kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (Episode 54)


Sorry guys ..for late update..actually I was not well these days so I can’t update…let’s get into the story..

The episode starts with ” What the hell is going on abhi..!!” Priya yelled on top of her voice and seeing her so angry aditi started crying. That was it for abhi he gave a deadly glare to priya. There was something in Abhi’s eyes that priya had never ever saw before.”Don’t you dare to raise your voice in front of my daughter..!!”abhi said in such an ice cold tone that priya felt humiliated.”Your daughter?”priya said in a hatred tone.By now aditi was crying loudly.”Shhh..!! Kya ho gya Papa ki jaan ko bus..!!My brave baby..!!”abhi was consoling aditi and priya was standing in a shock. Pragya’S grip on abhi’s hand became tight. Suddenly purab came and all look at him. The smile on his face instantly faded away. As he noticed the intensity of the scene. He with in a second understood the situation and he also noticed aditi crying.”Hi..!! Main just aditi ko lainy ayatha..!!Wo actually for a long drive..!!”purab immediatley controlled the situationas he knew there were lots of thing between priya and abhigya which were needed to be discussed so he made an excuse.”Yeah..! Take aditi..!! Aditi ko Zoo dikhana..!!”abhi said smilingly and purab took aditi from Abhi’s arms. Abhigya waved aditi goodbye, she waved them back and left with purab . Priya was watching all this with so much hatred.”abhi..!! What is this girl and her daughter doing in my house..!!”priya again yelled as soon as aditi and purab left.”ma..today I have to clear your confusion ..!! She is pragya ..!!MY WIFE..!! Not THIS GIRL..!! Aditi is MY DAUGHTER..!! And this house..!! Haaahhh..!!This is MY HOUSE..!! You are just my caretaker..!!” Abhi replied in the same and priya’s eyes popped out.”Are you forgetting that this is the same girl who left you four years back..!!”priya said in a teasing tone.”Shut up..!! She didn’t left me..!! You threw her out..!! Don’t you dare to act smart with me..!! I know everything..!!”Abhi shouted.”abhi ..!! Is larki ny tmhy koi kahani sunai and you believed her? How sick is this..!!”priya said in her typical tone.”Sick ki baat tum kar rahi ho..!! Your mentality is sick..!!”abhi said in an ice coldtone.”Really? My mentality is sick..!! Hmmm..!!You are so naive abhi..!! Pocho is larkisay..!! What proof she have that you are the father of her daughter…!! Pta nahi chaarsaal kahan kahan moo kaala krti rahi hai..!And..!!priya was about to said something when abhi interrupted her.”Shut up..!! Shut your blo*dy mouth..!! Agrtum nay aik aur lafz bhi meri biwi aurbeti kay liye anpy moo say nikala natou mebhool jaoan ga that you are elder thanme…!! Enough is enough..!!”abhi yelled on top of his voice.”Come on Abhi ..!!

“Priya tried to said something more.”I said shut up..!! Just because of you my daughter was deprived of all the facilities which she deserve of being the heir of Mehra’s..!! Tumhari wajha say my own daughter has doubts on me..!! Just because of you my daughter and wife suffered..!!Tmhri waja say main apni beti aur biwi kamujrim hoon..!! Apni beti kay smny sir nahiutha skta main..!! How much I am in guilt you don’t have any idea..!!”abhi shouted and tears brimmed in his eyes.”Kya begara tha meri biwi ny tmhra..!! Why you did this to her..!! Kya kasoor tha mery bachy ka..!!”abhi again shouted and pragya held his arm to control him.”abhi ..!! My intentions were not wrong..!!Mera yakeen karo..!! I wanted a perfect life for you..!!”priya was trying to explain him.”Perfect? Chii..!! I never wished fora perfect life ma..!! I just wanted a happy life with pragya ..!! And you snatched my happiness from me..!! I will not spare you..!!”abhi shouted and grabbed priya from her arm,started walking towards the gate.”abhi ..!! Listen to me..!! I am your mother abhi..!”priya shouted and abhi stopped.”Shut up..! You are not my mother..!! I have given the rights of this house to my daughter..!! Ya ghar ab meri beti kahai..!!Moreover jo share tmhra banta tha businessmain I have given it to you..!! And this car and driver is mine you can’t take it..!! Isghar say tmhra ab koi taulauq nahi hai..!!Na he is ghr ki kise cheez par tmhra haqhai..!! Because this house is of my daughter..!!”abhi explained in a nice cold tone and priya felt like someone has thrown bombs over her. Abhi again started dragging with him.”abhi..!! Please..! No..!! Main kahan jaoan ge..!!”Now THE PRIYA MEHRA was begging to abhi.

Pragya was watching all this. She remembered that exactly like this priua had dragged her on that scary night. She was so numb she not even for once tried to interfere.”Bhaar me jaoa..!! Go to hell..!! Mera tumsay koi matlab ni..!!”abhi shoutedand keptwalking towards the main gate. All the servants were looking at them and just like pragya she was also begging to them torescue her. For pragya all were feeling bad at that night but today they all were satisfied. Abhi reached the main gate and pushed her out of the house just like she did with pragya she fell on the road and now she had tears in her eyes. Abhi look at her tears and laughed.”Kya hua? Rona aa raha hai? Awww..!!Think ma jab us andheri raat maintum nay meri Pragya ko ghar say baharnikala ho ga tou us par kya beeti ho ge..!! I wanted you to feel the same pain..!!Get lost of our lives..!! Farewell..!!”abhi said sarcastically and shut the gate. Priya for the first time in her life cried her heart out.She had never ever in her life faced such kind of humiliation….abhi came inside the house and saw pragya still standing there where he left her.

He slowly walked towards her and gently took her in his embrace.”Are you ok?”abhi asked kissing her hair.”abhi..!! Ya sab..!!”pragya was out ofwords.”Ab sab theek hai pragya..!! Look at me ..!!”abhi said and she look at him. “Abtum preshan ni ho ge ok??”abhi said cupping her face and she smilingly nodded her head. Although abhi had cleared the chapter of priya but he himself was so much depressed. So many feelings were making him relaxed. He kissed pragya’s forehead and he himself left. PRAGYA knew abhi was so much disturbed. She very well knew that doing all that with maa was not easy for him. He was in pain. Although he did all that for PRAGYA and aditi but he..!! She started finding him and soon she got him. He was sitting near the pool with guitar in hand all lost in thoughts. She smiled and she very well knew what can heal her love. She started singing:

Tu mujhe chhod jaaye
Yeh nahi ho sakta saathiya(She sang and abhi look at her. So much pain was visible in his eyes…!! Pragya walked towards him..!!He had tears in his eyes..!)
Meri baaton mein tera zikra sadaa
Meri yaad mein teri fikra sadaa(She sang and sat beside him. She held his hands and wiped his tears..!!)
Main jo bhi hoon tum hi to ho
Mujhe tum se mili apni adaa(She sang and kissed his hands. he nodded her head..!! Abhi knew she really mean those words..! She rested her head on Abhi’s shoulder..!)

Kyun ki tum hi ho,
ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho..(Suddenly abhi started singing and pragya smiled)
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho(abhi sang and held Pragya’S hand tightly. As if he don’t want her to let go on any cost..!!)
Tum hi ho, tum hi ho
Karz bhi, mera marz bhi..(pragya sang cupping his cheek with one hand she kissed his forehead to reassure him that she was with him..!!)
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho(She sang as tears also brimmed in her eyes and he hide his face in her hair)
Tere liye hi jiya main
Khud ko jo yun(After sometime abhi sang and hugged pragya tightly..)
De diya hai teri wafaa ne mujhko sambhala
Saare ghamon ko dil se nikaala(He sang and nodded his head. As if really telling her that her “WAFA” was something which saved him from breaking down)
Main jo mit bhi gaya to wajood mera
Sada tujh mein rahe zinda..(abhi sang and again his eyes became moist..!!PRAGYA shook her head in a no..!! She can’t lose abhi..! She put her palm on his lips..!!)
Tum hi ho,
Tum hi hoKarz bhi,
mera marz bhi(She sang and kissed away abhi’s tears..!! Abhi just closed his eyes to feel the moment.!)
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho(pragya sang and hugged abhi tightly..!! Running her fingers in his hair to sooth his pain..!!)

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