kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 6)


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The episode starts with abhi returning back as his meeting cancelled .he thinks that he will spend time with pragya.he reached his flat and sees the door locked.as he has a spare key he opens and went to his room thinking pragya might want for shopping .

On the other side , pragya reached India and called purab to pick her.purab too reached the Airport
Purab: hi di. ..how are you..and Abhi
Pragya : we both are fine actually he is having a meeting so I came
Purab: it’s good to see you di
They both reached mm
In mm
Dadi and dasi were busy in arranging flowers .pragya smiled seeing their cute nok- jhoks.
Pragya: Namaste dadi,dasi and gets blessings from them.
Dadi: kush ho beta . Where is abhi
Pragya: dadi ,actually he is having a meeting so I came alone
Dadi : but beta ,this pooja should do as husband and wife. And you have to keep fast for him first.he have to break the fast.
Dasi: but di, fast can be broken by her by seeing abhi’s photo..it’s not needed na di
Dadi: you are right but it’s her first karva chawth.
Pragya: it’s ok dadi.I will do as dasi says
Dadi: it’s your wish beta ok…robin take these stuffs to abhi’s room.
PRAGYA too leaves to take rest.

In London
Abhi is waiting for pragya to come as it’s late.he called him but her phone is switched off.now he is more panicked and doesn’t know what to do.then he calls the police and they are searching on one side.that time purab calls abhi
Abhi: purab ,I am not in the mood to talk. I will call you later
Purab: abhi What happened why are you panicked
Abhi: arey purab ,pragya is missing
Purab: but abhi .she is in India.she didn’t inform you
Abhi : what when she came there and why..she didn’t informed me that she is going .
Purab: abhi ,there is a pooja in our home.so dadi called pragya di and asked her to come and she asked me to book tickets.she told that you went for an important meeting.
Abhi : ha…I am but it was cancelled
Purab: good for God’s sake.as here pragya di can’t broke the fast without you Nd dasi said she can by seeing your photo.but abhi it’s her first karva chawth na
Abhi: us purab you are right I will be there tomorrow and don’t say to her or anyone..let it be a suprise
PURAB: ok then see you tomorrow.bye
Abhi hangs the phone.he thinks this pragya n.a. and packs his bags and thinks that wait pragya..there is a suprise for you tomorrow.

Next Morning
In India
All were busy in arrangements.Dadi makes pragya to open her fast in early morning at 4 am.she feels happy that all were caring for her so much and ishani is with her for cracking jokes so that she will not feel hungry.pragya feels sad that abhi could not break her fast.bulbul comes there as dadi called her.
BULBUL sees pragya and hugs her from behind
Ishani: hey you…it’s my bhabhi..and drags pragya to her side
BULBUL : oh hello…first she is my di then your bhabhi
Pragya: arey stop it…you both are same for me …and bulbul how is ma,pa and bhai
Bulbul: all are fine di, how is my jiju and where is he
Ishani: he is not here because he is in London
Bulbul: you came alone di
Pragya: ha bulbul as he is having meeting I thought to come alone
Bulbul: acha ok …how is London
PRAGYA : good not bad than your jiju
BULBUL : arey..see who is saying…you know about jiju very well and saying bad..

Fb starts…
In khanna’s mansion

Abhi: arey …pragya what’s this.why are you having fast for me…it’s not necessary yaar
PRAGYA : but it’s necessary for me Abhi.I have to do
Abhi: but I will not believe these rituals
PRAGYA looks at him..but I will
Abhi: no one can change you
Pragya: ok feed me this sweets as I am hungry.I have to break the fast
Abhi: acha ..ok baba and feeds her.
PRAGYA too makes him to eat.Abhi asked for me…no I don’t.
PRAGYA says I know you too kept fast as ishu told me.Abhi says this ishu n.a….
PRAGYA hugs him saying I love you a lot mr. Rockstar
Abhi hugs her back and says I love you too.
Fb ends. ..

PRAGYA came back to her sense as ishu called her
Ishani: bhabhi…it’s time to break the fast…
Dadi: ha beta ..come
PRAGYA : ji dadi
Ishani and bulbul stands with pragya.
Some ladies there started to speak
Lady 1 : she is called the so called popular rockstar wife but she could not break her fast by her husband
Lady2 : ha may be he is busy in his concerts
Lady 1 : but see it’s her first festival after marriage..as their marriage happened secretly and without rituals..all were wrong n.a..
PRAGYA starts to cry and ishani consoles her.BULBUL was about to speak but pragya holds her hands saying no.
Priya asked her not to worry .
That time a person from back says who said I am not here..
Everyone turns to see and it’s abhi
Abhi comes to pragya and says why are you crying…I am here n.a.and wipes her tears.PRAGYA hugs him saying thank you.Abhi whispered in her ear saying you are welcome.PRAGYA breaks the hug and abhi says come first let’s break your fast and pragya starts the rituals.Abhi feeds her and pragya too feeds him.Abhi looked at her confused
PRAGYA says I know you too kept fast.
Abhi says how do you know as ishu itself doesn’t know..who told you.PRAGYA says your love for me tells and smiles at him.Abhi says acha and hugs her.pragya too hugs him.
Dadi : beta if your romance over n.a. let’s have dinner all are hungry
PRAGYA smiles and abhi says sure.

In dinning hall
Abhi feeds pragya and pragya says I know how to eat and all are seeing us
Abhi says I am not doing anything against law.I am feeding my wife with my hands that’s it.Dadi says it’s ok beta we don’t see.Abhi says that’s my dadi and winks at ishu Nd bulbul.they too nods yes and pragya feels shy.bulbul says see someone is blushing
Abhi says don’t dare to tease my wife
Bulbul says first she is my sister then tour wife remember you both and winks at ishani.
Pragya: how do you know I am here
Abhi : hey actually my meeting was cancelled .I returned home but you were not there.I thought you may want for shopping but after sometime I got panicked that you haven’t returned home.I was searching for you when purab called me and told that you are here.I feel relaxed.you know I thought that I would miss you again.and holds her hands
Pragya: actually it’s my mistake I would have informed you
Abhi: promise me that you all inform me from now
Pragya: yes boss…don’t worry…and guys him.
Abhi thinks that his pragya is back and hugs her.

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