kumkum bhagya : happy love (Episode 10)

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The episode start by dadi said i only help pragya to do all this. Fb shown abhi was sit in Shoba by fuggi letter and cries . That time came there and ask y u cry beta u don’t worry. Pragya will come soon to you . And she ask beta a lash give this file to me he wants ur sign for this. Abhi sign the document without reading. Fb ends. That’s y only pragya got ur property but one day u made pragya drunk and get her sign. After knowing that pragya only change the document . Then aliya get orginal and try to do wrong thing but pragya catch her.

After hear this dadi u do this for me. Y u support pragya dadi. Y u don’t tell truth to me. Dadi said we don’t have proof abhi that’s y only we do this . Abhi said how u all are thing like this If I belive pragya only after the proof. I love her dadi y u do this dadi iam get heartbreak today. my family members no one have belive on me.

And abhi goes to pragya and said u know everything but u don’t tell any thing to me. U get every once help but not me. Because of u only dadi also act to Me. Because of u only bulbul died . Because of u only sarala maa gets accident. If u tell everything to me on earlier we both solved this problem and not to lose no one. And the final because u only I hate my fuggi now. My fuggi tell everything to me if I belive her or not . But u kill my fuggi. After hearing this pragya cries and try to tell something but abhi stop her and said plz don’t said anything.

Abhi go to dadi iam not expert this from u dadi. And he said Iam going dadi and abhi come out from MM everyone follows him but he go by his car fast. Pragya sit down and cry loudly also she said do this only for u suniyea. Plz come back. And try to call abhi but he not attend that.

Nikil follow tanu and said r u mad y u kill my baby. Plz don’t do abortion. If u do that I will kill tanu. Tanu said plz nikil try to understand iam not like u and iam willing to live with u. Nikil gets shock and also gets more angry and said tanu u r crossing the limit. Tanu said I know plz get out from my house. Nikil gets more angry and hold tanu hand tightly and said k u don’t marry me. But I want my baby. I u do any thing to baby then I will kill u tanu it’s promise also he said today u reject me but definitely one u come and ask me to marry u. On that day I show u who iam? And Nikil leave from tanu home. After hear everything tanu gets angry on nikil also fear. Tanu parents also hear everything and get sad of tanu life.

In mm pragya in room and think about abhi and crying.
Purab and akash try to call abhi but his phone is out of reach. Dadi pray god to give back to home.

Abhi go fast in car by thing of pragya dadi behaviour. And things fuggi some moments suddenly he stop his car and cry. It was a highway there was no vichels. Abhi get down from car and thing of pragya. (Hamari adhuri plays).

Tanu home tanu get appointment from a doctor to abort her child . Tanu mom ask her y u do all this tanu. Nikil willing to marry u then y u abort this child. Tanu said I don’t like nikil. He only make my life ruined. She leaves her room and lock the door and said alonely abhi and pragya iam not leave u both that much easily. I take revenge on u both. And I make ur life more difficult.

Pragya also try to call abhi but he cut the call.. she try many times but he cut the or not response . Then pragya goes to purab and ask r u find out abhi. Purab said no Di also he said abhi not attend my call. On that ye raj bhai ya come there and ask if I try to call abhi. Purab said ya it’s great idea. Raj call abhi. Abhi get raj bhai call first he try to cut the call then he pickup and said bhai I busy now I call u later but raj ask where u abhi I want to meat u. Abhi said no bhai I Don’t want to meat any one from family and cut the pragya cry and run to her room. After pragya leaves again raj bhai call abhi this time also abhi pick call and said plz bhai leave me alone but raj said I want talk to u abhi it’s urgent. Abhi tell the address and said u only come here and cut the call. Purab and raj go that place by car.

Pragya cries loud .Dadi came there and try to consul her. Then dadi leaves. After some time pragya thing something and go to dadi room dadi slept by holding abhi photo. Pragya go inside and tout her feet and come out. Then she go to her room and pack her things she take rocks tart abhi doll and also take fuggi doll. Also she took a abhi photo. And get out of from MM.

Purab and raj bhai go by car. Abhi stand lonely by seeing the moon. Pragya walk slowly on road with her bag. Screen close.

Precap : every one of mm search pragya. Abhi try to call pragya but her phone is switched off.. and abhi said sorry to see pragya photo.

Hope u guys u like this. Thanks for read.

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