kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 7)


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The episode starts with pragya feels uncomfortable and breaks the hug.abhi too realises it and leaves her
Pragya: i am sorry…I didn’t mean to
Abhi: it’s ok…no problem. .tomorrow we gonna leave. And this time ishani is also coming with us
Pragya: that’s good ..I will have a company
Abhi: are you bored of me
Pragya: no …not at all.
Abhi: now let’s sleep ..I am feeling tired of journey and tomorrow we have to go na
Pragya: ha ok good nyt and leaves to ishu’s room.
Abhi : this girl n.a….I have to take her from ishu’s room after she sleeps…impossible she is…
At 11: 30pm

Abhi knocks ishu’s door
Ishani: bhai go away.I have to sleep.I am not in a mood to open
Abhi: if you not I will break..come on open
Ishani gets irked and opens the door
Ishani: now what you want bhai
Abhi: my wife
Ishani: she is not a thing just to carry…she is also a human.let her sleep here n.a. bhai
Abhi: actually ishu ,I could not sleep without her.
Ishani: whatever you want to do ,do…
Abhi: thanks madam and gets inside.
He picks pragya in his hands and leaves saying good nyt to ishani

In abhigya’s room…
Abhi placed pragya on the bed, he looks at her..Abhi thinks how beautiful is she.
and how lucky I am…and soon sleeps beside her by placing a hand on her waist.

Next Morning…
PRAGYA wakes up and sees abhi holding her.she kisses on his forehead and tries to take the hand but she failed. She slowly looked at abhi and thinks how handsome he is …but she remebered ragini’s words.she cries without waking him.she takes his hands and leaves to washroom and gets ready.

In kitchen
PRAGYA enters and sees priya cooking happily.she smiles at her and hugs her saying good morning n.a..priya too hugs her. Ishani asked can I join and both feaetures to come and thet shares a hug. Priya says to pragya ,, your responsibility is doubled …you have to look at my son and daughter.pragya says it’s my promise n.a. ..I will take care of them.
Abhi: ha she will not give a single coffee.ishu please you have to know how to prepare coffee.
PRAGYA stares at him.then abhi remembers what he says and smiles saying joke. ..priya says very funny…Abhi walks towards pragya but pragya remembers the last incident in kitchen and moves from there
Priya: abhi,give her some time…she needs it.
Abhi: how much ma…I am waiting for her..I want my old pragya.not the one who fakes
Priya : she will soon come to you ,once her parents forgive you..

In Hall…
PRAGYA was serving food to all.
Dadi : priya make sure everything is ready..
Priya: all are ready ma…their rooms are ready
Abhi: who is coming…
Dadi: Pam and aliya
PRAGYA drops the glass in her hands hearing the word pam.she shatters but abhi supports by holding her and makes her to sit.he asked robin to clean and makes pragya comfort by hugging her.but pragya was In shock
Dadi: I am sorry beta ..I could not do anything.. please forgive me
Abhi: dadi ,it’s not like that…it’s ok..we will leave today n.a.

In Pragya’S mind….SHE IS THE CHEAPEST GIRL I HAVE EVER SEEN.HOW CAN SHE BE SO SHAMELESS….Abhi shakes pragya a little and she comes to reality

Pragya: abhi ,let’s leave soon
Abhi : we could not pragya as she is coming to see us
Pragya: you never hear to me…so that always you are hurting me …do whatever you want I will leave and gets up
Abhi: pragya stop ,arey where you will go
Pragya: somewhere but not here
Abhi: I am here n.a…I will not let anything happen
PRAGYA shouts…you will be silent and listen to her words…please leave me and she kneels down
Abhi too kneels down before her and wiped her tears and holds her face
Abhi: see pragya ,I promise I will be with you..not to worry
PRAGYA hugs him saying I could not hear her words abhi.Abhi comforts her….

Precap: Pam says ” how shameless you are and your family too..ragini says not to say any thing bad about my daughter…Pam looks at pragya.PRAGYA stops ragini and says please mom….

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