kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (Episode 49)


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Abhi told all of them the whole story. All of them were in tears. When suddenly abhi heard aditi’s shouts.”pragya..! Aditi..!!” Abhi said worriedly and run out. Aditi and fab3 follow him.abhi saw aditi running towards him. She was crying badly and purab was following her. Abhi’s heart sank when he saw her intears. He run towards. As soon as aditi reached abhi she hugged him. Abbi picked her up in his arms and patted her back. She was just crying. PRAGYA and all reached them.”Papa..!! Papa..!!” She was just calling him and was sobbing hard.”ji Papa ki jaan..! Kuch tou bolo..!! Papa ko btaoa what happened?” Abhi was too much worried he was trying his best toconsole her.”abhi ..!! She saw a lizard..!! In our music room..!! Islye dar gai hai..!!” ( she got scared) purab told the reason. PRAGYA and all smiled. But abhi fumed with anger.”Call the hotel Manager..!!”abhi shouted angrily.”abhi relax…!! Adhu is always afraid of lizards..!! It’s normal for her..!!” Pragya tried to calm him down but abhi was too much angry. His daughter cried because of the negligence of hotel management.”No pragya ..!!” Abhi shook his head. Purab was about to call the manager. But to manager’s bad luck he himself came hearingthe shouts. All were feelingpity on the manager.

Abhi’s anger rose to seventh sky seeing him and aditi was now just resting her head on his shoulder.”Is everything ok Mr.Mehra..!!” Manager asked obediently.”No..!! Nothing is Ok..!! What kind of fivestar hotel is this? There are lizards in the room..!”abhi shouted.”Liz..!! Lizards..!!” Manager was afraid of abhi’s anger.”Yes lizards…!!” Abhi said in an angrytone.”We are sorry sir..!!”Manager fumbled.”Your sorry is not enough..!! Because of your negligence my daughter cried…!!” Abhi again shouted.”Yes sir..!! I mean ok Sir..!! Main abhi kuch karta hoon..!!” ( i will do something now) .Manager said and almost run from there. Soon he came back with workers and with in no time they caught the lizard.All of them were still standing in the corridor. Aditi’s whole mood was now totally flopped. Pragya and all tried their best to talk to her but she didn’t talked to them but kept clinging to abhi. Abhi was constantly patting her back.”Guys..!! If she don’t want to talk to you all then don’t disturb her..!!” Abhi said them strictly and they all backed off abhi too was in a bad mood. Now the Manager with his workers were coming out of the room.”We are sorry Miss Mehra..!!” Manager tried to apologize to aditi but she hide her face in crook of abhi’s neck.”It’s ok Mr Manager..!!” PRAGYA tried to control the situation and smiled.”Have a good day..!!”Manager said nodding his head and went with his workers. Abhi with aditi went in to Music room. All were still standing in the corridor.”How to cheer up aditi..!!” Purab said scratching his head.”Yeah..!! Both Papa and daughter are in a bad mood..!!” Aditi said shaking her head.”abhi loves aditi so much..!!” Yuvi said smilingly.”Yeah…!!” Aliya said and smiled.”Guys idea ! To cheer up adhu..!!” Pragya said excitedly and all listened to her plan….abhi was telling aditi how to play guitar
when he saw all coming inside.”abhi..!! Listen to us..!!” Pragya called him near her and abhi went near her.”Let’s light up adhu’s mood..!!” Pragya said to abhi and he nodded. Abhi’s mood was off too but he can’t see aditi in badmood. ADITI was sitting on the table. Abhi picked up his guitar and all took their positions. Pragya stood beside abhi..aditi was looking at them with a bad face.

Abhi,purab,yuvi started singing together and a smile crept on aditi’s lips.
Nachle ve, nachle ve,
tu bhi nachle ve
Tu agar chaahe toh dhoop mein baarish ho(abhi sang and came close to aditi and she smiled)
Phool khil jaaye jo teri farmaaish ho(yuvi sang and gave aditi a red rose from a vase she took it happily)
Aaja nachle ve nachle ve nachle ve nachle ve…
Ho tu bhi nachle ve (nachle ve nachle ve)(Three of the boys sang and danced around aditi)
Tu chaahe to hawaaye tere hi geet gaaye(abhi sang and made aditi stand on the floor)
Tu chaahe toh sitaare tere raaste sajaaye(purab sang and kneeled in front of aditi and he poked her nose to which she laughed)
Jitane bhi aasamaan hai tere aage sarjhukaaye
Aaja nachle ve nachle ve nachle ve nachle ve…
Ho tu bhi nachle ve (nachle ve nachle ve)(They all sang and danced together)
Koi dhun masti mein gaayega
Unchi nichi raahon mein muskuraayega(aditi ” abhi’s sister” sang smilingly and adhu clapped her hands excitedly. Aditi ( abhi’s sister) smiled and pull her cheeks to madeher smile)
Mere ?? sapane sajaayega
Phir apane yeh sapane, sabko dikhlaayega(pragya sang kissing aditi’s cheeks and made her run towards abhi. ADITI run towards abhi)
Tere liye yahaan pe hai kuchh bhi nahi
namumkin ( abhi picked her up in his arms and twirled around with her.)
Ho jeena kya jeena jo ke ho masti ke bin(purab sang dancing crazily in front of aditi and she laughed. Filling abbi’s heart with a contentment)
Aaja nachle ve nachle ve nachle ve nachle ve…
Ho tu bhi nachle ve – (nachle ve nachle ve)(All sang and danced together)
Tu chaahe to hawaaye tere hi geet gaaye
Tu chaahe toh sitaare tere raaste sajaaye(abhi sang and throw aditi up in the air. She fall back in his strong arms all the time laughing whole heartedly)
Jitane bhi aasamaan hai tere aage sarjhukaaye(purab and yuvi sang kneeling in front of her and bowed their heads down.)
Aaja nachle ve nachle ve nachle ve nachle ve…
Ho tu bhi nachle ve – (nachle ve nachle ve)(All again sang and this time aditi too danced with them. Waving her arms in air still in abhi’s arms.While pragya too was standing beside Abhi .Holding his hand)
Darana kyun jaisi bhi halchal hai(purab sang and waved a lizard packed in packet. Aditi shrieked seeing it and clinged to abhi.abhi showed purab eyes)
Mushkil koi bhi ho koi usaka hal
hai(yuvi sang and snatched the packet from purab and showing aditi he threw the packet in the garbage box. She smiled seeing the lizard in waste bin.)
Jeena yuun jaise jo yeh pal hai
Yeh tere jeevan ka sabse pehala pal hai(Abhi sang smilingly nodding his head looking at aditi and pragya they both too nodded their heads.)
Jhumale tu, ghumale tu, ji le tu hasate gaate
Mausam jo bite toh, phir nahi lautake aate(pragya,aliya,aditi sang together teasing her. She shyly hide her face in crook of abhi’s neck all smiled.)
Aaja nachle ve nachle ve nachle ve nachle ve…
Ho tu bhi nachle ve (nachle ve nachle ve)(abhi sang looking at aditi and she was too much happy now.)
Tu chaahe to hawaaye tere hi geet gaaye
Tu chaahe toh sitaare tere raaste sajaaye
Jitane bhi aasamaan hai tere aage sarjhukaaye(purab and yuvi sang dancing around abhi and aditi)
Aaja nachle ve nachle ve nachle ve nachle ve…Ho tu bhi nachle ve – (nachle ve nachle ve)(They all round around abhi and aditi.

All danced and aditi clapped loudly to appreciatethem.)At the end of the song all of them hugged abhi and aditi tightly. After sometime they broke the hug.”So..!! Ab hamari baby doll ka mood theekho gya?” Purab asked pulling her cheeks and she bobbed her head in a yes. Suddenly she remembered something and her mood again went low.”What happened baby?” Abhi asked touching her cheeks with his knuckle.”Papa..!! You plomised(promised) me that you will buy me toys…!!” She told him sadly and abhi mentally patted himself.”Papa will surely fulfill his promise..!!Chalo..!!” Abhi said and she smiled happily.”Ok guys..!! See you guys tomorrow at the concert..!!” Abhi said.”You have concert tomorrow?”pragya asked.”Yes..!! Tomorrow’s concert is in a public place..!! But the concert day after tomorrow is in a college..!!” Purab told her the details.”Which college..!!” PRAGYA asked curiously.”Pune college of Arts and Science..!!”purab told pragya the name of the college and pragya smiled brightly.( note. ..pragya is working in that college for park time )

“Wow..!! It is the same college..!! Abhi I teach there..!!kapoor ,my uncle asked me to do preparations for the concert..!! That means you will be my guests..!!” PRAGYA told them excitedly and all of them smiled.”Hmm..!! Then we will meet you there…!”yuvi said happily.”Papa..!! Lets go na..!!” Aditi said irritatingly.”Ohh sorry sorry..!! Ok guys bye..!! Pragya let’s go..!!” Abhi held pragya’s hand and came out of the room. The journey again started and this time ADITI was real excited.abhi parked the car in front of a big shopping mall. Abhi was about to pick up aditi in his arms when pragya held his hands.”abhi.!! Let her walk for sometime..!! Jabwo thak jye tab utha laina..!!” She whispered. ADITI didn’t listened to her because she was busy in looking at the bigMall. Abhi smiled at pragya .”pragya..!! I was away from her for four long years..!! I want to pick her up in my arms..!! I want to compensate pragya….!! Ifeel guilty ..!!” Abhi was on verge of crying but pragya held his hands.”Shh..!!It’s ok abhi..!! Do whatever you liketo do..!! I am always with you..!!” PRAGYA said lovingly and he smiled. Abhi run towards aditi and picked her up in his arms. Trio entered the shopping Mall. Pragya bought a lot of dresses for aditi and abhi. Then abhi and aditi shop for pragya. Aditi was enjoying a lot. At last after buying dressing stuffs they reached a big toy shop.abhi made ADITI stand on the floor and she run inside the shop. She had never ever seen so much toys in her life. She was just placing her finger on the toy which she liked and abhi was asking the shopkeeper to pack the toy. PRAGYA was standing there quietly. She too was guilty she tried her best to give aditi all the facilities. She tried her best to make her and aditi a family but she was incomplete without abhi. Without his support…!! Without his love she was nothing..!! She was lost in her thoughts but aditi’s happy shouts brought her out of the dream.

“Papa..!! Ya wala teddy bhi laina hai..!!”aditi pointed towards a teddy which was almost three times bigger than her eyes even bigger than Max. Abhi nodded and after getting her Papa’s approval she hugged the teddy but the teddy imbalanced and fell over her. She shrieked in horror with this sudden act and abhigya run towards her.Now she was afraid of the teddy and silent tears were again falling down of her eyes.Abhi picked her up in his arms and she hugged him tightly.”Ganda teddy..!! Mjy nai laina..!!”She was sobbing and telling abhi between it.”Ok hum nahi lain gay..!! We don’t want this teddy Mr.Shopkeeper..!!” Abhi told shopkeeper and he nodded.”You want more toys?”abhi asked to cheer up aditi but she shook her head in a no. Aditi was still crying. Abhi look at pragya helplessly. She gave him an assuring nod.”abhi..!! You go..!! Pay the bills..!! Adhu..!!Mama ka baby idar aoa Mama pass..!!”PRAGYA said to abhi and took aditi from abhi’s arms. Abhi paid all the bills. He came back but aditi was still crying.”Kya ho gya mery baby ko..!!” Abhi asked worriedly but aditi didn’t replied to him.”abhi..!! She is hungry that’s why she is showing tantrums..!! Don’t worry..!!”PRAGYA told him patting aditi’s back and he sighed in relief.”Tou chalo..!! Let’s go to some hotel..!!Wahan hum meri princess ka favorite pasta khayen gay..!!” Abhi tried to cheer up her and she smiled at him hearing about Pasta.They came to their car the shopkeeper’s servant helped abhi to dump all the toys in his BMW. While pragya was playing with aditi sitting on the passenger seat. And aditi was smiling. Soon all the toys and their other shopping was dumped in the car.abhi came and sat on the driver’s seat.It was now evening. Abhi realized that he too was very much hungry aditi was too small.He cursed himself how he forgot about the lunch it was dinner time now. Aditi too was so busy in shopping that she didn’t realized that she was hungry. Soon they reached a Chinese restaurant.

“Good evening Mr.Mehra..!!” Waiter greeted him as abhi was their old customer.”Good evening..!!” Abhi too greeted him.Waiter was now looking at pragya and aditi. “She is my wife and my daughter..!!”abhi introduced them.”Ohh..!! Good evening Mrs.Mehra..!! Good evening Ms.Mehra..!!”Waiter greeted them too and they both smiled.”adhu..!! What you want to eat?”Abhi asked aditi.”Yes Ms.Mehta…!! Please tell me your order..!!” Waiter asked aditi and aditi felt herself something special. She smilingly told him that she wanted to eat Pasta with lots of ketchup. Moreover she told him that she wanted to eat chocolate tart and much more.Waiter obediently note down her order.”Anything else Sir?” Waiter asked after noting down aditi’s long order.”No..!! Jo bhi adhu nay bola hai that’s enough..!!” Abhi said smilingly because he knew that aditi can’t eat all of that.aditi picked up the fork and butter knife from the table.”Let’s fight Papa..!!” ADITI exclaimed and abhi too picked up his fork and knife. And they started fighting. PRAGYA was just admiring the two. Everyone was looking at them but who cares. As long as aditi and pragya was smiling Abhi gave a shit to the whole world. Aditi was laughing loudly and people were smiling at them. Abhi and aditi were busy in their game when suddenly some fans came towards them.They greeted abhi and pragya . ADITI was looking at them with excitement. They kept talking to abhigya. They clicked some selfies with Abhi and after taking autographs they went.

“Papa..!! Ya ap ki fans the?” ( your fans )Aditi asked to abhi and he smilingly nodded. “I am so ploud(proud) of you Papa..!! You ale(are)my lockstal(rockstar)..!!” She exclaimed happily and hopped in his arms. Abhi was too much happy that his own daughter had proud of him. Meanwhile dinner came and aditi eat from abhi’s plate. Abhigya feed her after the dinner. They again sat in the car and their way back to home aditi fell asleep in pragya’s lap. Pragya rested her head on abhi’s shoulder. Abhi was driving slowly.”I love you abhi..!!” Pragya whispered.”Today finally I felt that our family is complete..!! Abhi I tried my level best to provide aditi all the facilities..!!But I could not give you…her father’s love!! Itny expensive toys..!!Clothes..!! Sab..!!” Pragya also didn’t knew why she was telling abhi all that. But she wanted him to know all that.”pragya.!! I promise I will fulfill all her wishes…!!”abhi said assuringly.”I know abhi.!! I trust you..!!” Pragya said smilingly. Soon they reached home. Pragya went inside the house and abhi started unloading all the shopping bags and aditi’s toys. There were many dolls in her toys. A big doll house. Many soft toys. Kitchen utensils set. Tea party set. And many others.pragya tucked Manvi in the bed meanwhile abhi kept all the shopping in the lounge.pragya came out of their room and saw the lounge abhi was sitting on the sofa his eyes were closed he was resting his head with the back of the sofa. PRAGYA walked towards him she slowly placed her palm on his forehead.”abhi..!! You look tired..!!” PRAGYA said softly and abhi opened his eyes. He smiled and pull her in his lap.”I missed your concern pragya ..!!” Abhi said and pragya smiled.

“How much you missed this?” Pragya asked lovingly encircling her arms around his neck.”After last night do you still want me to tell you Mrs.abhishek?” Abhi asked huskily.”I want you to tell me this every night Mr.Mehra.!!” PRAGYA too said seductively and abhi without further delay slammed his lips with hers. Abhi kissed her deeply and pragya too kissed him back. Soon they broke the kiss gasping for air. He swiftly picked her up in his arms and walked to the bedroom. He laid down on the bed with pragya over him. They both saw aditi sleeping peacefully…. pragya rested her head on his chest. A lone tear escaped her eye and fell on abhi’s bare chest.”fuggie..!! Are you ok..!!” Abhi asked kissing her hair.”More than ever..!!” She whispered.”I love you bohat ziada abhi..!!” Pragya said lovingly.”I love you too..!!”abhi said and pecked her lips. Soon he felt pragya’s even breath…he took pragya and aditi in his arms and he too fell asleep.

Hope you liked ….and I think you are not confused with both aditi….and moreover I had mentioned ….so letss wait for nect episode

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