kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (Episode 52)

Thanks for your support guys. I am having exams so I could not update regularly. . So it’s a large one …enjoy….

The episode starts with Aditi knocked on Pragya’S door but she didn’t opened. Aditi became worried.”Mama..!! Open the door please…!!” Aditi shouted worriedly.”Kya kaloon(karoon)..!!” She thought worriedly. “Papa ko phone kaloon(karoon)?”She again thought. She picked up pragya’s mobile.. Opened the contacts.”Ab ish me shay Papa ka numbel koon shahai? (Ab is me say Papa ka Number kon sahai)..!!!” She murmured worriedly.”adhu..!!Papa’s name start with A..!! So that means you should check in A yes…!!” Suddenly that idea hit her mind. She searched the Mcontacts and luckily there was only abhi’scontact in A she quickly called abhi.
     abhi was sitting there crying. He was feeling himself helpless.”I missed you so much abhi…!!””I want you to remind me this every night..!!”abhi I love you..!!”pragya’s words were echoing in his mind and he shut his eyes.”What the hell are you doing abhi?” His heart scolded him.”Tu apni pragya par shakkar raha hai..!! Chii..!! Ashamed of you….!!”His heart was shouting on him.”Shut up…!! Shak galat nahi hai..!! She was in Yash’s arms..!!” His mind fought with his heart.”Tou? What if she was in Yash’s arms? Every picture always have two sides..!!” His heart shouted.”Oh shut up..!! Stop giving stupid logics..!!”Mind shouted angrily.”abhi..!! I am not giving stupid logic..!! You have to choose that which side of picture is right one..!!” His heart said in simple words.”Yeah…!! Meri pragya aise nahi hai..!! I am doing wrong..!! After four long years we are together..!! She had already suffered a lot..!!Haan..!! I should go back..!!”abhi talked to himself and got up. Suddenly his phone buzzed. Caller ID was of pragya . Hepicked up the phone and sat in the car.”Hello pragya I am sor..!!”He was about to say sorry when aditi cut his words.”Papa..!! Mama apny loom(room) ka dool(door) nahi khool lahi(rahi)..!!( she is not opening the door) Ap please wapas aa jao..( please come back)!!” Aditi said and she was crying. Abhi felt his heart sank.”Baby ap preshan nahi ho..!! Papa is coming..!! Stay with me on the phone…!!Rona nahi..!! Mama ka door knock karo..!! Abhi said and tried to calm himself.”It’s all my fault..!!”abhi thought.  Aditi again knocked the door but in vain. Abhi was not far away from the house he reached there in no time. He run inside the house and saw aditi banging the door.aditi saw him and started crying.”Shhh..!! Mera brave baby rona nai..!!”abhi cupped her cheeks and wiped her tears. Abhi tried to open the door but it was locked. He pushed the door and with little effort he broke the door. The sight infront of him made him held his head.pragya was lying on the floor and her fingers were bleeding. Abhu and aditi rushed towards her.”Mama..!!” ADITI shouted and shook pragya’s shoulder. “Papa…!! Mama…!!” She was shouting abhi picked up pragya and laid her down on the bed. Aditi was crying badly seeing her Mama like this. Abhi was controlling himself with a lot of effort. He called one of the doctor he knew in Pune.Doctor said that he will be there in few minutes. Abhi started dressing her fingers.Silent tears were rolling down his cheeks.”Papa…!! Mama kuch bool q nahi laheen(raheen)..!!”aditi asked abhi and he had no answer for it. “Mama uthain na..!!”aditi said to pragya but no response. Soon doctor came and he gave pragya injection.He told abhi that pragya collapsed because of low blood pressure and moreover she will gain her conscious soon.abhi kept patting aditi’s back all the time to make her sleep but she didn’t slept. Her Mama was not talking to her how will she sleep. It’s been two hours since the doctor left. When pragya slowly opened her eyes.And she saw abhi near the window and aditi was in his arms.”aditi..!!” Pragya called aditi and both look at her.”Mama…!!” She shouted happily and run towards pragya and hugged her tightly.”You scaled(scared) me..!!” Aditi complained and pragya pecked her forehead. Abhi was just standing near the window. He not for a once tried to come near pragya. He was so embarrassed. He knew that pragya must be angry on him.And he deserves it he knew..!! He quietly came to kitchen and dished out some food for aditi and pragya which he ordered some time back. Then he back to room.aditi  was sitting in pragya’s lap was playing with her bracelet. Abhi sat in front of them. Pragya tearfully look at him and he lowered his head. Aditi became excited seeing her favorite chinese rice.”Aj Papa apni princess aur Mama ko khana khilayen gay..!!” Abhi said smilingly.pragya was just looking at abhi and he didn’t said any word to her nor he look at her. Aditi was now talking to him and abhi was feeding aditi and pragya one by one. Soon the dinner was done and aditi cuddled to pragya. Abhi came out of the room and walked to the terrace. He sat on a chair there and kept gazing at stars.He was very much embarrassed. He was sitting there when he felt familiar pair of arms encircled his neck and rested her head on his shoulder.”Are you still angry on me?” Pragya askedsadly. Abhi pulled her in his lap. She was sad and so was he. He without saying anything fused his lips with hers. He kissed her like never before. He kissed her deeply and madly to which she replied equally this was a much needed kiss. After a long time they broke gasping for oxygen.”Sorry..!!” Abhi said sadly as tears welled up in his eyes.”Shhh..!!It’s ok..!! I love you..!!”pragya shushed him by placing her finger on his lips.”are you angry on me?” Abhi asked ina surprised tone.”Bilkul bhi nahi..!!” She said smilingly and hugged abhi “pragya ..!! Wo Yash..!!”abhi said sadly.”abhi..!! Yash is just my colleague..!!Nothing else..!! And when you saw me in his arms na at that time I was about to fall so he just helped me..!! And my crazy angry monster you took everything wrong..!!” She said smilingly and patted abhi’s forehead.abhi pouted like a baby.”You know na I am very possessive..!!”abhi complained like a child and pragya smiled.”Awww..!! Mera baby..!!”pragya said lovingly and pulled his cheeks. She gently kissed his pout and he smiled.”I love you..!!”abhi said lovingly.”I love you too my possessive Monster..!!”pragya said naughtily and poked his nose. Both giggled.”Mama…!! Papa..!!” Suddenly they heard aditi’s voice. Pragya jumped of abhi’s lap and saw aditi standing there with sleepy eyes. She walked to her and picked her in her arms. Abhi too followed her.”Kay hua baby ko? Why are you up?”pragya asked lovingly ruffling her hair and she smiled.”Nothing..!! Papa..!! Mama sing for me na?”aditi said looking at both of them and abhigya nodded smilingly.”Yupiess…!!”aditi exclaimed.

Abhi started:
Sapna jahan dastak na de
Chaukhat thi woh aankhein meri(abhi Sang looking at pragya and she smiled.aditi was happy seeing her Papa Mama happy)
‘Baaton se thi tadaad mein
Khamoshiyan zyaada meri
Jabse pade tere kadam
Chalne lagi duniya meri(abhi sang and took aditi in his arms. He twirled with her and made her look at the stars)
Mere dil mein jagah Khuda ki khaalithi
Dekha wahan pe aaj tera chehra hai
Main bhatakta huaa sa ek baadal hoon
Jo tere aasmaan pe aake thehra hai(abhi sang looking deeply in pragya’s eyes and listening the lyrics her eyes became moist. Abhi hugged and aditi spread her arms on her Mama Papa.)
Hum pe sitaaron ka ehsaan ho
Poora, adhoora har armaan ho(pragya sang looking at the sky and smiled seeing abhi)
Ek dusre se jo baandhe humein
Baahon mein nanhi si ik jaan ho(pragya sang and kissing aditi’s cheeks. Abhi was just admiring his lady love. How beautifully she was conveying her words to him.)
Aabaad ho chota sa ghar
Lag na sake kisi ke nazar(She again sang and aditi jumped in her arms hugged her tightly.)
Mere dil mein jagah Khuda ki khaalithi
Dekha wahan pe aaj tera chehra hai
Main bhatakta huaa sa ek badal hoon
Jo tere aasmaan pe aake thehra hai(Abhi sang smilingly and picked up aditi.aditi was in abhi’s lap and walked towards the bedroom)abhi laid down on the bed with his loves.pragya was on abhi’s left side and her head was on his shoulder and aditi was completely lying over abhi hugging him tightly. With one hand abhi stroked aditi’s hair and with other he stroked pragya’s hair. Soon he noticed them fast asleep. He gently kissed their forehead and he too drifted to sleep.

PRAGYA was the first to woke up next morning. The sight in front of her eyes was so adorable. Aditi was sleeping clinging to abhi and abhi’s one arm was wrapped around her. And  other was under abhi’s head. She without disturbing their sleep sneaked out of the bed. After getting fresh she choose a red shirt,blue blazer with white pants for abhi and came out of the room to iron his clothes. She ironed the clothes but accidently a button broke.”Aiyyoo..!! Now I have to stitch it..!!”She found the matching thread and needle. She sat on the couch to sew the button. She was busy in sewing the button when suddenly abhi came and laid down in her lap.pragya gasped on his sudden act.”Abhi ..!! You scared me..!!”abhi scolded him. But abhi being gave a damn to her scolding. He wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzled his face in her stomach. Pragya was done with sewing so she kept her things on the table and ruffled abhi’s anger.”Kya hua mery baby monster ko?”pragya asked lovingly pulling his cheeks.”fuggie.!! I think I am not a good father..!!”He whispered sadly.”abhi..!! Aisa ni hai..!! You are a very good father..!! It’s just you are new to all this naislye tmhy aisa lag raha hai..!! Why are you so sad..!!”pragya explained him and run her fingers in his hair.”You know..!! Yesterday I forgot to pick up adhu on time..!! And she cried because of me..!! Then again I hurt you and adhu again cried..!!”abgi was still in guilt.”abhi ..!! Bus..!! You will not think about yesterday’s matter..!! Jo hona tha ho gya..!!And as far as I think you are a very good Papa..!!Adhu loves you so much..!!”pragya said lovingly and abhi smiled he slowly gotup and pull her closer.He took her lips for a real good morning kiss to which she readily gave in.”I love you so much..!!”He muttered between the kiss and she just smiled between the kiss. Abhi pinned her in the couch and started kissing her. He can’t get enough of her. PRAGYA just fisted her hands in his hair and let him what he wanted to. Abhi wanted to tore her top. He was about to do it when pragya held his hands.”Wrong timing Mr.Mehra..!!”She said and chuckled. “Aditi kay jagny ka time honywala hai…!! So we will continue with this later..!!”pragya said poking his nose and he pouted sadly. She pecked his baby pout and pushed him away. He sat beside her and pull her in a side hug.”Acha Mrs.Mehta…!! Aj sham ki flight say we all are going to Mumbai..!! So packing kar lo..!!”abhi said in a low tone and pragya shivered on hearing MUMBAI.”Abhi…!! Mum..!! Mumbai..!!”PRAGYA mumbled .”Relax pragya ..!! You are not alone I am with you..!! It’s pay back time for ma..!!”abhi said in an assuring tone.”Abhi..she is your ma. and ..!! Aditi ko kuch nahi ho ga na?Promise me you will protect her..!!”pragya was very much insecure.”I promise..!! Priya is responsible for all this mess na..!! She will pay..!!”abhi said in hatred tone..” abhi..!! Itne sari packing main kesy karoonge..!! Today you know na I have to go to college..!!”Suddenly pragya realized.”pragya..!! Just pack the most necessary stuff of yours and aditi..!! And yeah aditi kay sary toys zaroor pack karlaina..!! Aik bhi toy miss nahi hona chye..!!After sometime my driver will come and he will collect all her toys..!! Hamary Mumbai pohanchny say pehly I want aditi’s room all settled..!! Aur haan aditi ko matbtana..!! About her room decor..!! I want to see her adorable reaction when she will see her room decorated with pikachu..!!Haaah..!! She is love PRAGYA ..!! She is my love..!!abhi said all in one row and pragya was just looking at him how much he was doing to for aditi just to gain her trust..!! She just hugged him tightly.”Thank you ..!! For completing US..!!”pragya said lovingly and abhi smiled….

     Adhu.!! I have a good news for you..!!”abhi said to aditi on the breakfast table. And her eyes lit up on hearing A GOOD NEWS. As usual she was in abhi’s lap and pragya was feeding her breakfast.”What good newszz Papa..!!”aditi exclaimed and to add more intensity in her emotions she encircled her arms around abhi’s neck. Abhi very well knew her buttering gestures. He smirked and held her closer to him.”Good news is..!! We are going home today..!!”abhi told her smilingly and she gave him a confused look.”But..!! This is oul(our) home na..!!” She asked confusely sucking her thumb pouting her lips.”Yes this too definitely our home..!!But Papa lives in Mumbai..!! There is a big home for you.!! And you know there is a big big garden..!! You can play there..!!Moreover there is a swimming pool..!!I will teach you how to swim..!!” Abhi explained her the consequences of her new house.”Mela ghal?(Mera ghar)..!!”aditi asked pointing her finger towards herself and abhi nodded.”Tou mera baby chaly ga na Papa kay sth?”abhi asked in an hopeful tone.She look at her Mama for approval to which pragya nodded.”Ok..!! I will come..!! But Papa Mama is also coming n.a. with us”Suddenly she asked.”Yes baby..!! Mama..!! Papa aur aditi..!!”abhi said happily and she smiled widely.”And one more good news..!! It is that you are coming today on my concert..!!”abhi said in a serious tone and aditu who was about to put a cookie in her mouth her eyes popped out in happiness.”Sachi Papa?”She shouted.”Muchi Papa ki jaan..!!”Abhi said kissing her cheek and abhi’s happiness had no boundaries. But suddenly she look at abhi suspiciously who was now busy in reading the newspaper. When abhi felt aditi’s gaze on him he look at her and raised his eyebrow. PRAGYA was washing the breakfast dishes now.”Aik baat tou btayen..!!”Detective aditi was on his work now. Abhi look at her confused and gestured her to continue.”Kal tou you wele(were) denying to take me to the concelt(concert)..!! What made you change youl(your) mind? Hmm?”aditi asked crossing her arms on her chest and abhi was dumbfound on her intelligence.He smiled and look at pragya who was witnessing this Papa baby convo.”Because..!! Today your Mama will also there..!! She will take care of you..!!”abhi explained his point and aditi nodded but still least satisfied by his explanation. Abhi was about to get up when aditi again look at him with a buttering smile and abhi understood that again she has something which she wanted abhi to accept.”G? What is your next wish Princess..!!”abhi said obediently and aditi clapped her hands excitedly.”I have a condition..!! If you will accept that na then I will only come with you..!!”She said acting all intelligent and abhigya look ateach other all confused.”adhu..!! What condition?” This time pragya asked.”Condition is..!! I will stay with Papa on the stage all the time duling(during) the concelt(concert)..!!”aditi said and abhigya sighed.”Ok baba fine..!! You can be with me baby?”Abhi said smilingly.”Velyyy(very) happpyyy..!! You know I love You so much Papa…!!”She exclaimed and jumped in abhi’s lap. Abhigya smiled seeing their daughter happy….

“Papa kab ayen gay?”This was almost hundredth time aditi asked this question to pragya . Abhi had dropped both of them in the college and he himself went to join his band because he had to come with their people .Pragya got busy in checking all the arrangements and aditi was now getting bored.
She started crying so pragya picked her up in her arms. She was now decorating the abhi’s performance stage and aditi was resting her head on her shoulder. In last ten minutes aditi asked hundredth time that when will her Papa came. Abhi’ s arrival time was of 10 am. It was 9:30 am now.”Bus adhu..!! 30 minutes wait kar lojaan..!!”pragya said to aditi and she sighed. Pragya was almost running here and there in hurry to complete all the arrangements. She wanted aditi to sit somewhere but she didn’t got off from her lap. So pragya was actually running here and there with aditi in her arms for arrangements. Now it was 9:55 am only five minutes were left for the arrival of abhi all the students were gathered in the hall infront of the stage. ADITI was now totally fed up.”Mama..!! I want to call Papa..!!”At last she said and without waiting pragya’s approval she took her cell phone from her jeans pocket and called abhi. Abhi picked up the call on first ring.”Hello?”aditi heard her Papa’s all time melodious voice.”Hello Papa..!!”She said and pragya sighed seeing her. “Oh god.!! World kay sab say desperate Baap beti meray he hissay mainany thy?”She thought helplessly.”Kya hua Papa ki jaan ko? Mera bacha theekhai na?”abhi panicked hearing his loves voice.”I am ok Papa..!! Ap kab aa lay(ray) ho? I am waiting fol(for) you..!!”She said almost crying and Abhi became restless.”I am just coming my darling..!! Ronanai..!!”abhi said and she just hummed.praya snatched the cell phone she was about to said something when she heard abhi’s voice he was scolding purab.”Salay..!! Tu thori aur taiz nahi chala skta..!!Meri beti ro hai hai..!! Jaldi chala..!!”pragya heard abhi shouting she smiled.”abhi..!! Jaldi aa jaoa and aakar apny princess ko smbhalo..!! Mery bussay bahar hai tmhri beti..!!”Pragya teased abhi..”fuggie..!! Tum suy ronay mat daina..!! I am coming..!!”abhi was still panicked and he cut the call. Pragya shook her head and look at aditi with anger.”How bad adhu..!! You very well know that Papa pareshan ho jaty hain..!! Phr bhiap nay call ki..!! Abhi dkho Papa kitny pareshan ho gye..!!”Pragya scolded her. She was on verge of crying and pragya was about to scold her more when Yash came running.”Prof.pragya.!! Abhi is here..!!”He said breathing heavily. “Principal Sir is calling you for their welcome..!!” As soon as aditi heard about her Papa her mood lit up.”Papa..!!”She shouted.She jumped off pragya’s lap and run towards the entrance.”adhu careful..!!”pragya shouted and she too followed her. Yash followed both. Aditi was running crazily but to her bad luck her foot entangled with the floor carpet and she fell down she instantly started crying. Yash and pragya saw her falling down. Pragya’s heart sank seeing aditi on the floor. Yash run to pick up aditi when two hands stopped him to do so. He look at the person and sighed. Abhishek mehra .. abhi picked up aditi.”Aray aray kya ho gya mery brave babyko?”abhi said lovingly wiping her tears and she was sniffing, Meanwhile pragya too came and hugged abhi and aditi . Abhi wrapped his one arm around her too, “What happened to you both? Thori dare mery begair nahi rehskty haan?” Abhi said smilingly. And they both shook their heads in a no.”Papa..!!”aditi again said sadly and burst out in tears again.”Kya ho gya Papa ki jaan ko?”abhi was now worried and pragya composed herself on seeing the whole of her teachers staff and with Mr.Kumar. Now it was time for revelation of pragya’s true identity. But abhi was unaware of all his surroundings.His biggest task of that time was now to console his little one. Whose each tear was more precious than diamonds.”I missed you…!! I love you..!!”She said between her sobs and again clinged to abhi.”Aww..!! Meri princess…!! I love you too..!!Chalo ab mera beta nai roye..!! Give a smile..!! And my kissi..!!”abhi said lovingly kissing her forehead. She smiled and kissed his cheek. Everyone was going awe on seeing the Papa duo bond. Pragya patted abhi’s shoulder to make him realize about his surroundings. He saw a same question on each face except his friends and Yash. He nodded at pragya and adjusted aditi in his arms.”Good Morning everyone..!! You all knowme I am ABHISHEK MEHRA .!! You all looking so muchshocked and confused so let me clear everything for you all..!!PRAGYA MEHRA.!.!! She is my wife..!! Due to some reasons we were not able to contact eachother for few years but that is totally our personal matter..!! I am ADITI’s father..!!And she is my daughter..!! I hope this is enough for you all to clear your confusion..!!And yeah don’t try to bug pragya about our relation..!! Jis ko jo jan’na hai wo mj saybaat kary ga..!! If any of you tried to bug pragya I swear me bohat buri trhapaish aoan ga..!!”abhi said all this in an ice cold tone and ended up with a warning few of the female teachers who were thinking tobgossip about all this became scared.All of them were shocked but MR.Kumar was the most happiest person of all. He walked towards abhigya and smiled.”abhi.!! He is Mr.Kumar..!! I have told you n.a…pragya said and abhi turns to see him and was shocked..pappa..this is the word abhi could say. Pragya asked pappa.Kumar asked how are you my son.and how is my suprise.abhi says but dad.pragya asked he is your dad means how is mr. Kumar.abhi says he is ram mehra.pragya asked really.ram nods yes.he says aditi only sends me actually me and adhu were in London.she told more about you and asked me to take care of you.abhi says dad you rocked.we all thought you are dead and aditi too.ram says it’s our plan beta.. aditi who was watching all this was least intrested in all this.”Uffoo grandpa..!! Bush bhi kalain(karain)..!!Baad main Papa shay batain kal(kar) lainana..!! It’s time for(for) concert..!!”aditi said excitedly.”Ohhh..!! Papa aye you grandpa ko bhoolgai?”ram said with a faking sadness.”Alay(aray)..!! No no..!! I love you grandpa..!!” She said and hopped in ram’s arms. He happily engulfed her in a hug. “But yeah phl(phr) bhi I love my Papa and Mama mole(more) than anything::in this whole wolld(world)..!!”She said innocently and abhigya smiled. Abhi felt his heart filled with proud.”Acha..!! What about us?”aditi heard purab’s voice and she look at them. She run towards them and hugged them all.”App sab ko bhi I love you..!!”She exclaimed and smiled.”Chalo chalo..!! It’s time for concert..!!”ram said and all nodded.They all follow him. Yash was about to walk away when abhi put his hand on Yash’sshoulder.”Mr.Yash..!! Apni beti anr bevi kakhayal kaisy rkhna hai that I know verywell..!! Stay away from my wife..!! It’s abhishek mehra’s warning..!! Don’t try to act smart..!”abhi threaten Yash and walk away. Yash shook his head in dismay.”This man is crazy about his wife and daughter….and smiles….

I think you all liked..little bit long but enjoy…

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