kumkum bhagya : happy love (Episode 14)


The epi start abhia nd pragya in hospital(same of sarala ma ). Pragya get more injure on her leg and her right hand so doctor said pragya take complete rest. And doctor said night stay in hospital mrng u will be discharge. Pragya nods then she see abhi . Abhi also look her.. There was silent romance going on (sanam re plays). Slowly pragya sleep.

Abhi came out of pragya room and call dadi tell everything. Dadi said k beta take care of her..then cut the all. Then dadi tell everything to purab. Abhi go and see pragya and think how cute she is. Then he also slept.

Next morning.
Pragya discharged. Abhi hold pragya hand to walk. Then abhi make sit pragya in a chair then he go make bill. Pragya see everything and she thinks abhi’s words last night(meni tanu plays).

Tanu came to hospital to abort her child. She see pragya and her bandage. She come to pragya and ask it’s paining pragya . Pragya see tanu but not give ans. Tanu said it’s just beginning & left that place and she thinking how pragya gets this injuries.

Abhi make bill and turn he see nikil but nikil not see abhi. Nikil directly go to tanu and they both are argue eachother.Abhi see that and think in my life tanu and nikil died. Abhi go to pragya and he help to pragya to walk and they get into car and come to home(mm). Dadi see pragya and gets happy. Purab also get happy. Time pass away.

Pragya came her room with help of abhi. And she search her Mobile. That time abhi show mobile pragya ask how u get my mobile. When u took this. Abhi said yesterday night. Pragya ask Wat? ?

The fb shown : abhi and purab search pragya continuously . Abhi again and again try pragya phone but it’s be in switched off. After some that abhi phone ring the call by pragya abhi happy pick the call and ask fuggi where r u? But in opposite side a man talk sir iam a taxi driver a lady missed her phone in my taxi it was in switched off stage now only I saw the ph and turn on and check the last dialer call in that call list ur name be first so only I call u. Abhi ask the address and go to that address and get ph. Then he show pragya photo and ask this is that lady na. In which place u drop her. Taxi driver said that temple address on that time purab ph ring it’s dadi and ask wat happen purab said still searching dadi and said I call u later and also said don’t get upset. And cut the call. Abhi said purab u go home and I go and pick pragya. Purab said k. Fb ends.

Pragya ask so bcis of that only u came crt place. Abhi said yes. Pragya says but iam still angry on u. Abhi said k . Pragya gets irked and sit in bed. After some time pragya get hungry on that time abhi crtly come by food. Pragya seeing him Shockley. Abhi give food to Pragya by his hand. Pragay gets happy and eat. On time abhi said someone is angry on me but she ate by my hand. Pragya smiles and said Haa I still angry on u. Abhi smiles. After that pragya sleep.

After 2 days .

Now pragya alright and she can walk by herself and her hand also fine now. Pragya and abhi come to hospital to see Sarala. Spend some time with sarala maa. On that time Sarala ma try to speak a lit bit of sound come.finally she fully tells pragya name with lit bit of hesitating. Pragya gets tears on her eyes and hug sarala maa and kiss her forehead. Doctor came there and said now sarala is well u can discharge her. After one week she definitely speak well. Abhi say thanks to doctor. On that time a girl cross the sarala room by watching her continuously(she is Muslim girl so she covered her face her is eyes only be visible to others). Then she left from hospital. After some time abhi discharge sarala ma and get into his home. Everyone happy by seeing sarala maa. And all are spend some quality time together.

In night abhi cane to his room pragya slept already . Abhi watching pragya face and think how cute she is. And also he revember the old think and gets tears in his eyes. And he said I love to pragya. But said me to (in sleep) alla wariyan plays. Then abhi also slept. Pragya and abhi go to market.abhi be in car. Pragya go to buy some vegetables of. That time that Muslim girl watch pragya without disturbing her. Pragya finished and go back to car on that time she slips but some one hold her it’s that Muslim girl and pragya say thank you to her. But pragya feel some thing on her eyes. But that girl left that place. Pragya come back to car. And they reached home.

Pragya continuously thinking of that Muslim girl. One week later sarala also get well now her voice come perfectly. Dadi come to Sarala and ask something sarala also said k and it’s good news to all. Then dadi leave sarala room and she come to abhi room(pragya is not be there) Dadi said to abhi beta me and our family members are planed one think abhi ask wat dadi. Dadi said u and pragya marriage . Abhi get shock and tell Wat ?? Dadi said ya beta now sarala maa also get well so only we planed this. Abhi said I have some time bcos i want to think about my marriage with whom and he say sry to dadi and leaves room. Dadi gets shock. On other side in changing room pragya also get shock.

Precap : In a hotel 2 girls sitting in a table and talk seriously. Tanu thread nikil to marry her. Pragya hug a girl and kiss on her forehead. Abhi see aliya in a shop. Purab feels something special to happen to him.

Guys iam going to complete my ff. And I am going to reintroduce there characters after long time. Guess who is that??

Thanks for read it. Plz Do comments.

Credit to: HARINI

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