kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 47)


Hope all are enjoying this story line…keep reading..

The episode starts with Good morning abhi..!!” Pragya greeted him.”Good morning..!!” Abhi said lazily and placed his chin on her shoulders and he dived his face in her wet hair.”Coffee piyo gay?” Pragya asked adjusting the flame of the stove.”Hmmm..!!” Abhi just hummed and kept nuzzling his face in her wet and exotic hair.”Your hair smell still the same pragya ..!!Exotic..!!” Abhi whispered and pragya smiled. PRAGYA prepared a cup of coffee and  Abhi sat on the chair with pragya in his lap. They both share the cup of coffee with necessary morning pecks and kisses.Soon the coffee was finished. Abhi again lazily dived his head in her hair and she kept running her fingers in his hair.’pragya ‘ ..!! It feels aditi don’t trust me..!!”abhi said in a low voice still in the same position.”What made you say that abhi ?” Pragya asked worriedly.”Last night she knocked our room door and when I came out she was crying..! When I asked the reason she told me that she saw a dream in which I left you and adhu alone..!! How will I gain her trust fuggie ..!”abhi told told sadly. Pragya smiledand made him look at her. ”

Abhi..!! It’s ok..!! Wo abhi bachi hai..!! You just give your whole attention and love to her..!! She will be fine..!!” PRAGYA consoled him and he smiled.”Thank you fuggie ..!! For creatinga good image of mine in front of adhu..!!” Abhi said tucking a strand behind her ear.”Hmm..!! Mera abhi hai he itna acha..!!”pragya said naughtily and winked. Then she hugged him tightly.”I love you abhi…!”pragya whispered in his ear.”I love you too fuggie..!!” Abhi said smilingly and patted her back.”Ouch..!! I am sholly(sorry)..!!” Aditi shouted putting her hands on her eyes and turned around. Abhigya instantly broke the hug and pragya got down of abhi’s lap and she was red tomato now. Abhi laughed out loud.”Acha..!! Tou Papa aur Mama kay sathshaitani..!!” Abhi exclaimed and aditi started laughing. Abhi run behind aditi and soon he caught her. Both were laughing loudly and pragya went in to kitchen to prepare the breakfast. Abhi was kissing aditi madly and she was laughing.”Papa bush..!! Please..!!” Aditi was now breathless due to constant laughing. Abhi stopped and pull her for a hug.”Waisy apdono lomance(romance) kal lay(karray) thy?” ADITI asked naughtily and abhi’s eyes widened with surprise and pragya wanted to hide somewhere.”aditi..!! Bad manners..!! You are not old to talk these words..I don’t want you to repeat these types of words like romance..ok.. ?” Abhi said in a little loud voice and aditi kept mum and instantly nodded her head seeing her Papa in a bad mood. Pragya didn’t interrupted between abhi’s scolding session because she knew he was scolding her on a right thing.”Sholly Papa..!!(sorry)..!!” Aditi immediately surrendered and abhi smiled.”No need baby..!! It’s just you have to understand that Me or you Mama when ever we scold you na you have to behave like a good girl we will never ever scold you on a wrong thing ok baby?” Abhi said in a low voice adjusting her hair lovingly. Aditi’s tiny head was unable to understand what her Papa was saying but she had trust in him that whatever he was saying must be right so she again nodded her head.”Papa ka barve baby..!!” Abhi kissed her nose and she smiled brightly seeing her Papa back in his lovey dovey mood.”Abhi. ..!! Adhu..!! Go and get fresh..!! I am making your breakfast..!!”

PRAGYA shouted from the kitchen and both father daughter giggled. Abhi picked up aditi in his arms and went in the bathroom.Half an hour passed but they both didn’t came for breakfast. Pragya became worried. She walked to the bathroom, door was open and the sight in front of her was enough to boil her blood. Abhi and aditi were playing with water.abhi was sitting on the bathroom floor and aditi was running here and there. Both were splashing water over each other. Bathtub was overflowing and the shower was also running on it’s full swing. The new carpet of the room was completely wet which pragya bought few days back. She felt dizzy on seeing her bathroom and carpet ruined.”What the hell are you both doing?” Pragya shouted on top of her voice. Abhi and aditi who were ready to throw water on each other again instantly froze on their places.”It was Papa’s idea..!!” ADITI shouted and hide behind abhi.”Haww..!! Jhot..!! No fuggie…!! It was adhu’s idea..!!” Abhi tried to defend himself.”Shut up you both..!!” PRAGYA shouted again and both put fingers on their lips. Pragya was fuming with anger.”Papa..!! Mama is vely(very) gusa on us..!!”aditi whispered and abhi nodded.Suddenly a wicked idea came in abhi’s mind.

He stood up and went towards pragya.”abhi..!! Stay away from me..!!” Pragya shouted.”Come on fuggie ..!! Come here..!!” Abhi said excitedly and he dragged pragya under the shower with him. Aditi was jumping with joy.”Abhi….!!” Pragya shouted angrily.Then abhi and aditi started splashing water on pragya. Soon pragya’s anger flew away seeing her love ones happy. She too started playing with them. After spending plenty of good time, pragya gave a towel to abhi.And she wrapped aditi in a big towel.abhi came out of aditi’s room and pragya dressed up aditi She came out with aditi. Aditi was holding her finger. Abhi was standing all wet in the lounge with a bad face. Pragyw laughed seeing him.”What’s so funny? I don’t have clothes..!!”abhi said angrily.”Relax Abhi ..!! Come I’ll give you clothes..!!” Pragya said and asked him to come with her. Aditi sat on the floor to play with her toys. Abhi followed her to the bedroom. As soon as they reached the bedroom abhi held her waist.”abhi.!! Kya kar rahy ho..!! Adhu daikh layge..!!” Pragya said and tried to free herself from abhi’s grip.”Wo bahar busy hai..!! Let’s do our stuff..!!”Abhi said huskily.”Haww..!! Besharam..!!”

Pragya said angrily and tried to push him but abhi took her lips for a passionate kiss. PRAGYA closed her eyes and replied with equal favor.After sometime abhi broke the kiss and started kissing her neck.”abhi ..!! Abhi..nahi ….wat will adhu think.!!” PRAGYA push him and he look at her. “And abhi tou you scolded her na when she just said a word romance..!! !!pragya said in a low voice and he nodded.”Acha clothes..!!” Abhi demanded.”Haan..!!” She said and went to her cupboard. She came with a fresh pair of jeans and shirt.”Wasiy ya kahan say aya tmhry pass?” Abhi asked curiously.”It’s your birthday gift..!! I bought it on your birthday..!! She told him smilingly and he took her in bear hug. They both quickly changed and come out.”Chalo baby breakfast time..!!” Abhi said and picked up aditi in his arms and sat on the breakfast table.”Papa..!! We will go to buy toys na?aditi asked in her ever sweet voice and abhi nodded.”Yes baby..!! We will surely go..!!” Abhi said and all smiled.

Hope it’s a cute sweet episode..I think it’s not boring for you all..as you wished a smooth episode

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  1. I am missing my father by this cute episode?? thanks far remembering my sweetest moments with father thankyou sis

  2. lovely epi…………

    abhigya n adhu super

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  4. Sandy

    Such a supper emotional episode ???. Can you please translate all the hindi sentence in England. ???

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  5. Superbbbb yarrrr……………..I loved it

  6. Cute one yaar its not @ all boring…

  7. Saranya24

    No doubt a wonderful cutie beauty epi loved it darlu?????????

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  9. So lovely and cute scenes of Abhi and Adjust…Thank u so much…dear

  10. Aditi dear…could u plz tell me how u have created ur ff pic…I mean by using which type of photo shop?? Plz help me.dear

  11. super episode

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  17. Hemalattha

    awesome. nice to see thier bonding.

  18. Hemalattha

    awesome. nice to see their bonding.

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