kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 46)


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“Time passed abhi..! And now aditi is a big girl..!! She is very strong abhi..!! More than me..!! She is totally your copy..!! You know what was the first word she said…!!She called you abhi..!! She said Papa..!!abhi I missed you in every step of broughting up aditi ..!! Thousands of time I thought of coming back but each time I was afraid of maa and for adhu…!! I lost you abhi.!!and I will not let anything happen to her abhi ..!!”pragya ended up telling the whole story of her side and abhi was froze on his place only silent tears were rolling off his cheeks.For few minutes they kept weeping.”You know what when I came home..!!”abhi started to tell story of his side….

Abhi was standing in the balcony of his hotel room in pune and was constantly trying to call pragya.”Kya hua abhi..! Why are you so worried?”purab asked patting his shoulder.”Yaar..!! Pragya ka phone switched off jaraha hai..!!” Abhi told him worriedly.”it’s not a big deal abhi..! May she didn’t charged her phone..!!” Purab told him shrugging his shoulders but abhi was least satisfied. He was sensing of something wrong. It was their 5th day and he was going insane with impatience. Pragya’s phone was switched off and also no one was picking up the landline. He didn’t wanted to call anyone as they will get worried. His tension had no limits now.his thoughts were only on pragya and his baby. He canceled and trip and came back india.”pragya ..!!” Abhi shouted her name as soon as he entered the Mansion. He run towards his room but she was not there.”PRAGYA ..!!” He again shouted. Meanwhile priya came out of her room. She was not at all surprised to see abhi.”What happened abhi ?” Priya asked in a calm tone.”Where is pragya..!!” Abhi shouted.”I don’t know where your pragya is..!! She just left at the day you went to Pune ..!!”priya told abhi in an ice cold tone and abhi felt like someone had thrown him in some kind of burning fire.”Don’t talk shit..!! Tell me where is my pragya..!!” Abhi again shouted.”Don’t shout Son..!! I told you she left..!!”priya said and went to her room leavinga hell shocked Abhi alone. Abhi came to his room he felt his each step was very heavy. Suddenly he saw a paper on his bedside table. It was a folded
paper. “For abhi ” was written on it. Abhi opened it.”abhishek mehra..!! I am going out of your life..!! Because I have found someone better than you..!! Richer than you..!! You are such an emotional fool abhi..!! Kitne asani say tummery jaal me phas gye..!! Awww I am feeling so sorry for you..!! I am going….!!Dhoond laina meri jaise koi..!!”That’s all was typed on the letter and at the end of it was pragya’s shaky signatures.abhi felt so unreal.”No..!! She can’t do this to me..!! This all is a lie..!! No…!!” He shouted meanwhile whole family came running in. Abhi was throwing everything here and there.”abhi ..!! Kya hua..!!” They all asked in aunison but abhi collapsed on the floor.They all took him to the hospital. Doctor stook him in the ICU.”Doctor..!! How is abhi..!!” Purab asked as doctor came out of the ICU.”I am sorry to tell you Mr mehta.!! Mr mehra ko nervous breakdown hua hai..!!Koi bohat bara shock laga hai un ko..!! I don’t know when will he woke up..!! He is in temporary comma..!!” Doctor told purab and he nodded. The whole family were crying badly because abhi was in comma….

“I was in comma for one month pragya..!!Now I came to know why you were not able to contact me..!! My cell phone was switched off and all other means must be ceased by ma.!!” Abhi told her and pragya was just looking at him horrified.”Abhi..!! You were in comma for one month aur main..!and I am not with you when you need me…!! I am sorry…I could not able to fulfil my promise..I could not forgive me…!! I am your culprit..!! First I left you..! Second I didn’t tell you about aditi..!! I am sorry abhi..!!”pragya was crying badly she didn’t had words to explain the painshe was bearing.”Shhh..!! Pragya..!! No..!! Don’t say sorry..!!You are not responsible for all this..!! The one who is responsible will have to pay..!! I promise me sab theek kar doon ga..!!” Abhi said to pragya embracing her in his protective arms. Pragya was sobbing now and abhi let her cry. The pain was unbearable for both the lovers.”abhi.!!” Pragya whispered.”Hmm..!!” Abhi said.”You still love me na?” Pragya didn’t knew why she said that but her mental condition was not good.”Of course fuggie ..!! I love you verymuch..!!” Abhi said lovingly cupping her cheeks. PRAGYA slammed her lips with his.abhi kissed her back holding her tightly against him while pragya fisted her hands in his hair to pull him more close to him.abhi without breaking the kiss picked her up in his arms and walked towards theother bedroom. He gently placed her on thebed and broke the kiss. Pragya wasbreathing heavily. Abhi came over her and kissed her whole face.Pragya’S breath was becoming uneven with each passing second.His touch was the same after four long years..!! She was the same..!!Feelings were the same..!! But the passion was now increased to a different level..!! .”You don’t have any idea fuggie how much I missed you..!!” Abhi whispered huskily looking passionately in her eyes.”I missed you too ..!! I missed you so much..!!” Pragya too whispered sweetly and pecked abhi’s forehead.”pragya.!! Just once call me abhishek ..!!” Abhi said seductively.”ABHISHEK ..!!” Pragya said in a low voice cupping his face as a lone tear escaped her eye. And abhi was overwhelmed now.”Aik bar aur..!!”abhi whispered in her ear biting her earlobe .”abhishek!!” She moaned again and wriggled underneath him. Abhi smirked and again took her lips for a passionate kiss.The whole night abhi told pragya that how much he missed her.It was almost 3 am of the night pragya was sleeping peacefully cuddling to his man.While abhi was just stroking her hair,admiring his lady love more over time to time pecking her hair and face. After four long long years she was in his arms again..!!He wanted those moments to freeze here..!!He was busy in admiring his lady love when suddenly he heard a knock on the door.

The knock was faint.”Mama..!! Papa..!!” He heard aditi’s voice with in once second he recognized that she was crying. He carefully got up from the bed trying his best not to disturb pragya’s beauty sleep because she was exhausted. He covered her fully with the blanket and quickly came out of the room. Aditi was standing there. Her eyes were swollen and tears were rolling down of her cheeks.abhi became restless seeing his love crying.He immediately picked her up in his arms.”Shhh..!! What happened Papa ki jaan..!!Why are you crying?” Abhi asked lovingly wiping her tears.”Papa..!! I saw a dleam(dream)..!!” Aditi told him sniffing her nose.”What dream bacha?” Abhi asked rubbingher back.”I saw that you left us alone again..!!” Aditi told him innocently and abhi felt like someone had torn his heart in thousand of pieces. His own daughter had doubts on him that he will leave her.”Baby..!! I promise..!! I will never ever leave you alone again..!! Trust me adhu..!!”Abhi tried to convince her and she nodded. She then gently placed her head on his broad shoulder and closed her eyes. Abhi kept pacing here and there while patting her back. Soon her breathing became even she was fast asleep. Abhi sighed in relief. He walked towards aditi’s bedroom and laydown with aditi in his arms. Soon he too drifted to sleep….pragya woke up and found the bed side empty.”Was that a dream?” She whispered to herself. But seeing her condition she smiled.No it wasn’t..!! But where was abhi.. She took a quick shower and came out of the room. She walked towards aditi’s room and the sight in front of her made her smile brightly. Since how long she wanted to seethis. Abhi and aditi were lying on the bed cuddling to each other. Aditi’s head was on abhi’s chest and abhi was holding the little one tightly. She quietly came out of the room without disturbing both.At last her dream of a complete family came true. She came to the kitchen and started making coffee for herself. She was standing near the stove when suddenly she felt very familiar pair of arms encircled her waist from back.

Hope I joined both of them…and mukund bhai..I did as you said to unite them..sorry that I dragged a little bit and thanks to all ..and that bangala secret will be revealed soon..

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