kumkum bhagya : happy love (Episode 11)

Thanks for ur comments frnds.. i like everyone ff. Its 1000 times better than me.

The epi start by abhi stand alone in highway purab and raj bhai ya reached there. Purab come to abhi and said plz come back to home but abhi refused and ask y u came here I only call raj bhai and abhi ask raj I told na u only come y u bring purab with u. Raj said try to understand abhi plz come everyone of home is waiting for u. Plz come
Abhi said Iam not come plz leave me alone.

Pragya walk slowly by revember past thing (saiyarea plays). A taxi cross pragya . She stop that taxi and get in . Pragya go to hospital to see Sarala maa. And she thinks abhi not belive on me he hates me lot . So only I do this ma. And cries.

Purab ask abhi y u behave like this abhi y u understand the this. Pragya Di do lot of thing to u but u behave like a child. Plz think about pragya Di situation abhi. Purab said lot of think but abhi not reply him.

Pragya reach hospital she said taxi driver to wait . And she go to hospital and reach sarala maa room in that room jhanki was slept sarala maa also slept . Pragya enter slowly without disturbing any one see Sarala maa face tears rolling on her eyes. Pragya touch sarala maa dace and kiss her forehead and think maa I leaving now maa. I do this everything for abhi only but he not belive that and not accept me. He hurts me lot ma. But I love him so only I do this. I totally leave from abhi I want his happy only so only I leave him. I know maa u don’t like this but I don’t have any way. Abhi loves u lot maa. I hope he will definitely take care of u. Bcos he think u as his mom. So abhi will take care of u after iam leaving. I also happy maa I will love with ur’s and abhi’s thinking. Sry ma. Bye plz forgive mee maa. Love u again pragya kiss in her forehead and leave that room. After pragya leaving sarala maa open her eyes and try to call pragya but her voice not come out. Jhanki wake up and see Sarala ask Wat u Want ji. Sarala try to say some thing but jhanki Not understand that. And she said sleep . Sarala also sleep by thinking of pragya . Pragya get into the car and leave the hospital.

Abhi was silently standing. Purab stop his talk and ask Wat happen to u abhi say something. Abhi said no one should not belive on me. Purab gets angry and shout y u understand abhi. U just think of pragya she can do many think for u. She sacrifice everything only for u but u don’t understand that. This is ur problem abhi. U always thinking of ur side not think of others reaction emotion . After hearing this abhi get shock and look purab.

In taxi pragya cries of thinking abhi and she seen his photo on her mobile and she think last only one time call abhi if he attend the call the problem will solve. And she call abhi but abhi not attend the call . Pragya again try abhi not attend the call . She felt out and think he hate me lot. (Hamari adhuri plays)[actually abhi phone is in car with silence mode so no one should know about that call even purab raj also ]

Here purab says ya abhi we hide the everything to you. But there was a reason we don’t have any proof against tanu and aliya. Abhi said I Don’t talk about proof purab I just want ask y u hide. And y u think iam not belive u without proof. After here this purab said u r right abhi. But u just think about this I ask something to u give proper replay to me.

Purab said in pragya Di fake mms created by aliya but in first u belive on that mms then only u know everything after know everything u arrange Mrg y abhi y u arrange that Mrg. Abhi said ya purab in that case I don’t know who do that and I get doubt on aliya but I don’t have proof so only. Purab said of course abhi u don’t have proof so arrange that Mrg and y u don’t tell before pragya Di it’s a fake Mrg . Abhi stand silent.

Purab continue ok it’s very out matter I ask another think now u only proved tanu. U know everything before 2 days then y u not tell this to pragya Di. Y u go and collet the proof. Abhi thinksabout purab words.

K abhi leave this proof matter. U said because of pragya Di we lose bulbul now sarala maa in critical situation. But y u don’t think like this because of pragya Di only we know about tanu aliya and also raj bhai ya. Ha ya pragya Di change ur property by her name it’s only for ur safe abhi. Raj bhai said ya abhi purab is right actually property change to pragya name then only we try to kill pragya he said navaratri . Abhi think that. And also raj said because of pragya only we leave u and our plan change to pragya. R u revember abhi one day in ur concert stone throw by fans it’s also our arrangements sry for everything abhi but plz think about pragya . She be ur side after ur every problems. Plz go and talk to her. And he said u forgive me after iam doing a big thing to u. that’s y only I said to u.

Purab said plz try to understand abhi I lose my bulbul and I feeling everyday for that. Plz don’t lose pragya Di. After that raj and purab leaves that place. Abhi again stand alone and think of pragya.

On that time a taxi cross abhi abhi feel some thing but he not see pragya . Pragya also close her and thinking. So she also not see abhi.

In taxi pragya phone ringing but it’s from wrong number. Suddenly pragya switched off her phone . And see a temple outside ( it’s the temple of purab try to marry bulbul pragya stop that but abhi misunderstand and know truth about rabul) she revember out thing and she said stop taxi. And get down with her bag. And give money taxi and go to the temple.

Abhi think I do big mistake again I love my fuggi then how I do this to my fuggi. No this is chance to me to get back mu fuggi. And he get into the car and see the phone there was missed call by pragya he again try to call her but her phone switched off. So he start car and go to mm. In mm purab came to pragya room but in that no one there he call pragya phone her phone is switched off. He think something and call abhi and said pragya Di is not in home. Abhi get Shock and stop the car and ask Wat ? Purab said I search every where pragya Di not be here . Abhi said wait purab I come there in 5 mins. Purab said k. He go to dadi room dadi slept so he don’t disturb her so leave room but dadi wakeup and she purab Wat happen purab where is abhi purab abhi is on the way dadi but … Wat but tell purab our pragya Di not be in home dadi. Dadi get shock on that time abhi came there and see dadi . Dadi hug abhi and ask where is pragya . Abhi said I find out her dadi u don’t worry dadi. Then abhi go to her room and see pragya photo and said sry . And hug that photo and cry.

Precap : abhi searching pragya.

Thanks for read this frnds.

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  1. harini..osum yaar ….now only I read the episode…better u bcme a writter…bcoz u r hundred times great than orginal kkb writers…so sweet…and this situation na…really I could imagine..nice yaar?????

  2. Wow that’s what i call creativity, and yea ur ff is 100000000 times better than mine so don’t think like that i m eagerly waiting for ur next update ams yea there is a request from my side plz make next episode longer : ……..

  3. Harini you nailed it Abhi deserves this only and yes you rocked….

  4. Amazing Harini u r 1000000000000 time better than me and 100000000000000000 better than original kkb

  5. Awesome yar… I wish this situation brings fast in real kkb also

  6. Nice keep going

  7. Superb yaar… Sema n interesting move…

  8. Omg!!! Thanks frnda for u supporting. Actually i think this epi is little bit big and some boring .. but now i happy too see ur comment.

    Sry frnds i don’t have time to comment ur ff actually i have in very big wrk schedule . I take ur ff as screenshot first. Then i read ur ff in free time in clg. That’s y only i am not commenting ur ff. Try to understand frnds. Thanks for ur support. Keep reading. I like every once ff that all are best then me.

  9. Wow.suprb harini..and its very very gud to read..and awesome..real kkbla idhey mari nadandhuchuna nalla irukum.avangunga ipodaiku tanu episode mudikamatanaga…its so dragging real kkb…

  10. Superb yar but dont separate them and no more sad its enough of a lifetime they experienced so please unite them and give some older day attitudes from the both and twins girl andboy family plzplz.

  11. superb ya… i liked it very much…pls continue..pls update next as soon as…

  12. pls update next episode yaar…we r waiting…

  13. Superb direction yesterday only I saw today I read all episodes pls don’t stop continue

  14. Hey harini….seriously man u only become writer of the origanal kkb ……ur storyline is superb?
    pls keep continueing this…

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