kumkum bhagya : happy love (Episode 13)


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The epi start by pragya gets shock of seeing abhi infront of her. Pragya didn’t belive that she sake her head then only she relize it’s true. Tears rolling on from pragya eyes after seeing abhi. Abhi’s eyes also get tears. Suddenly they get a tight hug… (sanam re plays)

Suddenly they hear a sound of bell then breaks hug. Abhi try to say something. But pragya said plz don’t talk to me. Y u came hear. Plz don’t tell any thing to me. I go by my way & u go by ur Way and she said plz don’t cross my life with terty eyes. Abhi gets shock after hearing this.

In mm dadi was thinking about pragya and she pray to god that time purab came there and say dadi. Dadi turn and see purab and gets happy and ask where is pragya where is she. But purab said pragya Di not hear dadi. Dadi gets upset and ask wat happen r u find out her or not and where is abhi. Purab said dadi we find the place of where is pragya Di and abhi go there to pick her. Dadi gets happy and ask how u find the place . Purab said something to dadi after hear that dadi gets happy. Suddenly she gets upset purab ask y u again get upset dadi say if pragya gets angry on abhi means purab said no dadi pragya not get angry on abhi I hope.

Pragya gets down from temple abhi follows her. Now they both are in road pragya try to walk but abhi hold pragya hand and ask where u go. Pragya said I don’t know. Abhi said pragya I know u angry on me. But plz this time u forgive me ya. Pragya turns and said how many times I forgive u. Abhi said it’s last time plz forgive me. Pragya said no and she said every time I want to prove u myself on u then only u belive me.

Abhi said ya fuggi it’s my fault. And he said u just think on my side in that situation u also do that mistake only. I know bcos me u lose ur bulbul and now sarala maa in bed and u sacrifice ur love emotion everything. But plz think of my side I have more trust on dadi and u only. But u both are hide the truth bcos of ur thinking iam not trusting on u. That’s y only iam getting angry. But after that purab talk only I relize the truth so I ask u to s. … Pragya cross and ask Wat purab told u. Abhi explain the hole purab conversation. Then pragya gets more angry and said so now also u don’t relize ur mistake ur self bcos of purab only u relize and come hear.

Suddenly pragya get a think and ask how u know iam be hear. Abhi litly smiles and tell u accept me first then I tell u. Pragay gets irked. Then abhi said I know ur angry is fake. Pragya said no who tell my angry is fake. And she sees abhi by angry face. But abhi smiles on seeing her face and tell it’s perfectly look like fuggi. Pragya said stop it and walk. Abhi stun and think she is angry me in high level.

After some walk pragya thinks herself if abhi follow me or not and she turn around to see abhi he stand in same palace by thinking something. Pragya gets irked and stop walk.

Abhi see Pragya and he ask y u stop walk… Pragya not reply. Abhi go to pragya and hold pragya hand and ask y u try to left me u don’t like me. Pragya gets tears. Abhi said I know fuggi In past I do many wrong things and it’s all affect u only and also I know u be my side in every situation and understand my situation. Pragya looks on abhi.

U know one think fuggi in starting iam not belive in love but after seeing u only I belive love. Bcos of u I get more but bcos of me u get more pain. Pragya cries. Abhi cup pragya face and said if u like leave me means u go iam not stop u. But before that y do one thing to me. Pragya see Abhi. He said before that u marry me then u go any where. I won’t stop u. Pragya gets small smile on her face but that time a car come fast and try to hit abhigya.

Abhi see that car come fast to hit them so he jump by holding pragya. The car pass away by the same speed. Abhi gets angry and shout. Then he see Pragya. Pragya get hit on her right leg and right hand. And she gets pain. Abhi see her and say Sry it’s all happen bcos of that car. But pragya in more pain abhi didn’t to see her in Pain. Abhi gets pragya in her arm they gets an eye lock (alla wariyan plays) Suddenly they back to normal.

Pragya said Iam still not forgive u. Abhi said k but forgive u. Pragya ask Wat?? Abhi smiles. Pragya see Abhi and abhi see pragya screen close.

Precap: abhi see nikil and tanu be in hospital …

Guys I think this epi is bore. Plz adjust.

Credit to: HARINI

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