kumkum bhagya : happy love (Episode 15)


The epi start by prgaya hear abhi words and get shock. Then he came out from changing dadi stand shockingly after hear abhi words. Pragya come to dadi and said dadi u don’t worry he just kidding. Then only dadi get relief and leaves the room . Pragya thinks about abhi’s words and get confuse.

Abhi go to purab house. Abhi’s mood is not well. Abhi go and see purab but purab not see abhi he talk to bulbul (photo) abhi sees that and call purab then only purab turn and see abhi. Abhi ask wat r u doing. Purab said just talk to bulbul and he said now a days it’s only give a relaxation. Abhi hug purab. Then purab change the topic and ask y ur face be so dull. If any problems. And he ask pragya Di still angry on u. Abhi said ya she is still angry on me. But the problem is nog that. Purab ask then Wat? ?. Abhi says I was seen aliya in a shopping mall. Purab gets shock. And ask how u see her. She is be in jail na. Abhi said i also think like that but i don’t know how she came out. Fb shown : abhi came to a shop to buy something on that aliya also came there first both are not meat eachother after some time abhi watch a mirror in front of him on that mirror abhi see aliya he suddenly turn around and watch her but aliya not listen him. Abhi feel happy but after that some thinking abhi control himself and leaves the shop. Fb ends.

Purab ask how she came out. Abhi tell I don’t know purab but I can feel for aliya bcos of me only aliya behaved like that . I only gave her more love if she ask anything definitely I buy and give her. Bcos of me only she loves u. Bcos of me only she leaves u. I forgive her all mistakes that’s y only aliya behave like that if I gave her right punishment on right time she not behaved like that. Purab try to consul abhi. Abhi cries. And purab says u r the best brother abhi but she is not ur best sister. Abhi looks purab and hugs him.

Tanu thinks now Wat I do
Doctor said u abating stage is finished if now u abort ur child then ur life also be Danger. Tanu mom come to her and ask wat u think. Now u have only one chance that is marrying nikil. Tanu gets shock and think how I marry nikil he is not settled in life then how I run my life and also she thinks nikil already warn me one day I go to nikil and ask him to marry me. If I do that then he won . Wat I do.
Tanu mom leaves room and come to hall and call nikil and say plz come to home. Nikil agreed.

Abhi and purab leaves purab home and came to MM. Purab go and watch sarala maa. And they spend some time that time Sarala say purab to I want go outside to buy some things for pragya so plz purab take me out. Purab said ok. And tell dadi. Dadi also said ok. And they both come to a shopping mall sarala buy some things. On that TIME Muslim girl come there and watch sarala ma and purab continously suddenly she gets tears on her eyes so she came out of that mall.Purab and sarala came out and purab make sarala sit in car but she forgot a bag so purab come again to shop and get the back and came out on that time purab wrongly dish a girl (Muslim girl) purab said sry and try to see her but her face is covered. Purab see her eyes and fell something that Muslim girl also feel something. Purab try to open the sawal but she refuse and went away. Purab feel something again and again and he come to car and drive they reached MM. After dropping sarala maa purab go to home by thinking of that girl and he feels some thing go will happen to him. And he thinks about bulbul.

Nikil came to tanu home . Tanu mom ask him to marry tanu . He said sry anuty iam not willing to marry her. Tanu came out her room and see nikil. Nikil said I have many works so I leave. Tanu stop him and said marry me iam ready. Nikil said sry. Tanu said u not marry me then I give compliant against him. Nikil said that’s ur wish iam not scared for that. Tanu said Oh ok If I kill this baby means nikil said u Don’t do that bcos if u try to kill he/she then u also died tanu gets shock. And ask him to how do u know. Nikil said I know everything. Tanu ask iam asking y finally r u marry me or not. Nikil not give any replay and leaves. Tanu thinks now Wat I do. And she gets fear the baby is born without knowing father name. She gets tears on her eyes and she touch her stomach. And cries.
Nikil think in car so tanu finally ask me to marry her. 2moro I go to her and say ok. Today is her punishment day. And smiles of seeing tanu pic.
Fb shows: nikil talk to a doctor and he said plz doctor I want my baby be alive and I want tanu so plz u tell to her as abortion stage is finished now u be in complicated stage if u abort u lose ur life like this. First doctor not accept then doctor accept for baby life and said that to tanu.

Next day morning abhi come to pragya and said to I want to tell u one thing so plz be ready in evening we go outside. Pragya said k. Then abhi leaves. Pragya thinks Wat he going to tell me. And get more confusion. Then dadi come to pragya room and say today is slp day so u go to temple do pooja. Pragya said k and ready to go temple.

In temple

Pragya do all rituals and pray to god for. Then she try to leave temple but she see girl be in temple. She feels something and she go to that girl after seeing that girl face clearly pragya gets happy and jug her tightly and pragya hus her forehead and ask how r u ……

Precap : abhi says to pragya I love a girl. She is most beatyful girl in this world. So pragya please help me to propose that girl. Pragya gets shock.

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Credit to: HARINI

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