kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (Episode 53)


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“I will miss everything..!!”pragya said sobbing hard and abhi was shushing her.As they were sitting in plane which was ready to take off. Concert proved as acracker once again. As promised aditi attended the whole concert with abhi on the stage, dancing,jumping and clapping with him crazily. Ram said that he was not in the state to leave his college and says he will come once he is able to face priya and are many works pending.abhi forced him but ram convinced him and asked to take care of pragya and aditi.Neil and ragini too was not in the state to leave the city.they both said that they will help ram .

After saying a last goodbye to all staff pragya came with abhi. She was getting so emotional. She specially went to meet all along with abhi and aditi.Then she last time went to her house. And she was constantly crying and abhi was just consoling her. She was resting her head on his chest and abhi was rubbing her back. But on the other hand aditi was very happy. She was continuously bugging purab and bulbul.And now she was sitting in purab’s lap and was engrossed in playing angry birds.Actually aditi came to purab as he was busy in his cell phone. She peeped on his phone and purab look at her. Bulbhl who was sitting with purab smiled. As she immediately realized what was aditi upto.”You need anything baby doll?”purab askedwith a concern.”Wo Chacho..!! Ap kay cell main game hai?”She asked ever so innocently and purab went all awe on her cuteness.”Of course hai..!! You want to play?”purab asked and she instantly bobbed her head.purab picked her up and made her sit in his lap. And from last 20 minutes she was busy in playing angry birds and was making cute faces her tongue protruded out from the corner of her lips in excitement.

Purab and bulbul were crazily kissing her in spite of objections that they were distracting her.”Chacho..!! Maushi..!! Because of your kissies wo last wala hit reh gya..!!”She said angrily and they both again kissed her.Soon she was done with playing and was feeling sleepy. “Bush..! Papa Mama pass janahai..!!”She said putting purab’s cell in his pocket and got down off his lap. She walked back to abhigya. Pragya was much relaxed now. Aditi came to them.”Aray..!! Aa gya mera baby..!!”abhi smiled seeing her. She extended her arms to pick her up. Abhi happily took her in his embrace.”Kya hua Mama ki jano ko?” PRAGYA asked adjusting her hair.”Neno aa li hai..!!(I am feeling sleepy)..!!”She said in a low voice and hide herself in abhi’s blazer to sleep.Abhi kept patting her back and she fell asleep. Abhi and pragya kept talking to each other in low voice. Soon they reached Mumbai airport. Time to go home..!!Mehra Mansion..!!

IshQ Bin Jiya Na Jaye..
IshQ Bin Mara Na Jaye..
IshQ Sang Nahi Guzara..
IshQ Haye Khoon Rulaye..
Chaly Teri Rahoon Pay Chalay..
Humy Par Gham He Gham Milay..
Kabhi Par Shikwa Na Kiya..
IshQ Ko Bhaye Na Gilay..
IshQ Bin Jiya Na Jaye..
IshQ Aansoo Rualye..
IshQ Main Nazar Na Aye..
IshQ Koi Smjh Na Paye..
IshQ Bin Jiya Na Jaye.

‘It was 10 of night when the plane landed on the Mumbai airport. Aditi was sleeping peacefully. She was feeling cold so abhi wrapped his little love in his blazer. The Blazer was too big for aditi so she was fully wrapped in it. As the plane landed abhi picked up aditi in his arms and she cuddled more close to his chest. All of them came out of the airport after checking.abhi’s driver was already there. Purab decided to drop bulbul . Driver came and greeted abhigya .”Namasty pragya Didi..!!”Mohan said smilingly.”Namasty Mohan..!! How are you?”pragya asked smilingly.”I am fine..!! How are you? And Choti Didi..?”Mohan asked as he saw aditi in abhi’s arms sleeping as her thumb was in her pouty lips. She was not less than an angel. After greeting each other they sat on the car. Once again all the bad memories of Mumbai started haunting pragya. Pragya’s grip on abhi’s hand became tight.” Abhi..!! Wapas chalo..!! Mj..!! Mjyni jana..!!Please..!!”pragya whispered and her eyes became moist.”pragya..!! You trust your abhi? Hai na??Tou bus..!! You don’t have to be worried..!!It’s your house..!!

No one has right to throw you out of there..!! Last time I wasn’t there to protect you but today I am with you..!!”abhi said in determined tone and pragya just side hugged him. Suddenly aditi rubbed her eyes sleepily and then she lazily opened her eyes.abhi look at her andsmiled.”Uth gai Papa ki jaan?”abhi asked kissing her forehead. She too smiled sleepily.”Papa..!! Hum ghaal(ghar) kab pohanchaingay?” She asked cutely and sat in his lap. She looked out of the window as the lights of the big city were so tempting. She excitedly pressed her nose with the windowglass.abhigya were just looking at her excitement.”Bus 10 minutes..!!”abhi said caressing her head.”Papa look..!! Play Land..!! Jholay..!!”She shouted excitedly.”G Choti Didi..!! There are lots of PlayLands..!!”Mohan was so amused with her excitement.”Papa who is he?”aditi whispered curiously in abhi’s ear. Abhi smiled at her whisper.”adhu he is Mohan Da da..!!”pragya cleared her confusion and she nodded.”Papa..!! Ap mjy in play lands mainlay kay jyen gay na?”aditi asked excitedly.”Of course..!! Jahan bhi Papa ka beta janachahy ga wahan chalain gay..!!”abhi said pulling her cheek and she smiled widely.Meanwhile they reached Mehra Mansion.

Mohan pressed the horn and the guard opened the gate. Aditi was very excited but pragya’s breath became uneven. Abhi held pragya’s hand and got down of the car with aditi.”Please ma…!! For God sake..!! Leave me..!!”pragya’s own screams echoed in her ears she trembeled.”Get out of my son’s life..!!”priya’s shout echoed and she palmed her ears.Where as abhi made aditi stand on the ground. She was so amazed seeing such a big house. For a second she forgot to blink her eyes. The ornamented doors..!! The shiny windows..!! Everything was so perfect. She look at abhi in disbelief. Abhi kneeled infront of her.”This is my doll’s house..!!”abhi said lovingly cupping her cheeks she was just staring at him.”Mena(mera) ghaal(ghar)?”She asked pointing towards herself and abhi nodded.”You wanna see it? Go inside..!! I will be there..!!”abhi said smilingly and she run on her toes to go inside the house. Abhi went towards pragya who was standing numb.abhi knew what was her feelings now. He just embraced her in his strong arms. And patted her head to console her. As soon as abhi hugged her she burst out in tears. She was once again breaking she clutched abhi’s shirt tightly and cried out loud.abhi let her cry as he thought it was needed.”fuggie..!! Bus..!! This OUR house..!! Come on my baby be strong..!!”

abhi said breaking the hug and she nodded. Abhi wiped her tears and she feebly smiled. Abhi pecked her forehead and lead her to inside the house. As they entered the house the sight in front of them left them awe. Aditi was shaking hand with the servants and introducing herself. All the servants were kneeling in front of her. Abhigya walked towards them. All of them stood straight and look at pragya. They all greeted pragya and she smilingly greeted them back. Abhi gestured everyone to leave and they all after wishing good night to their new choti didi left. Abhi picked up aditi in his arms and she smiled,”So Papa ki jaan liked the house..!!”abhi asked smilingly and she bobbed her head excitedly. “You wanna see the whole house?”abhi asked and she again nodded.”Papa..!!Ab hum yahen rahen gay na?Ap kay pass?”aditi asked and abhi again gulped his saliva in guilt.”Yes bacha..!! Ap main aur Mama..!! We all will live here..!! HAMESHA..!!”abhi said smilingly and held pragya’s hand too. Then abhi showed her the house.”Wohoo…!!!

Shiwiming(swimming)pool..!!”She shouted excitedly seeing such abig swimming pool and run towards it.abhigya smilingly followed her. Now she was bending over the pool and abhi was holding her waist in order to restrain her from falling down. She touched the water with her tiny fingers and shrieked.”Kya hua?”abhigya asked in unison.”Bohat thaandaaa hai..!!”aditi said frowning her face and abhi laughed.”Baby it’s night..!! Raat ko pani thanda hehota hai..!!”abhi said and dragged her away from the pool. But again her mood was off.abhigya look at each other and smiled.”Acha ok..!! Don’t be sad I have something which you will surely like..!!”abhi said excitedly and winked. She look at abhi with curious expressions and cutely raised her eyebrow to ask what was it. Abhi walked towards the room which he specially designed for aditi. The room was exactly beside abhigya’s room. As soon as they reached aditi’s room. Aditi became excited because the door had a big pikachuon it. The background color was blue.”Mama..!! Papa..!! Pitachuuu..!!!”She exclaimed and clapped her hands. Abhi opened the door on the room and made her stand on the floor. The bed had pillows which had pikachu covers. Moreover the duvet also had pickachu on it.pragya side hugged abhi and he wrapped his arm around her waist.

As aditi’s expression were priceless. She was touching everything. All her toys were arranged in a very well manner. She was so amazed and happy. She even don’t know how to express her feelings so tears welled up in her eyes and she look at Abhi . And abhi who was happy to see his angel happy saw tears in her eyes and became horrified. He left pragya and run towards aditi.”Aray baby..!! You don’t like the decorations?You want something else..!!”He asked panicking bablt and cupped her face. But she didn’t said anything but hugged him tightly.abhi was worried that what happened to her suddenly. But pragya was very well aware of their darling’s love behavior.abhi patted adhu’s back to shush her butbshe was still sniffing. Abhi helplessly look at pragya she came and put her hand on abhi’s shoulder.”abhi..!! Relax..!! Jab adhu bohat ziadakhush hoti hai na..!! Tou usy smj nahi ata how to express her feelings so she cries..!!”pragya explained softly and abhi smiled.

“So..!! Papa ki jaan don’t know how to express herself haan?”abhi asked aditi and she innocently nodded her head.”Hmmm..!! You don’t have to express yourself jaan..!! Because Papa knows his darling..!!”abhi said lovingly and she smiled. Abhi pecked her forehead.”Mama ki jaan..!! Idar aoa MamaPass..!!”pragya said lovingly and took aditi from abhi’s arms. She hopped in her arms and rested her head on her shoulder. Abhi hugged both.”I love you Mama..!! I love you Papa..!! Papa thank you..!! But i want to be with you both…i want to sleep with you both…I don’t want to sleep alone here…abhigya heard aditi’s whisper and the both kissed her cheeks.”Acha..!! Baby you liked your bed..!!”abhi asked aditi to lighten her mood and she look at the bed and bobbed her head. She run towards the bed and tried to climb it but to her dismay the bed was high for her.abhi felt so much love for her he wanted to eat her alive. As she was now continuously jumping to climb the bed.

At last she quittrying she look at abhi and blinked her eyes cutely as if asking him for help.abhi run towards her and twirled around with her in his arms. Then he made her sit on the bed. She hugged one of the pillow. Pragya sat on her other side.”adhu..! Shoes utarain?”PRAGYA asked softly and aditi nodded. Pragya took off her shoes and placed them on the floor. Abhi who was admiring them both suddenly got a glimpse of aditi’s feet. Pragya was about to tuck her feet in the blanket when abhi stopped her. She look at him all surprised.”What are these red marks on her skin?”abhi asked worriedly touching her tiny white milky feet.”abhi..!! It’s just us ny sbha say shoes pehnkar rkhy hain na that’s why..!! It’s normal..!!Babies have soft skin tou marks par jaty hainit’s ok..!!”PRAGYA explained casually.”No..!! It’s not ok..!!”abhi shouted. “I am calling the doctor..!!”abhi picked up his cellphone but pragya held his hand.”abhi..!! Kya ho gya hai..!! It’s not for the first time ..!! She will be ok by morning…!!”pragya said calmly.”oi..!! Mjy tension ho rahi hai..!!”abhi said worriedly.

Pragya can clearly understand his worries.”Acha..!! Listen I will give her a massage..!!With some baby oil..!! Ok? Don’t take tension..!!”PrAgya said assuringly.”She will be fine na?”abhi asked in a low voice and pragya nodded.After sometime aditi was sitting in abhi’s lap munching her chocolate and her feet were in pragya’s lap. As she was massaging aditi’s feet. Abhi was looking at her carefully so that she didn’t miss any point.Soon the massage was done and aditi wasfast asleep. Abhi carefully tucked her in the blanket and kissed her forehead. Meanwhile pragya washed her hands and she also kissed her daughter. Abhi turned on the night lamp and switched off the lights. He held pragya’s hand and came out of aditi’s room. Then abhigya came to their room. Pragya stepped inside and look at the surroundings. Everything was the same. The black curtains..!! The black silky bedsheets..!!

The black shiny blanket..!!She was back again. She stood beside the glass window looking at nowhere. Abhi came and hugged her from back.”Thanks to your god..!! That you are back..!! I missed your presence in this room a lot..!!”abhi whispered huskily in her ear and nibbled her earlobe. With that he pulled her earring out with help of his teeth.pragya shivered and held his hands in her waist. Abhi roughly turned her and pulled her other earring too.”Abhi…!! I want you please..!! Stay with me..!!”pragya whispered emotionally as few lone tears escaped her eyes and abhi smiled on her innocent request.”I am with you honey..!!Abhi said lovingly and kissed away her tears. He softly kissed her lips and she moaned his name as he traced his fingers on her bare back. She broke the kiss and turned. Suddenly she realized somethingand her eyes shoot open.”abhi!! Where are others..!!”pragya almost freaked out and snuggled her close and put his finger on her lips.”ma..!! Is not in the country..!! She will be back tomorrow..!! Tum bus relax karoand sleep..!! You are tired..! Ma is not your problem now..!!”abhi explained lovingly.”But..!!”pragya tried to object.”I said baby sleep..!!”abhi said and closed her eyes with his palm.

Pragya exhaled a heavy breath and let everything go. She just wanted to feel the moment and soon they drifted to sleep….Next morning abhi and aditi were almost fighting on breakfast as who will eat pragya’s hand made paratha.”Papa..!! That’s cheating..!! I will eat this palaaatha..!!”aditi said angrily and pull the plate towards herself.”No adhu..!! I will eat this paratha..!!” Abhi said and pull the plate towards himself.aditi look at him angrily and Abhi had very calm and teasing expressions on his dace which annoyed aditi more.”Come on you both..!! Myny itny saryparathy banye hain..!! Is waly par he kiyoonlar rahy ho..!!”PRAGYA was fed up with the fight.”I am not fighting..!! Papa is fighting..!! This is the first palaaatha you made na..!! I will eat this…!!”aditi said angrily and pull the plate towards herself again. Abhi was intentionally teasing her. He wanted to tease his darling more but PRAGYA showed abhi eyes to stop. Abhi winked at her naughtily.”Acha ok..!! Aik kaam karty hain..!! Hum half half kar laity hain? OK” abhi suggested and aditi started thinking about it.”adhu.!!

Think..! What if Papa will snatch the whole palaatha? What will you do then?Papa is mole(more) powelfull(powerful) you can’t fight with him..!! Hmm..!!adhu shale(share) kal(kar) lay..!!”aditi was thinking all this and abhi was looking at her she was busy in thinking as usual sucking her thumb. He knew something was surely cooking in her head. Suddenly her face litup.”Ok..!! Done..!!”She said determinedly. Both of them shook hand with serious expressions. Pragya divided the paratha and fed her both babies. Soon the breakfast was done.”Papa..!! Main galden(garden)main khailny jaoan?”aditi asked abhi.”Of course baby..!! Ap ka jahan dil kar rahahai ap wahan khailo..!!”abhi said smilignly as he was still sitting on the breakfast sipping his coffee. And pragya was eating breakfast.aditi happily left.”It feels so good to have you back in this house..!!”abhi said smilingly and pragya just smiled…aditi picked her ball from her room and was running towards outside when suddenly she bumped in someone. She look at the person.

She was a lady very much fashionable. The lady also look at her. Aditi smiled cutely but Lady’s expressions turned into furious ones.”What the hell is a commoner doing in my house?”She shouted angrily. ADITI didn’t understood what she said but she guessed something and her smile widen.”Granny..!!”She exclaimed and hugged her knees. The Lady..!! Priya..!!Became surprised.”Who the hell are you..!! How dare you to call me granny..!! Stay away..!!”She shouted and pushed aditi away. ADITI was about to fall when abhi came on time and held her securely in his arms. Priya saw pragya and her eyes popped out. Abhi picked up aditi and held pragya’s hand. Now it was time for some “Hisaab Kitaab” . Priya was looking at the sweet family with full hatred….

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