kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (Episode 55)


Thanks a lot guys for your beautiful comments and I am sorry for not uploading this for past a week..really sorry guys…let’s get into the story…..

The episode starts with abhi and lakshmi in living room where as pragya was sleeping in room.abhi, aunty please tell me the truth..pragya loved someone. Lakshmi,beta..I thought you know ..but I could not say anything..abhi, why aunty..please..lakshmi,no i mean..i promised to pragya that I will never tell this to anyone..abhi, but aunty..you know if we know what’s bothering her we can find a solution right..I mean we have to treat her..we can’t leave like this..she also should enjoy her life.lakshmi, what you are saying is right but ..abhi ,please aunty..you are thinking pragya as your own daughter then think that I am too your son.lakshmi was overwhelmed by his words.lakshmi,ok beta..I will say but don’t tell her that I said…please ..I will hurt her.
Abhi, ok..don’t worry. ..

In India. ..
PRAGYA finished her MBBS and was about to join in an hospital .she got selected in one of the best hospital in Mumbai. But she can’t go as her family is in Chennai. But however she have to manage it.she was a rank holder so that she got selected” bulbul was commenting when pragya enters home sadly..bulbul : di. .what happened you look sad..
PRAGYA, bulbul..I got selected n.a…
BULBUL, we know about it di. ..
Pragya, yes ..but I am posted in one of the reputed hospital in Mumbai..
Sarla comes asking Mumbai…Pragya nods her head. Sarla in anger,then you are not going..pragya, but ma…it’s my dream right..to become a doctor..and you too worked hard right..but now you are saying me not to go..Sarla,I am saying n.a…you are not going means no..pragya ,dadi..please you make her under stand n.a…dadi, I will beta..you pack your bags..you are leaving by today evening..go..bulbul..help her to pack..pragya hugged her saying thank you…and before Sarla opens her mouth pragya left from there with bulbul.
Sarla,beeji..it’s not right..how can she go there..

Beeji,I know for for what you are worrying..but think if we stop her now..she can’t achieve her dream.Sarla ,but what if she meets him..what I will do when he manipulate her..I can’t lose her ma..beeji, don’t worry..he won’t meet her and moreover if he meets her too..pragya will inform us then we can say the truth..don’t worry..in the big Mumbai city..is she gonna see that person..go …and make any sweet..for her..Sarla nods her head in confusion and leaves..

Evening…pragya was all set.she took dadi’s blessing,Sarla hugged her saying she should be in contact with her ,pragya hugged bulbul and purvi and leaves from there…

After reaching Mumbai,she went to a apartment where she gonna stay..arranged her things and messaged bulbul that she reached safe .she thinks to make some dish because she is hungry but there is nothing.she thought to buy some items and takes a ride to super market.she purchased all the items and was about to pay the bill when she heard a sound that made her shock…pragya was numb when a person in dark tone with his face covered and another man who was running before him and seeking help from others.but non of them where ready..the man in black killed that man.pragya was about to shout but a hand stopped her by placing on her mouth.pragya closed her eyes and hugs him in fear.she don’t know why but felt peace after hugging him.all others started to leave and she broke the hug to look at him..his eyes tells her that she is safe.pragya,I am sorry..but thank you..the man in white shirt, it’s ok..no problem ..are you ok..pragya nods her head.the man,I am karan. ..and nice to meet you.pragya,I am pragya..and by the way..nice to meet in this situation.karan laughs saying these situations are better than worse one.pragya,why ..rd this place is like this…or. .karan, arey ..I mean..it’s common .and you are new to city right..pragya nods asking now you know..karan,i am brilliant..ha. you are about to shout n.a…from that I came to know..pragya,hmm..and who is that in black dress who killed that man..karan, I don’t know but they will call him as don. He used to cover his face..it seems none of them saw his face.pragya,I am really feeling feared. .after hearing these stories..karan,don’t worry..everything will be fine..I am there always to help you.pragya tried not to blush but she can’t..

Soon they become close friends, pragya have only one friend that’s too karan.they used to spend lot times with each other..they starts to understand each other.pragya feels comfortable as karan too..they both unknowingly falls in love with eack other..pragya thinks if he have feeling for me..will ha accept me. .what if he says no..I should express it..or I should not..let me talk with bulbul..bulbul too asked her to tell him that she loves him.pragya says I will tell tomorrow because it’s his birthday.bulbul wished her and pragya was ready to tell him.
Next day..
She called karan to meet her .karan says I can’t as I am in important meeting..pragya in sad tone ,ok and was about to cut the call when he said..ok..don’t get sad.I will text you the address come soon there.pragya in happy tone. .ok..I am coming..

After 2 hours pragya reached a place..it’s quite lonely and it doesn’t look like any buildings,office etc..instead there is nothing rather than trees ,grass etc..pragya feels a bad sign in her heart but ignored it .she waits for him..finally her karan comes there.she smilled broadly and says happy birthday and hugs him.karan too hugs her and pragya,so..is this your place ..karan laughs saying..I asked you to come here to say an important thing..pragya too feels happy.karan, pragya ..I don’t know what you feel for me..but I feel something different from others..not just a friend or close friend..more than that..when you are near me..I feel restless..I don’t know why..but I could not stay away from you..he goes on his knees asking will you marry me and takes a ring from his pocket.it’s gold ring with heart symbol.karan,I love you pragya..marry me please..pragya was shocked as she never know that karan will have some feelings for her like she have.she forwards her hand gesturing him to put..karan happily puts it and hugs her.pragya,I love you too..I love you..karan ,I love you more..

Next day..pragya was admiring at the ring when she gets a call.she picks up as its karan.
PRAGYA,ha..karan tell me….in phone, mam. .the person belongs to this phone has passed away..don killed him..I thought to inform his family…but your number is in recent calls..pragya in shock collapsed on the ground when bulbul and purvi entered..because they thought to give pragya a shock..but they were shocked to see pragya on the floor.
BULBUL, di. ..and both runs to her..purvi, bring water. ..please yaar..
Purvi runs to get water and sprinkled on her face.pragya gains consious and was shocked to see them.
BULBUL, di what happened..what happened.pragya starts to cry..both could not understand. Then she tells everything..
BULBUL, my god di ..what you are saying..karan is dead..
PRAGYA,don’t say like that..I know he can’t go away from me like this..bulbul..let’s go and check.
BULBUL,ok di. .let’s go..but one condition..you should not reveal that you are his lover.
PrAgya,what you mean bulbul..purvi ,yes di. .we cant lose you..please first lets go..and will see later about it..

The three goes to place where karan was said killed.but there is no sign for any accident.pragya calls on the number.the man near her was holding Karen’s phone.
The man ,madam..are you pragya..
PrAgya turned to see and he is an old man of years 60.the man ,beta.pragya ,uncle..where is he..the man, beta..he was killed ..the police took the body with them.I know there will be no case will file against him.the police cleares the crowd saying it’s just an accident. But it’s not an accident..pragya,I will punish that heartless don for killing my love.bulbul,di…no..you are not going anywhere..and from now..there is no karan in your life..they will not leave you di. .they will kill you and say it’s accident and ae don’t want to lose you..pragya looks at her shattered…pragya hugs purvi and bulbul and cries…..

Later a month, pragya closed her apartment door and leaves to airport..she thinks…I can’t live without karan..but I have to..I can’t live here but will start my life in some other place.so I could na able to forget him..but how can I..he is my life but I will try so that I am leaving to London..I got an opportunity to work with foreigners. .I can some what distract from his thoughts….

Fb ends…

Abhi had tears in his eyes…lakshmi, then i met her and joined as her maid but after I reached her home..I could see something is bothering her.she not used to talk more..sometimes she will not come back home..she become pale ..I could not take it more and asked her to say what happened …wgats bothering her.she burst out in tears and told me everything. ..I could not comfort her but I somewhat managed her in that situation.she was not ready to marry you..but I convinced her to marry you..to make her ma happy..later after coming from India ..I saw new pragya..who never used to talk more..is talking non stop…and I never saw her smile..but now a says she is smiling. It’s all because of you..you changed her..I am really happy for you both..abhi ,don’t worry ma..she will be normal soon..I can give assure to you .lakshmi, ok now go..it’s late .tomorrow you have to go office right…Abhi bids her good night and leaves..

Abhi comes to his room and sees pragya sleeping peacefully. Abhi lies beside her and kissed her forehead. Pragya keeps her head on his chest and throws her hand around him .Abhi too hugs her and sleeps.it’s a new feeling for him..he starts to feel his love for pragya.he wants her to be his life whatever her past but he assured that he will change her life into beautiful one..Abhi promised himself that he will save pragya from all hurdles. …and he sleeps unknowingly.

Next day…pragya woke up and saw herself lying on abhi.she smiled a little …she thinks he looks cute when he is sleeping..I know he can’t see me in pain..but for him..I have to restart my life..I will..she kissed his forehead and leaves from there..

So hope you liked this..but I know that’s there nothing special in pragya’s love.I dont want anyone to pair with pragya but to make a story..I wrote it…and more twist are waiting who is Don..will pragya punish him..let’s see…

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