kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 8)

Hi guys happy Sunday…and I could not manage with 2 ff. So I will post one on one day and other on next day.and guys I am not getting a big response but I try to update.and my friend riya is working on a fanfic soon it will be posted…and in it ‘ our fav stars abhigya and raglak are going to play…really I am so excited to read …so I talked more and in tdays episode we can find the truth that why ragini didn’t accept this marriage. Let’s get Into the story….

In abhigya’s room
Pragya says abhi you remember because of her mom rejected you..Abhi says I know by wiping her tears.pragya says abhi lets GO n.a. yaar.Abhi cupping her face says let’s see what she will do pragya.pragya pushes his hands and walks from there.

Next day,
Pam and aliya comes to home.Pam takes blessings from dadi.
Pam: array ma..you are growing younger
Dadi: shut up…arey aliya come and hugs her
Aliya: where is ishu
Priya : she is in her room and hugs aliya
Abhi and pragya comes and they took blessings from Pam.
Aliya hugs pragya saying happy bhabhi….you look good
Pam: why she will not look good.afterall she married rockstar
Abhi: ok come let’s have breakfast and drags pragya from there to corner.pragya starts to cry
Abhi : arey baba ..don’t cry.don’t take her words serious.you know n.a. about her
PRAGYA : I could not abhi
Abhi: you should …it’s just a day baby.we will leave this afternoon
PRAGYA looked him asking really
Abhi says yes…so be a good girl.don’t cry I could not see and wipes her tears
PRAGYA smiles at him and they walked towards hall.
Ishani too joins them.pragya sits between aliya and ishani.and abhi on opposite to pragya behind him priya and next to her pam.
Pam: so pragya how are you
Pragya: fine.
Pam: ya I could see
Aliya: bhabhi are you comfortable in London
Pragya: ya aliya
Ishani: you know one thing I am going with bhai and bhabhi this time.
Aliya: it’s cheating you are leaving me.bhabhi I will also come with you
PRAGYA Looks at abhi
Abhi: ha why not you too can come.
Pam: take her with you.I will be free
ALIYA : ha I am excited…hoho. ..ishu I too coming with you
Ishani: don’t over react
PRAGYA hugs both and abhi clicks a photo.

In evening,
PRAGYA ,abhi ,ishani and aliya were ready to leave.priya hugs pragya and says you will suffer a lot to handle these three.pragya smiles and says nothing like that ma.aliya and ishani are my daughter’s.aliya and ishu hugged her and missed her both cheeks.Abhi says if your drama comes to THE END …shall we leave.all leaves waving bye …….

They boarded the flight and abhi ,pragya infront and aliya ,ishani on the back.ishani and aliya slept while pragya was thinking something by placing her head on abhi’s shoulder who is in sleep.

Few years back…..
The khanna’s house was decorated with flowers and all were running for their work.Neil and ragini is welcoming all.and the atmosphere seems to be good.Abhi with his dadi,dasi and pam enters the home with aliya and ishani.Neil welcomes them.ishani and aliya asked for pragya.ragini calls bulbul to take them to pragya.bulbul hugs them and takes them to pragya’s room.

In the room…
PRAGYA was sitting fully dressed as a bride.she was wearing a bright red lehenga with light makeup and stunning jewels..
Slots runs towards pragya and hugs her saying di. .you look beautiful…sure bhai will die after seeing you.
Ishani taps her head and says di looking damm beautiful..if I would have been a boy I would have married you.
Aliya says wait ishu I will tell this to bhai.
Ishani : go and say to your bhai…because sometimes truth can’t be acceptable.
PRAGYA says arey stop your drama.bulbul asked di are you tired.
RAGINI comes there and says come pragya let’s go.take her and signs the three.
PRAGYA along with aliya ,bulbul ,ishani comes to hall.
Abhi was mesmerized by her beauty.purab says abhi control your emotions.
Neil says let’s start the engagement rituals.
But suddenly pam says stop….all looks at her.
Pam: well done pragya.you had done a great job.you had made my abhi fall for you.and how shameless you are…ha how a mother is , a daughter will be na.
RAGINI : don’t say anything bad about my daughter.what you know about her.
Pam: wow…arey wow…what a drama..see abhi..open your eyes.they are behind your money
Ranveer: we are not cheap to be behind your money and remember one thing your son only loved our choti and says that he wants to marry her not my pragya.
Pam says wow …whole family are drama makers.ragini says it’s the limit.pragya says ma please stop…Pam says you are gold diggers ..you people can do anything for money…you can sleep with anyone for money… ranveer was about to slap pam but abhi slapped him.ranveer falls on floor.pragya with much anger says how dare you Abhi and slaps him. Abhi raised his hands to slap but he stopped, pragya asked what happened why you stopped. .come on slap me and holds his collars….how dare you slapped my brother.your aunt was taunting me but you are listening to her silently. ..you not event stopped her and now you slapped my brother.listen mr. ABHISHEK MEHRA. ..now from now …I am Breaking all ties with you and removes the ring from her hand which abhi presented her when he proposed.pragya went towards ranveer and helps him to get up. Abhi with his family leaves from there.pragya sits on the floor and cries vigourosly. Bulbul and ranveer helped pragya to calm down.
Fb ends

PRAGYA came back to her senses when abhi called her.oh god within a flashback they landed London…great thought pragya.
Pragya: ha abhi
Abhi: we reached baby.if you can’t walk then I have to carry you in my arms.
PRAGYA slapped him softly and says haha..very funny.

All reached home.aliya says bhabhi.where is my room.me and ishani will take one room.Abhi looks at pragya with happy
PRAGYA: woh. .left.ishani says ok and they enters inside
Abhi: with your permission can I come in.pragya looks at him in anger and goes inside.Abhi prays to god…” you have to save me” .

After sometime all were having breakfast
PRAGYA : ishu ,aliya ..please adjust for one day as I can’t prepare a proper breakfast
Aliya: arey bhabhi…not to worry as I like to eat these corn flakes
Ishani : me too and winks at aliya.
Pragya: no from tomorrow you will have a proper breakfast
Abhi: because you both are going to prepare
Both looked shocked.
Abhi: arey from tomorrow you have to prepare tea and please prepare for me too and also prepare breakfast
PRAGYA looks at him and says so mr. ABHISHEK MEHRA. .from tomorrow you better prepare your things.I am not going to help you…got it….
PRAGYA leaves from there …Abhi shouts you can’t do this to me…and pouts
…aliya and ishani laughs at him

Abhi and pragya consummate their marriage….but how still pragya is in anger how could they….keep waiting..

Especially for my crazy readers
RANVEER comes to London…soon they are going to patch up and ranveer and ishani’s love story is going to start….will ranveer really love ishani ….keep waiting .

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