kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (intro and episode 1)

Hi guys ,aditi is back…how are you guys .I hope all are fine.hey guys I am back with a new story ” FORCED MARRIAGE ” .and tisha di ,I could not comment but I am now saying you are the best narrator.hands off di. .
Surbhi, di you are back I think come soon
Sowmiya di, good to see you back with os. .keep continuing. …and many writters akshaya, hateera , Emmy and all.

Getting into story
Abhiskek mehra – a great rockstar .he is arrogant but loves his family
Priya ram mehra – mother of abhi
Ishani mehra ( matsh ) – sister of abhi
Dadi- abhi’s grandmother
Purab mehta – abhi’s best friend
Pragya khanna – a sweet innocent girl who is studying final year
Ranveer khanna ( from matsh) – pragya’s brother. CEO of RV group of companies
Neil khanna – pragya’s father
Ragini khanna – pragya’s mother
Tanushree mehta – supermodel and pragya’s best friend
Raghav kurana- he is best friend of pragya and engaged with pragya.

Oh my god all are shocked…PRAGYA engaged with raghav
But wait abhi is our hero so let’s see what’s gonna happen

The story starts with a pleasant area …hmmm…beach…two people were standing opposite to each other.guess who…ya Abhi and pragya. Let’s see what they are doing…

PRAGYA : abhi ,I said n.a….our relation is our past …we thought we can live with each other.but god decides something.he wants me to be married to raghav.so please move on.dont disturb me and turns to leave
Abhi holds her hand and makes her turn
Abhi – why can’t you understand dammit.I love you…I could not live without you.
Pragya- but my parents didn’t accept you abhi.they want me to get married to raghav.I want their happiness
Abhi holds her hands – then what about me pragya.what I will do without you. I am incomplete without you yaar
PRAGYA takes her hands from him saying this is the truth abhi.you have to take it
Abhi Now moves closer to her and looks into her eyes. …so you didn’t love me right
PRAGYA says no
Abhi holds her shoulders tightly and says look into my eyes and say dammit
PRAGYA plainly looked into his eyes.she could see his anger ,eagerness but said no and pushed him.
Abhi says ok miss pragya khanna. You didn’t love me right.and turns to opposite side.Abhi continues your pyari bhai ranveer is in the last stage of his business life. His company has lost everything and now he has only one day for his business life
PRAGYA turns him and asked what are you saying
Abhi says oh come on baby …ok here is a video ,you will understand after watching it
Abhi gives his phone and pragya sees the video

( actually abhi not only rockstar he is doing business also which is looked by purab)
In the video ,ranveer says abhi ,please you can help me…I could not say to dad.if he knows then he will become sad.please abhi it’s my request.if my all business gets lost I have no way than suicide and cries.Abhi consoles him.

PRAGYA watched with teary eyes
Abhi – what should I do now
PRAGYA – help him Abhi
Abhi – then you have to do a favour
PRAGYA asked what should she do
Abhi says you should marry me tomorrow itself so I can help your bhai
PRAGYA was taken aback.she says how could you say you know n.a. raghav and I have engaged.Abhi says not to take his names next times because I ďont want to listen his name from your mouth.
PRAGYA says so if I marry you you will help my brother.
Abhi says ya it’s like a deal.ig you are ok with this cal me before tday 12: oo. I have to do arrangements n.a. bye. ..and he leaves

PRAGYA cries and left to her house.PRAGYA looks bulbul and ranveer chating .she sees ranveer smiling.she thinks how he can hide his emotions.and wipes her tears and gets in.
Bulbul drags her and they threw her into an talk.
RANVEER asked what happened why are you sad madam.
PRAGYA says no bhai just tired.
Neil Nd ragini comes there.PRAGYA suddenly hugs Neil and cries.all gets panicked
Neil patting her back- what happened beta
PRAGYA – you wil be on my side n.a. pappa …if I take any decisions
Neil says ha beta but what decision
PRAGYA then remembers abhi’s words and broke the hug.
PRAGYA says nothing I just asked.ragini asked are you ok n.a….
PRAGYA says ha ma…I am hungry please let’s eat.
All laughs at her cute pout.
After dinner…

PRAGYA comes to Neil and ragini ‘s room.
Ragini- beta you didn’t sleep
PRAGYA says I could not ma…shall I sleep by keeping my head on your lap.
RAGINI says sure and she sits between Neil and ragini.she holds both hands and thinks I should do this to help bhai….I will and sleeps.
In the morning ,
PRAGYA forgets to inform abhi so she called him.
Abhi – so what you have decided
Pragya- ok I will marry you
But first you should help my bhai
Abhi says I know baby you will ….ok I will.come to register office at 10:00 am sharp.ok baby.
PRAGYA cuts the call and throws ….
She comes to hall.and sees Neil reading newspaper .RANVEER comes and hugs pragya saying I am so happy.
Neil asked what the hell happened that makes you happy.
RANVEER says I got a big deal pa
But pragya knows why he is happy.she smiles and asked where is bulbul.
RAGINI says she is still sleeping…wake her
PRAGYA goes to her room…
BULBUL was sleeping and pragya Sat beside her.

She caressed her face and thinks bulbul can understand my feeling and she will not regret abhi because she is big fan of him and kissed her forehead. She leaves to her room and gets ready in a simple red Saree with light make up.
PRAGYA then gets an auto because no one should know about where she is going..
She reached the register office and waits for abhi

Will abhi comes…or what gonna happen next

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