kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (Episode 51)


Hi guys..!!” Abhi greeted all smilingly and picked up his guitar. Suddenly he noticed that all of them were staring at him.”Kya hua guys?” Abhi asked worriedly.”Why are you all staring at me?””abhi..!! Bhai ..you are late ..!!”aditi said angrily.”abhi you are late..!!” Purab said angrily.”Yes buddy actually very late..!!”yuvi added.”Guys chill..!! After 4 years jiju met di n.a. .!!” Bulbul said sarcastically and abhi showed her eyes.”bulbul ..!!” Abhi dramatically said”Guys chill..!!I dropped pragya and aditi so I was late.!!” He tried to clear his point and all laughed.”Haan haan..!! Who knows you dropped bhabhi aur. ..!!” Purab was about to say something when abhi put his palm on his mouth. All again started laughing.”Ok guys…!! Let’s bhai go on stage..!!” Aliya tried to sort out the fight. All started preparing themselves. Suddenly abhi’s phone buzzed. Caller ID was of pragya..”Hi baby..!!” Abhi said cheerfully.”Hi abhi.!! Wo I just called to tell you that I will be a little late…!! So you free yourself soon and pick aditi from school ..!! Wo 1pm tak free ho jati hai..!!” Pragya explained with full motherly concern and Abhi smiled.”Ok Madam..!! Anything else..!!” Abhi asked naughtily.”Yeah..!! I will call you when I will get free and you pick me?”

This time pragya’s voice was cheerful.”Ok..!! Kaam ho jye ga..!!” Abhi said smilingly and he heard pragya’s laugh from other side.”Ok abhi..!! I have to go..!! You take care bye..!!” Pragya said lovingly and she was about to hung up when she heard him calling her name.”fuggie..!!” Abhi said.”Haan..!!” PRAGYA asked lovingly.”You know I love you right?” Abhi asked in a different tone.”I know abhi..!! And I love you too..!!”PRAGYA said lovingly.”Ok..!!” Abhi said slowly..”abhi kuch hua hai?” Pragya asked curiously.”No..!! Nothing..!! Ok bye..!!” Abhi said immediately and hung up. He was confused.How will he tell pragya that he was feeling insecure…!! He knew that he love her..!! She love him..!! But why? Arrgghh..!! Main pagalho jaoan ga..!!” He thought.”abhi chal..!!” Purab called him as it was time to rock the stage.Then abhi rocked the stage. The concert was a cracker.After the concert all were sitting in hotelroom. Totally tired and exhausted.”Yaar it was the best the concert ever..!! I mean you cracked it abhi…!! After solong..!!” Purab said excitedly.”I think the good luck is because of aditi…!!” Aliya said smilingly and all nodded. Abhi was smiling on this when suddenly he got up with a jerk.”what happened bhai?” Yuvi asked mockingly.”Ohh My God guys…!! It’s 2:30..!! I had to pick up aditi at 1..!! No..!! I am very late..!!God..!! She must be crying..!! I have to go..!!”abhi freaked out worriedly and runout. All smiled”he had changed a lot na .!!” Aliya saidsmilingly.”But he changed for good..!!” Purab said and all nodded….

Aditi was sitting alone in the school. Only guard was left. He was waiting for aditi to go so that he lock the school gates.”Beta..!! Where is your Mama Papa?” He asked aditi.”Untall(Uncle) my Papa must be coming…!!”She told him and he noddingly left to guard the gates. It was very late. Aditi started crying.”Main Mama Papa ko yad ni?Papa mjy bhool gye?” She thought innocently all the time crying badly. Soon her eyes became puffy but there was no sign of her Mama and Papa….

Abhi was driving crazily.”How careless and dumb I am..!!” He mentally scolded himself. He reached aditi’s school in no time. He hurriedly got down of the car and run towards the gate.He noticed the school was empty. There was no hustle and bustle. He saw the guard.”Sir..!! Your daughter is waiting for you from so long..!!” Guard told him and itincreased abhi’s guilt. Abhi went inside the school and he saw aditi sitting on a staircase. She was crying badly. Abhi felt his heart stopped beating seeing his love crying so badly.”aditi ..!!” He shouted her name. Hearing her name aditi looked at abhi and she run towards him. Abhi too run towards her and soon he picked her up in his arms.And again she started sobbing hard.”Shhh..!! Bus Papa ki jaan..!!”abhi tried to shush her.”Papa..!! Ap mjhy bhool gye..!!” She asked between her sobs and abhi was diving inthe pool of embarrassment.”No bacha..!! How will I forget you..!! Ap tou meri jaan ho…!! It’s just I was busy in concert that’s why..!!” Abhi tried to explain and aditi hugged him tightly.”I thought that you left me alone again..!!”She said sadly and abhi was feeling ashamed of himself. When his daughter will start trusting him?..!!”No baby..!! I will never leave you I promise..!!” Abhi whispered sadly.He composed and broke the hug. “Chalo bus ab mera brave baby nahi roye ga..!!” Abhi said and wiped her tears. “Ice cream khayen?” Abhi asked to cheer her up and she instantly nodded. Abhi kissed her puffy eyes and came out of the school. Aditi was still afraid so she rested her head on abhi’s shoulder. Abhi sat in the car. Abhi tried to made aditi sit on the seat beside him but she again started crying.”Ok ok..!! Sorry..!! Meray pass bethna hai?”abhi asked and she innocently nodded.Maybe she had a doubt that if she will sit away from abhi he again left her. So she cling to him tightly. Abhi made her sit in his lap. She wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest.abhi gently kissed her hair and kept talking to her to lit up her mood.

Soon they reached an ice cream shop. Aditi wasn’t ready to walk so abhi again picked her up and got down of the car.”So meray baby ko kon sa flavor khana hai?”abhi asked aditi.”Umm..!! Chocolate..!!” Aditu exclaimed smilingly and abhi sighed seeing her in agood mood.”Okay..!! So Mr.Shopkeeper..!! One chocolateice cream..!!” Abhi said and soon aditi was licking the ice cream happily. Abhi came out of the shop.”Papa…!!” Suddenly aditi shouted and abhi became worried.”What happened baby?” Abhi asked worriedly.”Papa..!! Balloons..!!” Aditi shouted excitedly pointing towards baloon vendor.adhu for baloon you will shout like this..I was shocked.!!” Abhi scolded her and she smiled sheepishly.”Papa sholly(sorry) please balloons…!! I want balloon..!!” Aditu said cutely wrapping her arms around abhi’s neck.”Ok..!!” Abhi said smilingly.”I love you Papa..!! You ale(are) the beesshhttt(best)…!!” She exclaimed and clapped her hands as she had finished her ice cream.”I love you too..!!” Abhi said smilingly and pecked her forehead. Abhi walked towards the balloon vendor.aditi’s eyes were sparkling seeing the balloons.”Which color..!!” Abhi asked aditi.”Waisy tou I like all but Red is my favolite(favorite)…!!” She again exclaimed.”Oky..!! Bhaiya g..!! Ya sary balloons daydain..!!” Abhi said to the vendor and aditi’s eyes popped out in happiness.”Shaaly?(sary)..!!” ADITI said in a disbelief.She never ever in her life had got so much balloons.”Yes..!! Sary..!!” Abhi said smilingly and vendor gave him all the balloons. Abhi handed over the thread of a red balloon to aditi . She was so excited. Abhi himself held the thread of all other balloons. He walked back to the car and tied the threadsof all the balloons with the car. Aditi was very much happy. Abhi then sat in the car and his phone beeped. Caller ID was pragya…

Adhu..!! Mama ka phone..!!” Abhi told aditi and hearing about Mama she smiled excitedly.”Me bhi baat kaloon(karoon) ge…!!”aditi aaid happily and Abhi nodded he picked up the call and put the phone on speaker.”Hello..!!” Abhi and aditi said in union .”Hello my sweeties..!!” Hearing them pragya too exclaimed from other side.”Mama..!! Me and Papa ale(are) enjoying alot..!!”aditi exclaimed and abhi smiled.”Acha..!! You both are enjoying without me..!!” PRAGYA said with a faking sadness.”No pragya..!! Aisa ni hai..!!” Abhi tried to explain.”Relax abhi..!! I was just joking…!!” Pragya said laughingly and abhi aditi too laughed.”I called you that come and pick me up..!!””Ok..!! We are coming..!!” Abhi said cheerfully and after saying goodbye they hung up.”Papa..!! I am feeling hungry..!!” Aditi said making a pout.”Awww mery bety ko bhook lagi hai..!! after picking up Mama we will go for lunch ok meri jaan?” Abhi said smilingly and aditi nodded. She again hugged abhi’s waist and all the drive to pragya’s college .abhi kept pecking aditi’s forehead and hair time to time. Abhi’s touch and his care was so soothing that aditi unintentionally fell asleep.”So what my bacha want to eat today?”abhi asked softly caressing her hair but no reply. “Adhu…!!”He again called her but again no reply. He look at her and she was asleep. Abhi smiled and again pecked her forehead. Meanwhile he reached pragya’s college but what he saw in front of him was enough to jam his nerves. PRAGYA IN YASH’S ARMS…!!

PRAGYA came out of the college because she knew abhi must be coming any time. She was standing near the college gate.”Hi Prof.pragya..!!” Again Yash came toher.”Oh hi Prof.Yash..!!” PRAGYA was surprised to see him again.”Waiting for a rickshaw? Need a lift? I’lldrop you home..!!” Yash offered.”No No..!! It’s completely fine Prof.Yash..!!My husband is coming…!!” Pragya said smilingly.”Husband?” Prof.Yash asked in a surprising tone.”Yes..!! Why are you so surprised?”pragya asked .”No it’s just I always thought that you are a single mother..!!” Yash said sadly.”Haven’t you seen this sindoor and Mangalsutra?” Pragya asked in a surprising tone.”I am sorry ..!! I thought that apki apny husband say separation ho gai hai..!! I am really sorry..!! I have always respectedyou..!! I wanted to propose you..!!” As soon as Yash said all this pragya’s breath hitched in her throat.”if abhi comes to know about this na Yash then you will be in sure trouble..!!!”She thought worriedly.”Please Prof.Yash..!! I love my husband alot..!! I have a family..!! I am very disappointed that you thought all that about me..!!” Pragya said angrily.”I am so sorry..!! I really didn’t mean to hurt your feelings..!! I wish that you will always be happy with your husband and daughter..!! I will never ever talk anything of like this again..!! But we will be friends na?” Yash said in a apologetic tone. Pragya felt bad for Yash so she nodded.”Thank you so much..!!” Yash said smilingly.

Pragya was about to walk away when suddenly her foot slip and she was about to fall when Yash held her. He made her stand properly.”Thank you..!!”pragya thanked him and suddenly she heard abhi’s car horn. Yash and pragya look at the direction of horn and pragya saw abhi. Yash who was still holding her arms left her. She smiled at abhi but abhi didn’t smiled in response.She ignored it. Abhi gestured her to come in.”He is abhishek mehra..!!” Yash said in a shocked tone seeing.!! “IS he your husband?””Yes…!! He is my husband..!! Ok bye Prof.Yash..!!” Pragya said smilingly and run towards abhi’s car. She opened the front seat door and sat inside.”Hello abhi..!!”pragya said excitedly but Abhi just nodded his head. She felt a little awkward but she tried to lit up the mood.”How was your concert?” She again asked.But abhi’s nerves were totally out of order now. When pragya didn’t got a reply she became worried. “Abhi? Kuch hua hai?” She asked worriedly.”pragya ..!! Can’t you see aditi is sleeping..!! So please just shut up..!!” Abhi said angrily and pragya felt that she heard something wrong. She look at abhi in disbelief.”abhi ..! Tum nay mjy shut up bola?”She asked in a low tone.”Hann..!!”His simple “haan” was like a bomb for her. She kept quiet and turned her face.She kept looking out of the window and tried her best to control her tears. Abhi was in so much anger that he didn’t noticed what he said to pragya.

Soon they reached home and abhi without waiting for pragya get down of the car with aditi in his arms and went inside the house. Tears welled up in pragya’s eyes but she rubbed them away and followed abhi. When she came in the house she saw abhi coming out of their room. She walked towards him but he ignored her. He was about to walk away when pragya held his hand.”abhi..!! What is wrong? Why are you not talking to me?”Pragya asked worriedly.”You ask this question to yourself pragya abhishek mehra…!!” Abhi shouted angrily.”abhi..!! Why are you getting so hyper?Baat kya hai?” She asked as now her eyes had tears in them.”pragya leave me alone for sometime please…!!” Abhi knew if he will kept talking to Nandini he will surely saysomething bad to her.”No..!! I will not leave you alone..!! Tell me what the hell happened? Why are so much furious?” This time pragya too shouted.”Because I saw you in that bas***d’s arms..!!” Abhi shouted and kicked the glasstable of the lounge it shattered in pieces.pragya was numb on her place.”Abhi ..!! It’s not like that..!! Jo tum soch rahy ho na waisa kuch nahi hai..!!” She said and tried to cup his cheeks but he pushed her hands away.”pragya..!! Please..!!leave me alone for sometime.!! I..!! I will be ok..!!” Abhi said in a low sad tone and walked out of the house.pragya sat down on the floor and tears started rolling down her cheeks. She heard the sound of abhi’s car engine he must have drove away. Pragya thought that there was nothing changed in their relation but she was wrong. She knew abhi was possessive about her but with the pace of time this possessiveness will increase this much she had never ever thought…!!

Ik khoya khoya chaand tha jo tha khafa khafa(pragya cried hugging her knees and abhi was driving crazily..!! The sight of pragya in Yash’sarms was setting him on fire..!!)
Ik toota toota khwaab tha jo tujhse tha juda(abhi closed his eyes and think about pragya )
Ik aadhi aadhi aas thi jo poori ho gayi(pragya cried her heart out thinking about abhi’s words..!!)
Tum mill gaye to jaane kyun ye doori ho gayi(Abhi stopped his car on a hill and sat on the ground. PRAGYA tried to pick up the broken glass but it hurt her fingers..!!)
Piya laage na..
jiya laage na
Tere binaa..
Tere bina..Tere binaa.. Tere bina..(abhi shouted in between his cries and pragya throw the glass piece away and again startedcrying)

Ho aadhi adhoori iss dastaan mein
Kaise koyi rang laaye( aditi woke up and came to pragya..! She held her bleeding hand and tried to wipe the blood with tissue..!! She was also crying..!!)
Kaise koyi muskuraaye(pragya tried to pretend in front of aditi that she was happy but she failed)
Itne ghamon mein do pal khushi ke
Kaise bhala yaad aayein
Tumko bhula naa paayein(abhi thought about all his happy moments with aditi and pragya..!! And shook his head all the time smiling sadly..!!)

Ik pyaasi pyaasi boond mein
Jo mann mera jalaa(Again the hurting site came in abhi’s mind he again started crying..!!)
Har lamha lamha teri hi yaadon se tha yebhara(pragya got up from the floor without saying anything to aditi and came in her room..! She saw the bed and again the happy moments with abhi flashed in her mind..!!)
Ik aadhi aadhi aas thi jo poori ho gayi
Tum mill gaye to jaane kyun ye doori ho gayi(abhigya thought about each other and cried more and more..!!)
Piya laage na..
jiya laage na
Tere bina..
Tere binaa..Tere bina..
Tere binaa..Tere bina.. Tere binaa..Tere bina.. Tere binaa(pragya collapsed on the floor due to low bloodpressure and abhi kicked the rocksin anger.)

So hope you all enjoyed it….any mistakes forgive me…abhigya will not seperate …it’s my promise…to you…

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