kumkum bhagya- FORCED MARRIAGE


hi guys thanks for your support…hope harisha I messaged you at last…ha..really happy to have a good bonding with all…sure see guys how abhigya are gonna face each other.

the episode starts with pragya yelled at the top of her voice.LEAVE THAT CHILD I SAY..I KNOW YOU ARE A CHILD KIDNAPPER BUT LEAVE HIM..abhi who stilled by the voice and the thought came to his mind is pragya…he prays to god and turns towards her .abhi was amused and the amusement turns to shock when he saw pragya standing before him.abhi could not utter a word and he thanks god that pragya could not identify him. pragya thought he is nerve …and thinks she is not here to harm him. abhi could see different emotions in her face .move away from him pragya said. don’t worry kush I am here n.a…don’t cry ok..see I am having a weapon and I will beat you.kush was irked by the drama and says …he is my pooh.abhi could not control his laughter when seeing her face which is priceless.though she was changed in outer appearance but she is still the same by heart.pragya clears her throat…sorry Mr.pooh..oh I mean sir..I thought it’s a kidnapper and I…am so sorry..I mean not to hurt you..and I can’t hurt anyone and throws the stone and leaves.abhi thought…you hurted me in the most worst possible way…pragya..pragya turned and left without giving abhi time to speak.the thought in his mind is her.and pragya too thought about him…she thinks how can he be ..no I am overthing about him…pragya he is not..don’t thinks more about him..
pragya entered home and sees aditi eating full cake. she just cut a piece for her and sits beside her.
pragya: what happened madam
aditi: today is disgusting…
pragya: don’t worry everything will be fine.
next day, aditi got a letter…she screams pragya…PRAGYA comes there.aditi says I got my new job. ..in ABHISHEK group of companies.pragya thought it may be abhiskek but her mind says he is a rockstar and he can’t be This and chears aditi.

abhi wakes up by the scream of kush and thinks sure he may be troubling his sister and goes to him.
abhi: now what happened.
kush: I didn’t returned this dress..
abhi: so what
ishani: bhai ..please go with him and return it please.
kush:ha…rockstar let’s go.

kush and abhi reached the shop.kush doesn’t want abhi to be rude with pragya and also he wants to clear their misunderstandings
kush: hi honey. ..pragya looked at kush with smile but her smile disappears after seeing the person with kush.
kush: say hi..in rude voice to Abhi.
abhi could not do anything says hi
pragya kneels before kush and asked what happened now
kush says I am sorry.I didn’t return your dress.

pragya says it’s a mistake but you apolosized n.a….then you are a brave boy…kush is a brave boy.
kush says no I am not a good or brave I am a hot boy …hey n.a. pooh. and looks at abhi.abhi didn’t utter a word and taps his foots .pragya hugs kush and says it’s ok..go and sit in the car .first time abhi feels jealous of his own kush. he thinks his pragya is hugging him but not me…
pragya ignores that her past is standing before her and continues to do her job.
abhi: pragya
pragya : i am sorry Mr.mehra …I am little preoccupied and turns to leave.but soon a pair of hands holds her shoulders and pinned to wall.she felt shocked when his presence was more closer to her.she looked into his eyes…there she can see hurt,anger ,betrayal and mixed emotions.abhi didn’t blink as if he she will leave him
pragya : anything you need mr.mehra
abhi: yes you..

pragya thinks is he serious ..oh come on how can he need a middle class girl and he too proved by leaving me for that riya
pragya: sorry…
abhi: I mean I want to talk to you.
pragya: if it’s about our past then I can’t…if not so let’s speak.
abhi: where were you pragya. .I was searching as an idiot for you..
pragya: it looks like you never wanted me..look Mr.mehra everything has changed.
abhi brought her more closer and slightly brushed his lips touched her earlope..she was thankful that she is holding a vase else she will fall off .
pragya was mentally cursing him but a part of her heart beats for him..she wants him to be like this …
abhi says trust me pragya..I will not come to you..you will come to me..as it’s your habit to run away…and I will not leave something that’s mine.this flame between us will won’t die easily.he just let her go not before slowly caressing her waist.he winked at her and left.pragya felt a shiver run down her spine.

precap: pragya meeting abhi again..

hope you all enjoyed….

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