kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (Episode 56)

Hi guys..I am updating long after because of vaishali she is the main reason why I am updating now . So let’s get into the story. Pragya was busy in kitchen and abhi was still beside pool side. He was much relaxed now and was busy in composing some new symphonies. Pragyawas time to time looking at him from kitchen window wether he was ok or not? Abhi was very well knew of her gaze which was very much comfortable for him. Suddenly two tiny hands palmed his eyes and he smiled knowing that his doll was back. Although abhi was sitting on the floor but still aditi was standing on her toes to reach his eyes.”Guess who?”She exclaimed and purab sat beside abhi. Abhirab smiled on her cuteness.”Umm..!! I don’t know..!! Kon aagya?”abhi acted like he didn’t knew anything. Aditi laughed excitedly and camein front of him.”Booohh..!!”She tried to scare abhi and heacted like he was really scared. Aditi again laughed loudly at her success that she succeeded. “Papa haal (haar) gye..!! Adhu jeet gai..!!”aditi shouted excitedly.

She clapped and jumped on her place. Abhi and purab too clapped for her to appreciate and now her face was glowing with victory.”Acha..!! Idar aoa na Papa kay pass..!!” Abhi said lovingly and pull her in his lap. She hugged abhi and kissed his cheek. “Mery baby nay kya kya kiya?” Abhi asked caressing her cheek.”Ap ko pta hai Papa..!! Me and purav Chacho went to zoo..!! Wahan itnyyy shary(sary) animals thay..!!”She told abhi and stretched her arms to emphasize that they really saw so many animals.”Acha?”abhi asked lovingly.”G..!! And wahan we saw cage of donteys..!!And purab Chacho is saying that those were monteys..!!”Once again aditi wasback on that fight.”abhi..!! Main sachi bool raha hoon..!! Wo monkeys ka cage tha…!!”purab said sadly and abhi understood that purab was right but how could he let his daughter down.”Oye purab..!! Jab meri princess bool rahihai kay wo donkeys thay tou wo donkeys hethy..!!” Abhi said angrily and the smile on aditi’s face was priceless. She clinged to abhi and showed her tongue to purab .purab acted like he was scared. Abhi winked at purab and he winked back. Aditi was about to say something when pragya came with the juices for all. She put the tray on the table.”Mama ki jaan aa gai?”pragya said and sat beside abhi. Aditi hopped in her arms and hugged her tightly. Pragya gave the juice glasses to abhirab and one glass to aditi. All were talking and laughing together when suddenly Abhi noticed aditi’s cheek which was painted. It was all red now. He put the glass back in tray and leaned closer to see her cheek.”fuggie. ..!! Look na..!! Her cheek is red..!!”abhi said worriedly. Purab and pragya too look at her cheek.”Oh God..!!I didn’t noticed it..!! Aditi is allergic with this face painting and all..!!”Suddenly pragya panicked and abhi felt his heart stopped beating. He can’t bear a little scratch on his love and here her whole cheek was red. Purab became embarrass.”Sorry..!! I didn’t knew it..!! Warna main kbhi bhi face painting nakarwata..!!”

purab said in a low voice.”It’s ok purab…!!”abhi said smilingly.”Chalo doctor kay pass..!!”abhi said andpicked up aditi in his arms.”Papa it’s paining..!!”Now it was hurting aditi.”Abhi hum doctor kay pass jayen gay na then everything will be fine..!!”abhi said running towards his car while purab and pragya too followed him. They all reached to doctor inno time.”So..!! What’s the matter with this sweet girl..!!”Doctor asked smilingly as aditi was sitting in abhi’s lap. While purab and pragya were standing beside abhi.”Doctor..!! Wo actually my daughter is allergic with this face painting..!! But we forgot..!! Ab usy allergy ho gai hai..!! We need your help..!!”Abhi explained and tried his best to keep himself calm.”No worries Mr.Mehra..!! Bachon ki skin bohat sensitive hoti hai it happens..!! I will write prescription..!! Just take care of your doll..!!”Doctor said smilingly. Doctor was about to write prescription but to fill the prescription paper he must be known of the girl’s name so he turned towards aditi.”What’s your name sweet heart..!!”Doctor asked patting her cheek.”ADITI MEHRA .!! Mama mjy adhu bulatihain..!! Papa jaan bulaty hain and purav Chacho baby doll..!! Aul(aur) I am Papa’s stlong(strong) baby..!! “She explained in a serious tone and Doctor smiled. All inspite of tension smiled.After buying medicine they came backhome.”Meri princess nay khana khaya?”abhi asked sitting on the dining table for lunch with aditi in his lap. Purab too sat beside him.”Bhai bola tha teri princess ko kha lay khana but she said no Mama Papa sath kahaonge..!!”purab said laughingly and aditi made a face.

Pragya served the food to three of them. Abhi feed aditi and she kept munching quietly. While trio were talking to each other.”I must say pragya di ..!! Aab khana ajbhiutna he acha bnati ho..!!”purab said smilingly.”Thanks purab..!! Ya sweet dish try karona?”pragya too replied smilingly and offered him the sweet dish. Aditi was sleepily rubbing her eyes now. Pragya noticed it and picked up aditi from abhi’s lap to make her sleep. Moreover shechad to apply the medicine on her cheek.”adhu..! Thora dard ho ga..!!” Pragya said applying medicine on aditi’s cheek. After applying medicine pragya cuddled aditi in her arms and she instantly dozed off..pragya tucked her carefully in bed and came out after switching off the light.

Abhirab were sitting in the lounge.”So gai?”abhi asked as pragya sat beside him.”Haan..!! Thak gai the..!”pragya too replied smilingly.”Phr kaisa raha priya ma say faceoff..!!”purab said smilingly.”purab ..!! Let’s just not talk about this please..!!”Abhi said sadly.”Ok Bro..!!”purab said patting his shoulder.They kept talking to each other after sometime purab left. And abhigya too went to their room for a nap.

Will be continued…

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