kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (Episode 48)


Hope you all had a good day…thanks for your comments . A big suprise is waiting for you all ..

The episode starts with Abhi,pragya and aditi were done with the breakfast.”pragya I..!! I think aliya, purab ,bulbul and aditi must be worried …why don’t we go to them first?” Abhi asked pragya while helping her in Dish washing. Aditi was playing in the lounge.”Actually abhi I was thinking the same..!!one minute..what did you said aditi..aditi..is she alive..Abhi smiled.pragya holds his collar and asked say..is she …Abhi miss his head.pragya asked how can be I saw her leaving my hand.Abhi asked then what happened with a smirk.PRAGYA says I didn’t know as I was unconscious. Abhi says yes..you was..as I came to hospital too..the doctor said that nothing happened to your wife but we didn’t get aditi right.pragya says we thought that her body was lost.Abhi says yes…she was treated in a village hospital..by the near by people.and moreover you have another suprise too.you gonna meet another one too.pragya asked who..bhai.Abhi nods no.pragya asked then..Abhi says it’s suprise…you will come to know more suprises once we reach there.pragya says whatever…I know you are playing pranks on me.They must be worried..!! And it’s been along time I met all..!! And I don’t know how they will react after seeing me and adhu.!!” PRAGYA was a little scared.”fuggie ..!! Don’t be scared..!! They all understand and know you..!! Everything will be fine..!! Main hoon na..!!” Abhi said and side hugged her. She smiled at him.abhi kept talking to her and she was just listening to him abhi had lots of things to tell her. She was smilingly listening to him and cleaning the kitchen. They were talking to each other when aditi came in. Abhi smiled at her and picked her up in his arms.Now pragya was just taking off her working apron.”Papa..!! We are not going to buy toys “aditi asked sadly putting her arms around abhi’s neck and rested her head on his shoulder.”Awww..!! Your Mama is busy In work na..!!

once she is finished we can go..!!” Abhi said patting her back and shejust hummed and started sucking her thumb.”Bus..!! I am free..!! Chalo chalein..!!”pragya said holding abhi and aditi’s hand and aditi’s sad mood instantly switched in a good one.”Yupiee..!!” She clapped excitedly and abhigya smiled brightly seeing their love happy. Trio came out and pragya saw a dashing BMW standing in front of the house. Aditi’s eyes started shining on seeing such a dashing Car.”Mama..pappa..!! Ya Call(car) kish ki hai?” ADITI asked abhi innocently and he smiled.”Ya meri princess ki car hai..!!” Abhi told aditi lovingly and pragya side hugged abhi in content. ADITI again started clapping with excitement. Abhi made her stand on the ground and she run towards the car. Abhigya followed her side hugging each other.”Wow..!! Papa..!! It’s aweshome..!!(awesome)..!! Mama look OUL(our) own call(car)..!! Jahooo(yahooo) ab hum bhi call(car)main jaya kalen(karen) gay..!!” ( From now we can go in this car)

Aditi was saying all that in innocence but Abhi felt a pang of pain in his heart. His own daughter was deprived of the facilities which he dreamt to give her. Pragya instantly felt what abhi was thinking. She just pressed his hands and gave him an assuring smile.He look at her painfully and smiled weakly.He composed himself and went near aditi who was now trying to open the door.Abhi picked her up in his arms and opened the driver seat door.”So Papa ki doll..!! You liked it..!!” Abhi asked touching her hair. ADITI bobbed her head in excitement.”Yesh Papa..!! I loved it..!!” ADITI exclaimed and abhi smiled.”Papa..!! Ab ap mjy daily is call(car) main school cholny(chorny) jayen gay na?” ADITI asked innocently and abhi closed his eyes tightly to compose himself.”Yes bacha..!! Papa will daily drop you at school..!!” Abhi told her smilingly and she again clapped in excitement. PRAGYA was just watching the duo who were busy in admiring them..aditi says see mumma i will show Aryan my pappa and our car.”She shouted happily and pragya walked towards them. She smiled at abhi and aditi hugged abhi tightly .”I love you so much Papa..!!” She whispered lovingly in his ear and kissed his cheek.”Papa loves you more doll..!!” Abhi said lovingly and kissed aditi’s forehead.”Mama ko tou sab bhool gaye..!!” PRAGYA said with a fake anger and made a pout.abhi laughed and side hugged her.”No..!! We haven’t forgot you..!! You are the soul reason that we all are happy..!!” Abhi said lovingly and aditi nodded her head in excitement and held pragya’s hand in her tiny hands.”I love you both..!!” Pragya said smilingly and abhi engulfed aditi and pragya in a bear hug.After sometime trio were sitting in THE BMW.abhi was driving the car and aditi was sitting in his lap. Pragya was sitting beside them. Aditi was busy in checking everything of the car. She was very much excited. She pressed the horn and clapped happily. Abhigya were just watching her.”Papa..!! We ale(are) going to buy toys haina?” ADITI asked abhi looking at him.”Yes beta..!! But before that I want you to meet with your Chacho and Masi ,bua’s…!!” Abhi told her slowly he was fully concentrated on the road.”Chacho? Maushi?” ADITI asked confusingly and look at pragya.

“Yes meri princess adhu…!! They all our relations..!!” PRAGYA told aditi and she started sucking her thumb once again as she was confused. She slowly rested her head on abhi’s chest and wrapped her arms around his waist. Abhi smiled seeing his little one confused.”Ohhh Papa ka baby..!! They all will love you..!!”abhi tried to relax her but she remained quiet. Abhi and pragya were talking to each other on different topics.Now pragya was telling abhi about aditi’s School and her job. But aditi was busy in thinking about her soon-to-meet Chacho and Maushi ,bua’s. Soon they reached the hotel where they were resting.”Chalo bacha..!! We reached…!!” Abhi told aditi and three of them got down on the car. ADITI with hand was holding abhi’s finger and with other she was holding pragya’s finger. She was amazed seeing the hustle and bustle of the hotel as she walked with abhigya . Soon they reached a room. Abhi without knocking opened the door and entered in it. Aditi saw four people.one were boys and two were girls. Seeing them they got up. ADITI noticed shocked expressions on their faces.”pragya di …bhabhi .!!” They all shouted happily and run towards pragya. Seeing them running crazily aditi become afraid and hide behind Abhi and held his pants tightly.They all at a time hugged pragya.We missed you so much bhabhi..!!”Aliya had tears in her eyes.”Yes di..!!more than us bhai missed you a lot!!” Purab said smiling sadly.”But tum the kahan?” BULBUL asked curiously and all nodded.”Guys..!! Ya sab baad main..!! First I want you to meet our daughter…!!aditi abhishek mehra..!” Abhi said smilingly and he almost dragged aditi from behind.

Aditi was still not comfortable she was standing quietly clinging to abhi’s leg and abhi was patting her head. All look at her and she smiled at them confusingly. They all rushed towards aditi and aditi’s grip on abhi’s leg became more tight. Abhi felt it and he patted her head.”Relax princess..!! They all are your friends..!!”He gave her and assuring smile she nodded. All kneeled in front of her.”abhi..!! She is so cute..!!” Purab exclaimed and aditi smiled hearing her..” gorgeous”.bhai…!! She is just like you..!!” Aliya too exclaimed.”Her hair are just like you di..!!”This time bulbul said touching aditi’s hair softly.”Her cheeks are just like pragya di.!!”aliya too said and touched aditi’s cheeks.”Hello..!!” ADITI waved her hand sweetly infront of them and all of them went all awe for her.”Hello doll..!! I am purab..!!” Purab introduced himself smilingly and extended his hand for a handshake. ADITI smiled and held his hand.”Hi pulab ( purab) Chacho..!!” ADITI said cutely and purab was so happy they she called her “pulab chacho” made him feel an unknown proud.He kissed aditi’s cheeks and hugged her suddenly bulbul pushed him away from aditi.”Hat bhi..!! Let me introduced myself..!! Hi baby I am bulbul..!!” BULBUL told aditi and she smiled.”Hello bulbul Maushii..!!” Aditi shook hand with her and bulbul was so over whelmed by hearing the word “Maushi” . She too hugged her tightly. Then again she too was pushed by Aliya . Abhi had already told pragya that bulbul and purab were engaged..”Hi aditi..I am aliya bua .. introduced herself . She extended her hands in front of her and she smiled. She took their hands in hers.”Hello bua!!” Aditi greeted her too and she hugged her. Abhigya were just smiling seeing their little how much expertly she made her relations.”You all ale(are) relatives ?aditi asked excitedly.all nods Yes.aditi asked can I meet pappa’s instruments

“Yes baby doll..!! You want to see our instruments?” Purab excitedly and aditi nodded. He immediately picked her up invhis arms and run towards the other room where they had placed all their instruments.As soon as purab left the room with aditi ,aliya,bulbul looks at abhigya. They all wanted answers.”So..!! Now tum log btaoa gay kuch?” Aliya asked and abhigya nodded. Abhi knew that pragya will broke down if she will repeat all that again so he decided to tell them.”Guys..!! It’s ma..!!” Abhi started to tell them the whole story. Silent tears were rolling down of pragya’s cheeks and she was sitting resting her head on abhi’s chest. And abhi with one hand holding pragya close to him and with one hand he was holding her both hands. Both were listening all that in a trance. All of them were shocked…pragya gets up from her seat and moved towards the door…..she saw aditi standing near the door while speaking to someone. She didn’t noticed pragya.but pragya touched her cheeks.aditi turns to see who is it.and was shocked….pragya…was the word she spoke and hugs her .pragya cries her heart out and aditi says let’s speak about it later ,where is our junior rockstar..it’s a boy or girl.pragya says girl.aliya comes saying you know one thing…her name is too aditi.aditi looks at pragya.pragya says hey you only told n.a….and aditi says now how can we both be differentiated. PrAgya says you are aditi and she is adhu.Abhi says nice idea…aditi says pragya meet Mr.yuvaraj. Abhi says arey don’t give him much build ups. PRAGYA gestures who. .aliya says her boyfriend. PRAGYA looks at aditi.aditi slaps her saying pragya no..he is the one who saved me.Abhi says I told you n.a…suprise person.a man comes there and stands beside ADITI.pragya says hello and he too smiles at her …

Purab came out of the room with aditi because he knew abhi ‘s sisters wanted to talk.”So baby doll..!! You know which instrument I play?” Purab asked aditi andshe shook her head in a no.”No Chacho..!!” Aditi said innocently meanwhile they reached the room. PURAB made her stand on the floor.”I beat these drums…!!”Purab showed her his Gaba’s drum set and she touched the drums excitedly.”Your aliya bua is well known to play these guitars..!!” PURAB showed her their guitars.”aliya bua also plays guitar.purab says bacha she is your rockstar pappa’s sister. .. And do you what your Papa plays?” Purab asked and she nodded.”My Papa is a lockstall(rockstar)..!!He plays guital(guitar)..!! I know..!!” She said smilingly and purab gave her an impressive smile. She was as intelligent as abhi.”pulab Chacho..!! Will you teach me how tobeat drums?” Aditi asked excitedly.”Of course..!! Come..!!” Purab said and made her sit on his seat. But aditi was too smallto reach the drums. He handed over her the drum sticks but still she wasn’t able to reach them. She look sadly at purab. She was disappointed. Purab thought of something to cheer her up and yes he got an idea.He lifted her in his arms and he himself sat on his seat with aditi in his lap.”Baby doll..!! Just hold my arms..!!” Purab instructed her and she noddingly held his wrists. Purab started beating the drums and aditi was enjoying to her full. Purab was cracking jokes and aditi was laughing out loud. Suddenly she saw a lizard on the wall all her smile and excitement flew away within a second.”Chacho..!!Lizaaald..!!(lizard)…!!”aditi shouted. She jumped of purab’s lap and run out of the room.”Papa..!! Mama..!!” That’s all she was shouting and running in the corridors. Purab run behind her.

So let’s see what adhu’s pappa gonna do….

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  1. Soooo cute….ne Aditi marubadiyum varuva nu sonnathum…na kutty Aditi nu nenachan…really Aditi is alive… Sema surprise yaar…keep going….

  2. Aditiroy

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      Epi was awwssoomme yaar aditi is alive im soo excited to read nxt Epi……
      Nd wat varsha said was u said tht aditi will be back she thought tht it will be small aditi really aditi is alive semma surprise
      Dis is wat she said…..

      1. Asmithaa

        Tamila??? Hello epadi irukinga???

      2. Asmithaa

        haan.. i have to update.. but no time.. but very soon i will update..

    2. Asmithaa

      She is telling that… You told that Aditi will be back right.. But she mistaken that u meant about little Aditi… But really Aditi is alive… Superb suprise yaar… Keep going…

      And this is from my side… Episode was awesome.. And I hope u remember me…

      1. RiyaDcruz

        Yeah actually I’m half Malayalam nd half Hindi nd lives in Chennai so I knw those language……….
        Nd naa romba nalla iruka……….

      2. RiyaDcruz

        Nd were is ur ff tum mera hero update it yaar

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    Superb epi….really sweet n cute???

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