kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (Episode 50)


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The episode starts with
It was six of the morning when pragya woke up. She lazily opened her eyes and noticed the loving pair of eyes staring ather. She smiled at abhi and he too smiled.”Good Morning..!!” He greeted her and pecked her lips.”Good Morning..!!”She whispered ruffling his hair. His hair were wet then she noticed he was wearing one of the track pants and shirt from their yesterdays shopping. “Abhi have you taken the shower?” She asked sweetly. “Why are you up so early?” Pragya was worried now.”Yes I have taken the shower..!! And I am up because i could not sleep as I am tensed for today’s concert ..!!” He said casually and she nodded.”Paka na? I will do it right ?” Abhi asked her. Pragya was not satisfied.”Ooo meri jaan me theek hoon..!! Since you left na..!! It feels like this.I could not sleep properly or concentrate on anything. I missed you..my sleeps were far away from me..!!” He told her in a low voice. “I missed you..!!” Abhi once again told her sadly and moist crept in his eyes. Pragya too got emotional. She took his lips in a kiss to console him. No matter how much they cherish their union but the fact was they can’t skip the separation of four long years.The separation which had hurt the two pure souls badly..!! The separation which was very very painful..!! The pain of that separation was still the same..!! But the lovers knew that somehow they will comeover it..!! They kissed each other with full love and care..!! They broke gasping foroxygen. Abhi had his eyes closed pragya cupped his face and pecked his forehead. It wasn’t a simple kiss it was a promise that she will be always on his side. She wiped his salty tears.”come first sleep now….!!” She said lovingly and made him hide his face in her hair. He quietly obliged and pragya kept ruffling his hair. Abhi was so lost in her warmth that he didn’t noticed that when he fall asleep.pragya noticed that abhi was fast asleep.She carefully adjusted his head on the pillow and smiled at him. He was not less than aditi .!! He resembles to a baby when he was asleep..!! He was cute..!! He was sweet..!! He was her everything..!! He was just a baby..!! Pragya thought that he musthave changed in four years but she was wrong..!! May be he had changed for world but for pragya he was still her same abhi..!! Who used to show her tantrums in everything..!! Whether it was the matter of food or medicines..!! She still remember what happened when once he fell ill.
Abhi..!! Kuch nahi ho ga..!!” Pragya said lovingly but he shook his head in a no just like a kid. Pragya was trying to convince him from last thirty minutes. They were inthe hospital for abhi’s blood test because he was suffering from fever from last one week and still he was not recovering . Doctors suggested a blood test for abhi. Though doctors were sure that it was typhoid but still they want a blood test.”No no no..!! Dard hota hai..!!” Abhi complained like a kid.”abhi..!! Behave like a 21 years old man..!!Don’t act like a baby..!!” Now pragya was angry.”Jo bhi kaho..!! I will not let this nurse to touch this syringe on my finger..!! No..!!”abhi said in a high pitch and crossing his arms on his chest he turned his face. Nurse look at pragya and begged her to convince abhi.pragya sighed then suddenly an idea hit her mind.”abhi..!! Look at me..!!” Pragya said to abhi and made him look at her.”Wohoo..!! Don’t try to trick me..!! I know you will turn me towards you..will speak cheesy and this nurse will take my blood.!! I will not look at you..!!” Abhi said angrily and turned his face again.pragya was embarrassed. Abhi was so intelligent he easily guessed her trick. Now she was really worried. There was not chance that abhi will agree for the blood test.”abhi..!! Do you have any idea how much I am worried for you from last whole week..!!” Pragya said in a serious tone and tears brimmed in her eyes.”because of your stubbornness you not gonna be cured!! You don’t even take medicines ontime..!! You are not listening to my words or understanding. You are not giving importance to me?”Pragya’S tone was now complaining.abhi lowered his head like a small kid who was scolded by his mother. He knew he was at fault. He really had troubled pragya a lot in last whole week. He didn’t took medicines.He didn’t ate properly but he can’t help it.Tears rolled down of pragya’s cheeks and abhi was now diving in the pool of embarrassment. He quickly wiped her tears.”Ok..!! Jaan I am sorry..!! Please don’t cry..!!Tum jo bolo ge I will do it..!! But baby please don’t cry..!!” He immediately surrendered and cupped her cheeks.”Really? You will give your blood sample..!!”pragya asked controlling her tears and he nodded. “Ok then great..!!”She said smilingly then she made him sit on the bed and sat beside him. She held both his hands in hers and extended his one hand infront of nurse.Abhi hide his face in her hair and clutched her hands tightly.Nurse carefully took some blood from his hand and he hissed a little. Pragya gently patted his head and he slowly came back to normal….
She smiled playfully he was still the same baby abhi.She carefully sneaked out of the bed. She adjusted the blanket over him and went in bathroom to take a shower. After taking a shower she came out and saw abhi ,aditi still sleeping. She knew he was tiredsuddenly a thought hit her mind and she checked his forehead. But his temperature was normal. She sighed in relief and pecked his forehead. He moved in sleep and snuggled in the pillow. PRAGYA smiled and came out of the room.

She saw Neil and ragini coming .pragya goes to them asking ma ..you just messaged me that you both were going to your friend’s daughter marriage .you have told na ..before itself.Neil says we want to give some privacy to you both.pragya smiled and says take some rest..I will prepare breakfast.after sometime
She came to check aditi she had reached to the corner of the bed and was about to fall when pragya held her. Aditi opened her eyes and pragya smiled.”adhu..!! You were about to fall jaan..!!” She said smilingly and aditi snuggled closed to her chest.”Good molning(morning) Mama..!!”aditi said and closed her eyes.”Mama ka baby is tired?” Pragya asked kissing her face lovingly.”No..!!” Aditi said smilingly and opened her eyes.”Let’s wash your face..!!” Pragya said.She picked up aditi in her arms and went to the washroom. ADITI was still sleepy.pragya washed her face and brush her teeth. After that she came out aditi was still in her arms she was sucking her thumb and her head was on pragya’s shoulder.pragya started making coffee. It was aditi’s habit sometimes she behave so lazy just like abhi.”Mama kay baby ko kuch hua hai?”pragya asked lovingly.”No Mama..!! Papa kahan hain?” She asked sleepily.”Papa is sleeping..!!” Pragya told aditi .And aditi’s face suddenly lighten up. A naughty smile crept her lips and pragya sensed something. “What are you upto?”pragya asked curiously and aditi smiled.”Main Papa ko jaga doon Mama..!!” Aditi asked innocently and pragya smiled. She knew aditi will surely do some naughty thing with abhi. Pragya made her stand on the floor and she run towards their room . Pragya smiled and got busy in her daily chores….

Aditi slowly sneaked in the room and saw abhi sleeping. She giggled and went towards pragya’s dressing mirror. She picked up a dark red Color lipstick and climbed on abhi’s bed. She sat on his stomach.abhi was in a very fast sleep so he didn’t woke up.ADITI opened the lipstick and draw circles on abhi’s cheeks just like pekacho. Doing this her tongue protruded out she was very much busy that she didn’t noticed abhi’s hands encircling her waist. She gasped when she felt abhi’s arms around her waist. Abhi slowly opened his eyes and she smiled sheepishly.”Kya ho raha hai?” Abhi asked raising his eyebrow. Abhi was very well awake when aditi sat on his stomach and when she was busy in drawing patterns on his cheeks. Abhi opened his eyes very little and when he saw her face only he knew that how he was controlling himself to kiss her.”Wo Papa..!! Main..!!” Aditi was in mood to run from there but abhi held her tightly.He got up and made her sit on his lap. Then he saw himself in the mirror and sighed. He look at aditi smilingly and she giggled.”Ya kya kiya adhu?”abhi asked smilingly and she was constantly giggling.”Papa..!! You are just looking like Pikacho..!!” Aditi said laughingly.”Pikacho? Who?” Abhi asked confusely.”Hawww Papa..!! You don’t know about Pikacho?” ADITI almost shouted. She was so much disappointed that her Papa don’t know anything about Pikacho. And abhi shook his head in no. “Very bad..!!Papa..!! Umm..!! I have it’s toy..!!” Aditi said thoughtfully. Abhi came out with aditi as soon as pragya saw him she burst out in laughter. ADITI too joined her.”adhu..!! Very bad Papa kay sth aisy kartyhain..!!” PRAGYA scolded aditi but abhi stopped her.”It’s ok..!! Ya mera aur adhu ka mamlahai..!! Don’t scold her..!!” Abhi said to pragya and she smiled.Neil and ragini too sees abhi.both started laughing.abhi sees them and got blessings from them. Soon aditi came with Pikacho and seeing Pikacho abhi too started laughing.”Ok bus..!!abhi go and get fresh..!! Chalo adhu school kay liye dress up karen..!!”Saying that pragya picked up aditi and abhi went to washroom.
“But Mama I want to go to Papa’s concert..!!”aditi was sitting in abhi’s lap and pragya was feeding her breakfast while abhi was busy in reading the newspaper.”And I have told you that you are not coming..!!” Abhi said strictly. Neil says but beta we are coming na ..abhi says no pappa..I am not going to agree with this.from last 30minutes aditi was insisting on going with him but abhi was not at all ready. Pragya was quiet. Aditi tried to include her in her party but she refused saying that”Baap beti khud apna masla solve karo..! I am going to college..!!””Why Papa..!!” ADITI said making a face.”Because last time when you came na..!! You had hurt your knee..!! I can’t take risk ..!!”abhi said strictly. “Quickly finish your breakfast and let’s go to school..!!” Abhi said politely and aditi kept mum. Soon she finished her breakfast abhi picked her up and walked to the exit door. Pragya started picking up the dishes when she heard abhi’s voice.”pragya!! I will drop adhu and will be back!!” She smiled hearing his words. She was missing all this so much….
” Ok baby..!! Ab mood theek kar bhi lo..!!”Abhi parked the Car in front of aditi’s school. She was angry with abhi she didn’t talked to him in the whole way.”It’s ok Papa..!!” She said sadly and abhi smiled. He take out a chocolate from his pocket and gave to her. Instantly her mood lit up.”I love you Papa..!!” She exclaimed and kissed abhi’s cheeks. Abhi picked her up and got down of the car and stopped exactly in front of the gate. Guard greeted him.”Chalo baby..!! Jaoa..!! I will pick up you..!!”abhi said and after exchanging some kisses. Aditi run inside the school. Abhi kept looking at her until she disappeared in the building. He drove back home.When he came home he saw pragya already dressed up.”So you are ready..!!” Abhi said smilingly and pull her close.pragya pushed him saying ma aur pappa is here ..abhi asked so what. She smiled and he placed his lips on hers for a passionate kiss.She willingly gave in. Abhi’s hand reached her top pragya sensed what was coming she held his hand. And broke the kiss.”abhi..!! Not now..!!” Pragya said in a low voice. “I have to go to the college..!!Mr.Kumar is worried for me..!! I have to do arrangements for tomorrow’s concert..!!”She explained and he nodded.”I will drop you..!!” He said and she too nodded. Soon abhi changed. He saw pragya putting up light makeup. After along time pragya was getting ready after all her abhi was back.”Chalain?”He asked lovingly. “You are looking beautiful..!!” Abhi complimented her and she smiled.”And you are looking handsome..!!”She returned the favor and he laughed. Soon abhi was driving towards pragya’s college.”abhi..!! Come I will introduce to Mr.Kumar..!!” PRAGYA said as they reached the college.”Nahi ..!! I am getting late..!! Sorry darling..!! Kal aa tou raha hoon..!! Then I will meet with Mr.Kumar..!! After all I have to thank him for everything he done for my wife and daughter..!!” Abhi said in anapologetic tone.”It’s ok abhi..!! Ab main ja ri hoon bye..!!”She said happily and kissing his cheek she got down of the car. He was watching pragya walking towards the gate suddenly he saw a young Man in his late twenties banged with her. He frowned seeing him.”Oh Prof.pragya..!! Good Morning..!!”abhi could clearly hear their conversation.”Oh..!! Morning Prof.Yash..!!” Pragya too greeted him.”Where have you been? I mean why didn’t you came yesterday..! I was worried for you..!!” Prof.Yash asked concernly and abhi became angry. Who the hell was he?He thought.”Thank you for your concern Prof.Yash I was actually busy with my Family..!!”pragya said smilingly.”Oh..!! Hows aditi? I must say she is such a cutie pie..!” Prof.Yash said smilingly.”Indeed she is..!!” Pragya nodded. Abhi angrily pressed the horn to get pragya’s attention. She look at abhi and smiled brightly. She waved a goodbye to him.abhi felt relax.”Don’t think rubbish abhi…!!” Abhi scolded himself he too smiled and waved.And drove back happily….

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