kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 5)


Thanks guys for your support…hope all are fit and fine.let’s get into story

The episode starts with pragya and abhi enters the house.pragya says it’s beautiful .Abhi says it’s my second home.I will spend my holidays here only.pragya can see two bedrooms,a kitchen and hall.pragya says Good and the right one is for me and the room on left is yours .Abhi asked what are we going to stay separately.pragya says still I am in anger.when MY parents agree with you then only I can forgive you.Abhi says ok but the right room is for me.you know it’s my favourite. PRAGYA says so what…I have gave my life to you,you can’t give me a room.Abhi says but you can take that room n.a..pragya says no.Abhi asked why like a small kid.pragya says because I am always right.Abhi with pout says ok you can..pragya says I am really tired ,I gonna take rest and leaves .Abhi too takes his stuff and leaves.

After sometime ,abhi feels to have coffee.so he decides to ask pragya as they have not hired a chef.Abhi sees pragya already having coffee.so he thinks she may have prepared and gets into kitchen but he can’t find.he comes out calling pragya
Pragya: now what’s your problem
Abhi: I need a coffee
Pragya: ofcourse you can and there you go and shows kitchen
Abhi : if dadi or robin were n.a. they will bring my coffee without asking me
PRAGYA: I m not your servant
Abhi: I am not saying like that.and I don’t know how to do coffee.
PRAGYA : it’s simple.take a cup.add 1spoon sugar,2 spoons of coffee powder and milk plus water.
Abhi goes to kitchen and takes a cup .he adds sugar,powder and water fully.add adds some milk Nd mix it.he makes the kitchen untidy with spilling all.he takes a sip and says cha…what a taste..horrible. now what to do.pragya laughs at him and taste the coffee and spills .Abhi says not nice n.a..pragya says I will teach you how to do .she prepares coffee and abhi taste it saying nice…pragya looks at abhi.and abhi too looks at pragya
Fb starts

PRAGYA enters the college and sees a rose with a note near the statue.she takes it and reads the note …for my beautiful girl.pragya smiles seeing the note and thinks he is crazy.she leaves to auditorium where all are present.pragya takes a seat near tanu.
Tanu: hey moti, it’s late.he was searching for you till now.I and purab asked him to go.
Pragya: dont call me moti and I am on time n.a. .I am late because of bhai
Tanu: oh it’s because of your so called bhai.ok next performance is his
That time the anchor announces abhi to come to stage.everyone shouts abhi…Abhi..
Abhi comes with his guitar.he sings soch na sake. Everyone claps for him.he leaves the Audi after singing.pragya rushes to him and hugs him.
Abhi: so how is my performance
Pragya: super …I liked it
Abhi: it’s only for you n.a.
Pragya: I know..so that only I love you
Abhi: I love you too.and I need something from you fuggie
Pragya: what..
Abhi: a kiss is enough
Pragya: are you mad…it’s college..no I can’t
Abhi: arey I just joked. Get me a coffee .please
Pragya: sure .you wait I will bring.

Fb ends
PRAGYA feels uncomfortable and moves back. Abhi noticed it and leaves from there.pragya starts to prepare breakfast

The day went by resting for each other as they are tired.
Next Morning ,pragya gets up and sees a coffee cup near the bed with a note.she takes it and reads…good morning.have a nice day.she taste the coffee and says good.and thinks to thank abhi.she freshes up and comes to kitchen to make breakfast.but all ready.pragya picks a note near the food. ..it’s for my beautiful wife.she smiles seeing the note.Abhi comes there and asked is she happy.pragya asked you prepared it.Abhi says yes for that I woked up at 4 am..pragya says thanks And both had their breakfast

Days passed as abhi helps pragya in cooking ,cleaning all the works.pragya was happy that abhi is so caring.but she could not hear him as her mother’s words are remembering her.

A day ,dadi called pragya
Dadi; beta are you fine. How is abhi
PRAGYA: all are fine dadi.there ma,ishu and dasi. .hope all are fine
Dadi : ha beta all are fine.I called to inform that there is A pooja In our home .so you and abhi should come.inform him
Pragya: ji dadi…I will tell him.
Dadi : ok beta I M hanging the phone as I have many works .
Pragya: ok dadi

PRAGYA goes to inform abhi but he was busy in packing
Pragya: are you leaving
Abhi in busy: ha pragya I am having a meeting ,I will not be here for three days
Pragya: oh..
Abhi left to washroom to get ready

After 2 hours ,abhi asked driver to take all the bags and holds pragya’s hands.she looks at him
Abhi: I know it’s first time I am leaving you alone.if you want me not to go.I will cancel
PRAGYA : it’s ok .I am fine.you go and it’s important n.a…
Abhi: are you sure
Pragya: I am sure abhi..you go
Abhi kissed pragya on her forehead and leaves saying take care

PRAGYA thinks if we didn’t GO dadi will be upset.what to do and thinks to go alone to india.she packs her bag and asked purab to book a ticket and leaves

Precap: abhi comes from trip and searches for pragya

All night think I am.dragging..I have to show you their present and past..so wait for more twist…why ragini is not accepting abhi will be revealed soon.if ranveer comes to know about the truth what he will do..wait..and enjoy till now


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