kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 9)

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Coming back to the episode

In abhigya’s room…
PRAGYA was sitting on the bed reading a book.abhi enters and sees her .he sits near her and looks at her
Pragya: why are you looking at me like this
Abhi: nothing ..I can see a change in you.first you would not talk to me.but now.
Pragya: oh hello..see I am still in anger
Abhi smirked asking oh really I see..
PRAGYA was about to say something but aliya and ishani comes with a loud noice
Ishani: bhai ;bhabhi let’s go somewhere.
Pragya: where to go
ALIYA : bhabhi actually my friend invited me for her birthday party ..let’s go bhabhi
Pragya: you both go ..I am not interested
ALIYA and ishani in chorus. ..please bhabhi.
Pragya: ok we can go
Abhi : so no permissions from me
ALIYA : we are just informing you bhai
Abhi: oh…seeing your bhabhi..now a days you both are behaving different..it’s bad.
Ishani: you are jealous bhai
Abhi: remember I only brought your bhabhi..and puts his hands around her shoulder but pragya pushed him
Ishani: how many times I should say that bhabhi is not a product to get from shop..
Abhi: ya I agree
PRAGYA says ok let’s get ready.you both go to your room..

In evening
Abhi ,pragya ,aliya and ishani reached the venue.PRAGYA looking at the decorations says it’s quite nice..
ALIYA soon brings her friend.all were shocked.she introduced as ajay.
Ishani with shock : boy friend
ALIYA : hey what’s wrong with it
Abhi looks at pragya but she looks somewhere.
Ajay: hai. ..bhai,bhabhi…ishu.ALIYA had told many things about you guys and puts his arms around her shoulders
Abhi gets angry but pragya asked him to be calm
ALIYA says let’s go..it’s time for cake cutting.
All the people in crowd identifies abhi and chears him…they shouts abhi…many people asked selfies…the girls surrounds abhi..PRAGYA and ishu were pushed by the crowd.PRAGYA gets angry
PRAGYA to ishu: how dare they …and he too
Abhi signs at abhi to help
Ishani: bhabhi help him n.a….he needs you
Pragya: no I will not..let him handle
ALIYA sees this and says bhabhi don’t feel bad as bhai has many fans.mainly girls
This increased pragya’s anger more
ALIYA takes a glass and gives to pragya
ALIYA : bhabhi ,drink this you will feel better.
Ishani: bhabhi no…ALIYA are you mad
ALIYA : bhabhi it’s just a juice
PRAGYA in anger drinks it
She feels dizzy.ishani says if bhai comes to know he will not leave us
That Time abhi comes clearing the crowd
PRAGYA falls on abhi
Abhi: now what happened to her
Pragya: I am fine…you mad..how can you go if they call you..I will not talk to you and pouts pushing him.
PRAGYA was about to fall but abhi pulls her towards him.
Abhi: hey who said I went…they took me
PRAGYA in tears…you are leaving me..in all times..I am feared ..I could not live without you..why can’t you understand
Abhi looks at her.she further says I felt that you will go away from me
Abhi: how can I go away from you…as I cant live without you.
PRAGYA : true. ..
Abhi says yes and hugs her.ALIYA and ishani too hugs each other.
Abhi kissed her forehead saying I love you…
PRAGYA says I love you too..
Ishani and aliya too hugs them..

They waved bye to ajay and leaves from there….

They reached home..Abhi takes pragya in his arms and made her to lie on bed and was about to move when pragya holds his hands saying no…I could not leave one more time.
Abhi says one minute baby..I wil check if aliya and ishani are okay..
PRAGYA says no…
ALIYA comes there saying bhai its ok…we are fine..we will sleep.you better be with bhabhi…I am leaving good night.
Abhi lays beside pragya and she keeps her head on his chest..soon pragya looks at abhi..she kissed him.Abhi was first shocked but he continued. ..soon abhi closed both of them with duvet and they consummate their marriage.

Next Morning….
Abhi gets up and sees pragya in his hands. He missed her forehead and leaves to fresh up.he goes to check what aliya and ishani are doing.but to his suprise they were in kitchen
Abhi: hey what are you doing here
ALIYA : ishani tell him as pragya bhabhi..will not be in mood to prepare anything so we did
Ishani laughs at her.
Abhi: you both n.a.
Aliya: bhai ,here Is your coffee
Abhi: thanks…and I will give to pragya nd takes her cup.
He enters and could not find pragya there…

Hope you all loved..as I don’t want to write more about how they consummate…so it may be short episode…but let’s wait for pragya’s reaction…

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