kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 45)


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The episode starts with

Adhu.!! Papa is also lefty..!!” Before abhi could say something pragya told told and she again smiled brightly.”Also? Meaning? ADITI is also lefty?”abhi asked pragya to which she smilingly nodded. And abhi was too much surprised.Too much similarities…!!”Papa..!! Feed  me na..!!” ADITI said to abhi and abhi feed her a spoon. Abhi kept feeding her and aditi feed him.pragya felt her stomach was filling by seeing her love ones happy. She didn’t ate a single morsel but kept staring at them. Both of them were busy in their feeding session.Suddenly aditi looked at pragya .”Papa..!! Mama is not eating anything..!! You feed hel(her) na..!!”aditi suggested and abhigya looked at each other. Although abhi was angry on pragya but he knew he love her so much..!! He needed answers but he can’t let pragya’s health compromise over it..!! He knew Nandini must havereasons..!! And he also knew that he will surely get the truth from her..!! She can’t hide anything from him..!! He had to act maturely..!!

He can’t afford losing pragya and aditi again..!!”Hmmm..!! Good idea adhu..!”abhi said smilingly. “Pragya come here..!!” Abhi called her and gestured her to sit onthe seat beside him and aditi. Pragya quietly sat beside him. Abhi feed her a spoon full with chocolate pie and pragya felt it difficult to gulp it because of emotions. Tears rolled down her cheeks. ADITI was busy in eating pasta with her hands and abhigya were looking at each other.abhi encircled his one arm around pragya’s shoulders and she rested her head on his shoulders.”Don’t cry fuggie..!! ADITI preshan ho jyege..!!”abhi whispered in pragya’s ear and kissed her hair.”abhi I am sorry..!!”pragya too whispered.”I trust you..!! Shhh..!”abhi again whispered and pragya felt like she was at peace now.She gently wiped her tears.aditi was full now. Abhigya were not hungry anymore.”Papa..!! Ice cream khana hai..!!” Suddenly aditi told him her wish. How could abhi refused his angel’s wish.”Ok..!! So aj Papa,Mama aur aditi will eat ice cream..!!

Chalo let’s go..!!” Abhi said and again picked up aditi in his arms. He held pragya’s hand and with other he held aditi close to him and walked out of the house. Pragya was quietly walking with abhi holding his hand tightly and aditi was constantly blabering with abhi and he was listening to her very carefully.”Papa..!! You sang so well today..!! Hai na mama..!!” Aditi said to abhi and tried to include pragya in the conversation to which she simply nodded.”Papa..!! Sing fol(for) me na please?” ADITI pleaded and abhi nodded. They reached an ice cream vendor. He bought three icecreams and the whole family started licking ice creams. Abhi quickly finished his icecream because he had to fulfill his angel’swish. They were walking back to their house.”So should I start Princess?” Abhi asked aditi and she cutely nodded. Pragya’s grip on abhi’s hand became more tight which he felt clearly.

Abhi started:
Pal, do pal, ki hi kyun hai zindagi
Iss, pyar, ko hai sadiyaan kaafi nahi(abhi sang to which both love of his life smiled brightly)
Toh khuda se maang lun
Mohalat main ik nayi(abhi sang and pragya became sad but ADITI was enjoying to her full)
Rehna hai bas yahaan
Ab door tujhse jaana nahi(abhi sang looking at pragya and nodded.

Then he nuzzled his face in aditi’s hair to which she laughed out loud)
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai(abhi sang and slowly danced with aditi and pragya pragya was just looking at him. [Has he forgiven me? she thought])

Teri muskurahatein hain taaqat meri
Mujhko inhi se ummeed mili(abhi sang looking at aditi and she smiled brightly)
Chaahe kare koi sitam ye jahaan
Inme hi hai sadaa hifaazat meri(abhi look at pragya both were still in pain)
Zindagani badi khoobsurat hui
Jannat ab aur kya hogi kahin(abhi sang looking at aditi lovingly.
She was really his heaven now..!! Aditi was rubbing her eyes now. She was feeling sleepy)
Jo tu mera Humdard hai
Jo tu mera Humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera Humdard hai(abhi continued.
    ADITI dozed off in his arms and they reached home)Wooo…(abhi went to their room and pragya stayed outside she was in pain)

Teri dhadkano se hai zindagi meri
Khwahishein teri ab duaaein meri
( abhi sang in a whisper covering aditi  with theblanket. He kissed her head and pecked herforehead. She smiled in sleep)
Kitna anokha bandhan hai ye
Teri meri jaan jo ek hui(abhi sang admiring his little angel who was the main reason that now pragya was so close to him)
Lotunga yahaan tere paas main haan
(abhi sang and came out of the room he saw pragya standing there. He held her hands)
Waada hai mera mar bhi jaaun kahin
(abhi sang as tears started flowing from the eyes of both and pragya shook her headin a no)
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai

Jo tu mera humdard hai(abhi sang and pragya gently placed her head on his chest. Abhi encircled his arms around her)pragya started sobbing and abhi shushed her by rubbing her back.”pragya…!! We need to talk..!!”abhi said slowly breaking the hug and pragya nodded.”You will tell me the truth…!! Right pragya?” Abhi asked cupping her cheeks.”Look baby if you are afraid of someone na..!! You don’t need to be..!! YOUR abhi is with you..!! I promise I’ll protect you..!!”abhi said in a reassuring tone and she nodded.”I will tell you everything abhi..!! But promise me..!! Kay tum aditi ko kuch nahi honay do gay..! Promise me that you willprotect her..!!” Pragya said crying badly.”I promise..!! I’ll protect you both..!!”abhi said and made her sit on the sofa. Pragya rested her head on his shoulder holding his hands tightly. Abhi was guessing something. Whomever is behind this  I swear..!! They will pay this time..!!” Abhi thought to himself.

Tell me na pragya please..!!” Abhi pleaded once again and pragya nodded.”abhi..! Tumhy yaad hai tum 15 days kay liye pune gayethy?” Pragya asked abhi and he nodded his head.”I remember..!! When I came home..!! You were not at home..!!” Abhi said sadly….

”   abhi..!! Jana zarori hai?” Pragya asked encircling her arms around abhi’s neck.”Haan abhi ki jaan..!!Jana zarori hai warna kabhi na jata na?” Abhi said holding her waist pulling her close. He is having a  concerts in Pune and abhi with his gang was going to pune for 15 days.”You know na I will miss you..!!”pragya said cutely making a pout and abhi couldn’t resist but to kiss her pouty lips.”I will miss you too jaan..!!” Abhi saidbreaking the kiss.”abhi.!! Mat jaoa? Please..!!!”pragya pleaded.”pragya..!! It’s not the first time I am going away from you..!! You never acted like this..!! But you always encouraged me to go..!! What happened today? Are you ok?”abhi asked curiously as pragya never ever stopped him from going anywhere but to day.”Pta nahi abhi..!! It’s just I am feeling kuch galat honay wala hai..!!” Pragya said in a worried tone and abhi pulled her in a hug to console her.”pragya..!!Relax..!! As far as I am there with you..!! You need not to worry..!! Ok jaan..!!”abhi consoled her lovingly and she smiled.”I love you abhi..!!” Pragya told him once again and he smiled.”abhi loves you more jaan..!! You know I love it when you call me abhi..!!” Abhi said poking her nose and she again blushed.”Ok..!! Agar ab ijazat ho tou me jaoan? I am getting late for the flight..!”

Abhi asked her and she nodded.After kissing pragya passionately abhi keeps his hands on her tummy saying …dont worry beta..take care of you and mumma and kissed pragya ‘s forehead.abhi knows that after aditi’s death pragya blames herself and after she was discharged from the hospital as the baby is fine abhi takes care of her very much.the whole family who supported pragya now stood against her and accuses her for aditi’s death but abhi supported pragya in all times.     He sat in his car and went away. Pragya  smilingly came in and saw priya standing on the stairs.”Hmm..!! PRAGYA ..!! Abhi chala gya?” She asked sarcastically and pragya nodded herhead. She was least interested in talking to priya. Priya now hates pragya for killing her daughter”When will he come back?” Priya asked.”After 15 days..!!”pragya told priya and went in her room.priya thought .”15 days are more than enough to throw you out of this house but how? Hmm..!!”priya thought evily….pragya and priya were sitting on the dinner table as all the members are on a vocation.pragya was just rolling the spoon in her plate. It was her habit whenever abhi went out for a tour she never ate properly. And moreover today she was not feeling well. The smell of food was getting on her nerves. Pragya just went to her room and was listening to music.priya comes there.she thinks what to do and suddenly gets an idea.she suddenly pulls pragya towards her and asked  “How dare you?” And slapped pragya. Pragya was shocked at her place. With one hand she was holding her stomach and other hand was on hercheek.”

PRAGYA asked ma what happened.priya says don’t call me ma..as you lost your right.you killed my daughter for this child right…pragya says no..I…didn’t..that day.priya replied I am not here to hear any of your talks.I know you Are pregnant but Kya proof hai tmhrypass kay ya bacha abhi ka hai?” Priya shouted and pragya felt her throat became dry.”What do you mean by proof..!!” Pragya asked in a horrified tone.priya says you know I should be anger on my adhu.because for this child she lost her life.”

Look pragya..!! Tum jaise larkiyoon ko meachy say janti hoon..!! You don’t have a proof..!!” Priya shouted and pragya was stunned at her place.”Why should I give proof? I am abhi’s wife..!!” Pragya too shouted.”You are not his wife..!! You are just a timepass..!! You don’t even match to my son’s class..!! Listen up..!! Son never liked you..my son married you but I agreed for his happiness but when my adhu died because of you…you should also feel the pain! Priya warned her and pragya was stunned at her place.  Pragya too shouted tears were rolling down her cheeks now.”Listen pragya..!! Agar tum nay abhi ko kuch bhi btaya na..!! I swear tum apny bachy say hath dhoo betho ge..!! Moreover tum is ko kbhi baap ka naam bhi nahi daypaoa ge..!!” Priya shouted and pragya felt dizzy. She didn’t knew when everything became so dark for her she fell on the floor.She didn’t knew when she woke up. She was still on the floor. She immediately got up from the floor and tried to search her cellphone. But to her dismay she couldn’t find it. She tried to open her room door but itwas locked.”No..!.abhi..!!” She shouted.

She banged the door but no one opened it.”Please..!! Somebody help..!! Please open thedoor..!!” She was continuously shouting.Suddenly she heard footsteps on other side.”Kaka..!! Is that you? Please open the doorplease..!!” She begged and shouted forthe Butler.”pragya bitya..!! Please don’t waste your energy..!! Mam has strictly ordered us not to open the door..!! I am so sorry..!!” Kaka said and she felt he was crying.”Kaka please..!! Just once..!! Mjy mjhy abhi say baaat krni hai..!! Please…!!” Tears were constantly rolling down of her cheeks.”I am sorry bitya..!!” Kaka said and left.”Please…!! Open the door.!!” Pragya felt helpless she sat with the door and cried her heart out. “How much abhi was eager to have a child..!! God.!! Please..!! I want this baby..!!” She said between her sobs.

Suddenly she heard the door opening she run and sat in a corner. Priya came inside. She had some kind of paper in her hand. She threw it on pragya’s face.”Sign it..!!” Priya said and gave her apen.”What is this?” Pragya asked horrified.”Do you want your baby or not?”priya asked in a scary tone and pragya nodded innocently.”Good girl..!! Now sign it..!!” Priya said smiling evily and pragya immediately signed it. Then priya grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the room. Then she dragged her out of the Mansion’s gate and push her out. All the time pragya was shouting for help but None of the servants dared to help pragya.”pragya..!! Get lost of my son’s life..!! If you ever tried to come back I swear I will kill your baby..!! And you know me very well I can do anything..!!” Priya shouted and pragya was lying on the road. “And yeah don’t you ever dared to come back in my Son’s life…!! Or if you ever tried to contact him na..!! I will cross all the limits..!!”priya again barked and banged the door on her face. Pragya was sobbing hard. She didn’t had any option left. She kept walking on the road until she fainted in front of a Car.Next time she opened her eyes she saw herself nicely tucked in bed.

She tried to got up but two soft hands didn’t let her to got up.”Don’t stress yourself beta..!!” She saw ragini sitting behind her.pragya suddenly hugged her and cried. Ragini says  you fainted in front of our car..!! We brought you here..what happened pragya and Neil asked coming “How are you feeling now dear..!!” He asked patting her head and pragya’s throat choked up with emotions.ragini asked you know na you have to take care and  What were you doing on that road…pragya says ma mjhy phone karna hai abhi ko. Neil gives his phone and .. She tried to call abhi again and again but in vain his cell was switched off.pragya told all the truth to them.ragini says I can’t take risk anymore. ..i know one day like this will happen. .come beta ..let’s leave this country. .

we don’t want to live here..pragya too agrees with her as she has no option.they moved to London and pragya and Neil started their company in London…In the meantime she tried her best to contact abhi but in vain.priya had ceased all the ways. She gave a birth to a beautiful babygirl in the eight month of her pregnancy.”What will you name her ragini asked ?” PRAGYA says “ADITI .!!” She whispered and kissed her forehead.”Wow..!! It’s a beautiful name..!! Kahan saysocha tum nay itna payara naam?” Neil asked her.”Her bua wanted to name her aditi..!!”pragya told them and they both smiled sadly.

I know it’s quite not good…but keep reading..I tried a song version.I don’t know whether it’s good or bad…but keep going…

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