do anything against them. And u don’t meat aliya hear after. Tanu gets shock (actually tanu condition is help of take revenge on pragya). Nikil ask if u k means I marry u. Tanu mom listen this and took tanu to a room and tell u want ur life means plz marry nikil and delete ur revenge idea. Otherwise ur life is only get run also this baby life. Tanu touch her stomach and feel something on her baby so deside to marry nikil and she thinks I want my baby to live happy not revenge. Tanu came out and tell k to nikil and hug nikil. Nikil gets happy and hug her tightly. Nikil said 2moro we marry. Tanu said k. Now only tanu can feel as a mom and feels happy for marring nikil. She thinks I support nikil to do his job perfectly and earn money as by own.


PRAGYA sit in bed thinking of purvi (she not tell anything to anyone )abhi came there and see pragya is upset. Abhi ask her Wat happened y u upset . Pragya not reply to him. Abhi said k mohamboo Iam not disrupt u. After hearing mohamboo word pragya get angry on abhi and ask y u call me mohamboo . Abhi said i like that name. Pragya try to tell something but abhi touch pragya nose so she stop talking. Abhi give a saree to pragya tell her to evening u wear this and come with me. And also abhi said actually mohamboo I love a girl she is most beatyful girl in this world. So pragya please help me to propose that girl. Pragya gets shock and stand silently. Today evening we go to meat that girl be ready. And abhi touch pragya nose again and leaves the room.
Pragya still stand shockingly.

The Muslim girl went to a room there was some girls are sitting together and talk something. The girl see them and go to wash room and remove the furga the face shown on mirror that is our bulbul.In her face she get two injuriesSo only she covered her face and the fb shown : bulbul fall on bridge. After few minutes a grp of people seen bulbul in water so they rushed to her and bring her out from water they admit bulbul in a hospital. After few days bulbul face bandage removed she see her face in mirror she not like her face so she think purab also not like me. Then she deside to leave purab and go to a hospital with help of a frnd and stay there as a Muslim girl. But her face injuries is get normal In day by day. But her mind and heart not accept that. She came out from wash room and think Wat to do now? Y purvi can change like this? Definitely aliya is the reason for this ? Iam not leave her. I want to do something before there plan.

Pragya ready to go with abhi. Abhi also get ready to go with pragya. Abhi feels happy .

Precap : abhi said k to remarriage.

Hope u guys like this. . . Now tanu is not come to abhigya life but Wat purvi and aliya can do? And how bulbul to join with purab and family. Wait and watch.

Credit to: HARINI

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