kumkum bhagya : happy love (Episode 1)

ai guys iam going write kkb ff… i hope u all are like my ff… i just continue wat sutiation was going on in kkb…

The epi start with sarala ma gets accident. Abhi nd pragya seen that and they rushed her to hospital. In hospital doctor said to abhi she is in very critical condition . Pragya heared that and cried loudly . Abhi try to consoul her but its not wrkout abhi also get tears in his eyes. Pragya see his tears and hug abhi tightly they both consoul each other .

Other side nikil call tanu and says he want to meat her now. Tanu gets irked and shout him.

Tanu: y u always ordering me to meat u.
Nikil: no dr i didn’t order u i just want to see u. U know i sucessfully complete ur wrk u said na kill sarala. Just now only i hit her in road in my car.

After hearing this tanu gets happy and prises nikil and she says she come to meat him after 10 mins. Then tanu gets ready to meat nilik.

Dadi call abhi wat happen to sarala u and pragya seen sarala or not.(dadi didn’t know about the accident)

Abhi: ya dadi we seen sarala ma in opposite direction of road crossing. She crossed the road but in mid of the road a car was hit her. now she is be in icu(hospital) in critical situation plz come dadi. I get scared.
Dadi: ok beta i come there( by terty eyes)

Dadi told everything to the all members of mm and tanu also heard that then she call nikil and shout him.

Tanu: wat u said u killed pragya mom . Do u know wat happen there (tanu xplain everything what dadi was told).
Nakil: OMG!! I thing sarala was died. But now she is in hospital . If she open her eyes then our truth will come out .
Tanu: (tanu get tensed after hear nikil words) what we do now?
Nikil: u don’t worry i go to hospital (dressup by doctor) u also come with dadi. After see sarala situation we will deside
Tanu: ok.

In hospital nikil was dressed up by a doctor and dadi dasi tanu are reached to hospital. Tanu search nikil.
Precap: doctor said sarala is well now. Nikil and tanu gets shocked. Plz do comts

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  1. really nice

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  2. it is very nice!!! just one question. is the profile pic for this ff from an episode? if so which episode?

    1. I think 322 episode…
      Thanks for supporting me

  3. Superb….keep on writing

    1. Tan q soo mauch..

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Really Superb……. Go ahead……………

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  6. very nice pls continue..

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  7. Sooo nice nd congrats 4 ur epiii…..d profile pic s sooooooo cute i luv it a lotttttt……keep going…….

    1. Ya i also like this pic and scene… thabjs for supporting me

  8. nice harini… bt one request..plz bring the truth out…don’t drag as in the serial….waiting for their reunion…. all the best keep going……

  9. very good episode….

  10. Nice yaar u continue go ahead…. All the best

  11. Nice episode, plz reveal the truth soon.

  12. Thank you for ur comment sure i will releave truth soon…

  13. It’s so nice and interesting harini pls bring the truth soon

  14. Superb… Sema n keep on writing… I thk after reading precap u wont drag tat tanu pregnancy drama like in real kkb they do… I like it then dp i love it a lottttttttt…

  15. nice episode hari

  16. Nice Harini…
    Plz give ur ideas to kkb cvs…?

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