kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 44)


I think its a long episode in my life i wrote….
Abhi and pragya reached pragya’s home.pragya pressed the calling bell.ragini opens the door and was shocked to see abhi with aditi in his arms and pragya standing beside him .ragini asked them to come in.Abhi moves in and ragini looks at pragya who looks blankly.ragini asked pragya to come in and while both are coming abhi asjed where is the room..it seems adhu is slept.pragya knows he is in anger.Neil too comes there and asked what happened to ragini …did pragya and adhu came back and looks at abhi.pragya says come with me and takes abhi with her.
Abhi placed aditi carefully on the bed and sees pragya moving towards the balcony.Abhi moves towards her and was standing in front of her now. She wasn’t shocked to see him because she knew he would surely come. Because he want”Answers”. He was all drenched. His fingers were bleeding” abhi..!! Your hand it’s bleeding..!!” She said panicking and held his hand. He didn’t uttered a word but gently freed his hand from her grip. Both were looking at each other painfully.”Don’t fake this care pragya..!!”abhi said coldly and tears rolled down pragya’s scheeks she shook her head in a no.”abhi i I care for you…!!” She said sadly and again tried to held his hand.”Lier..!!” Abhi said painfully and pull away his hand again. “You don’t care for me..!.really if you care for me you have not left me alone..!.!!” Abhi had so much pain in his voice he also started crying.”Abhi ..! I..!!” Pragya tried to say something but abhi didn’t let her complete.”You don’t love me na? Pragya.!!”abhi asked looking in her eyes.”abhi aisa nahi hai..!! I am sorry..!pragya said painfully.”Sorry? You think one sorry is enough?..!! Agar aisa nahi hai then why did you left me pragya ..!!”abhi asked and started moving forward and pragya moved backward.”Abhi I..!!” Pragya fumbled.”No more lies pragya..!! I want to hear the truth..!! Aditi is my daughter hai na?”abhi asked and pinned pragya with thewall. PRAGYA shivered on feeling his touch after four long years. The touch for which she was craving.”abhi I can’t tell you..!!” Pragya confessed helplessly.”Shhh..!!”abhi placed his finger on her lips she again shivered on feeling his touch on her pouty lips. She closed her eyes. Soon she felt abhi’s finger replaced by his lips. As soon as their lips touched don’t know from where did the verge of loving each other came again between them. Abhi kissed her madly to which pragya replied with equal favor. Abhi’s hands slipped behind pragya’s back and he unzipped her dress.Since how long he wanted to love pragya like this. He didn’t knew where all those”gilay and shikway” flew away which he thought about her. He just wanted to feel her close to him. He just wanted to claim her as his again. He trust her that she was of only his because still his mere touch make her breath uneven…!! Although she wasn’t with him for four years but he still know that he was her owner..!! Abhi broke the kiss when he felt pragya breathless. He started biting her neck and shoulders. He slipped her dress more down and started kissing her madly again. Pragya had her eyes closed she was just letting him do what he want to.She knew how much he love her.”I missed you so much pragya ..!!” Abhi whispered in her ear and a tear from his eyefell on Pragya’S bare shoulder.”I missed you too ..!!” Pragya too whispered in his ears lovingly and wiped his tears. Abhi smiled on hearing this confession. He started unbuttoned his shirt but suddenly pragya realized their position.Moreover aditi was there too. They were not alone at home. She stopped abhi from unbuttoning his shirt.”What? Don’t you want me to love you?”abhi whispered painfully.”abhi it’s not like that..!! Don’t forget adhu is there too..!!” PRAGYA whispered and abhi too realized he backed off.pragya quickly adjusted her dress while abhi look away.”abhi your fingers are bleeding..!!Come i will give you dressing…!!” Pragya said holding his hand and made him sit on the sofa. She brought a first aid box and she herself sat on the floor in front of him.Seeing his wounds tears welled up in hereyes. Abhi was just staring at her.”Why do you hurt yourself..!!” Pragya asked crying badly.”Why did you left me..!!” Abhi was again back on the same question.”You have lost too much weight abhi.!!”pragya said tearfully ignoring his question again.”Why you wrote that letter..!!” Abhi was not giving up so easily.”aditi loves you so much.she craves to see your concert but i will nor allow.!!” PRAGYA again ignored his question.”Why you hide aditi’s birth from me..!!”Again another question which was needed tobe answered.”aditi is totally your copy abhi..!!” Again ignorance mean while pragya was done with dressing.”Shut up pragya ..!!” Abhi’s patience crossed it’s limits. “Answer my blo*dy questions..!!” Abhi again shouted and pragya shuddered on her place. Abhi was about to say something else when aditi’s voice forced him to stop.”rockstar ..!!”She exclaimed and hopped in abhi’s arms. Abhi picked her up and kissed her cheeks.”So my bacha is up?” He asked composing himself to which she cutely nodded and pragya too wiped her tears.”Friend..!! Mama why were you guys fighting?” Aditi asked cutely and pragya run into kitchen to avoid aditi’s questions.”pragya aur mery beech sab theek hai adhu ko yahi pretend karna chaye or else she will feel hurt..!!”abhi thought to himself.”No baby we were not fighting..!!” Abhi told her and he sat on the sofa again.”Friend you are my papa hai na?” Aditi asked abhi in a serious tone and abhi’s eyes widened with shock.”How do you know?” That’s all he could managed to say…

Aditi says i know..!! I know since the vely filst(veryfirst) day we meet..!!” Aditi told him in a serious tone and abhi was hell shocked.”You knew..!!”abhi asked in a shocked tone and aditi bobbed her head in ayes.”But how bacha?””Because of this tie blacelet..!!(bracelet)..!!”aditi said touching the tie pendant in his hand and abhi was quiet.”Mama told me that Papa had gifted hel(her) this blacelet..!! And my Papa also have a one in his light(right) hand..!! So the day we meet na I saw this blacelet in youl(your)hand..!! I was sule(sure)..!! That you ale(are)my Papa..!!”aditi told abhi innocently and tears rolled of abhi’s cheeks.”Why ale(are) you clying(crying) Papa..!!” Aditi asked worriedly and she wiped his tears with her tiny fingers. “Adhu hate teals(tears)Papa..!!” ADITI said smilingly and abhi took her in a bone crushing hug to which she co-operated equally. PRAGYA was watching all this from her kitchen window.She too was sobbing badly.”Papa ab ap nahi jao gay na mjy aul(aur) Mama tou(ko) chool(choor) kay?”Suddenly aditi asked innocently.”No bacha..!! Papa will never ever leave you and Mama alone now..!!” Abhi said wiping his tears and plastering a smile on his face.”Plomish..!!”aditi asked excitedly.”Paka promise..!!”abhi said smilingly and kissed her forehead.”Papa you na sit hele(here)..!! I’ll show you my toys..!!” Suddenly aditi remembered that she didn’t showed abhi her toys. She run in her room and brought a big teddybear. Abhi was just admiring his little love.The teddy bear was double the size of aditi she dragged him towards abhi using her full force. At last she reached abhi and showed him her teddy.”Papa..!! Meet Max..!! Max he is my Papa..!!And he is back flom(from) the big city..!Now he will live with us..!! And you know Max Papa ny plomish(promise) kiya hai the he will nevel(never) leave us alone..!!”aditi introduced her teddy Max with abhi moreover she told Max everything as if he was really listening to her. Abhi was just staring at her in disbelief how muchinnocent she was.”Papa say hello to Max..!! Walna wo nalaz hojye da(Papa say hello to Max or else he will become angry)..!!” Aditi whispered in abhi’s ear as if trying her best that Max don’t hear what she was saying to abhi.Abhi hide his smile and nodded.”Hi Max..!!” Abhi said to teddy and shook hand with him. ADITI became too much happy and she clapped her hands,jumping in excitement. She again run in her room to bring more toys. Pragya had gathered all her toys in a big basket. Aditi tried to drag it but it was too much heavy. She frowned and came out of her room. Abhi was waiting for her that she will bring more toys but seeing her empty handed he became confuse.”aditi..!! What happened? Where are your toys?” Abhi asked and went close to her.She was standing in her room door with frowny expressions.”Wo Papa toy basket is vely(very) heavy..!!”aditi told him her confusion and abhi understood her confusion.”Ok..!! Papa will help you bacha..!!”abhi said lovingly poking her nose and she again jumped in excitement.pragya was watching all this smilingly and was preparing the dinner for both Papa and bacha..!! They must be hungry.By applying a little force abhi picked up the basket in his hands and came out in lounge.He placed the basket on the floor. Aditi was more than happy now.”Papa..!! You ale my supelhelo..!!(you are mysuperhero)..!!” Aditi shouted in excitement and hopped in his arms. Abhi smiled on seeing his angel so happy.”Papa…!! Sit down..!!” Aditi ordered him and abhi quietly obeyed. The abhishek mehra , was sitting on the floor..!! Just to make his angel happy..!! Miracle it was..!!Now aditi was showing him all her toys.Disney characters soft toys. Loony toons soft toys. Moreover she showed him barbie doll,with her prince Ken and a baby doll.”Ya Mama..!!”aditi told abhi pointing towards the Barbie doll. “Ya Papa..!!” She said pointing towards Ken. “Aur ya aditi..!!” She again said pointing towardsthe baby doll. “Complete family..!! Ha na Papa..!!” Aditi asked abhi with shiny eyes and he nodded. Soon aditi filled abhi’slap with her toys. Abhi was co-operating with her with all his love. After she showed him all his toys abhi shoved all the toysaway and pull her in his lap. Abhi kissed her whole face lovingly and she too kissed his cheeks. She rested her head on his chest and abhi encircled his arms around her.He just wanted to feel her close to him.”Papa…!! Mama nay bola tha that you will bling(bring) a big wali doll fol(for)me..!! Whele(where) is my doll?” Suddenly aditi asked abhi and abhi didn’t had any answer he was too much embarrassed.Mean while pragya came and sat beside them. Abhi was finding the answer but pragya started.”adhu..!! Papa tou doll lanywaly thy but myny mana kar diya..!!”pragya said and aditi made a sadface.”Why Mama..!!”aditi asked sadly and abhi was looking at pragya how brilliantly she was covering him.”Because myny socha kay aditi khud Papa kay sath ja kar apni pasand ki doll layge tou ziada acha rahy ga ni?” Pragya said smilingly and this idea clicked aditi .”Yes yes..!! Gleat(great) idea..!!”aditi exclaimed.”So Papa ap aditi ko lay kar jayen gayna..!!” Pragya asked smilingly to abhi.”Of course..!! Tomorrow we will go to toyshop and jo bhi toy aditi ko pasand aye gawe will buy it ok..!!” Abhi told aditi and she was too much excited once again.”I love you Papa..!! I love you Mama..!!” She shouted happily and abhigya smiled.”Ok aditi..!! Papa ko dinner table par laykar aa jaoa..!!we have not eat na..you will be hungry too”pragya told aditi and she herself run to the kitchen to hide her tears.”Ok Papa.!! Time for dinner..!!”aditi told abhi and he got up with aditi in his arms.”Chalo let’s eat..!!” Abhi walked towards the kitchen.”Uffooo Papa..!!”aditi shouted angrily.”Now what bacha?” Abhi asked worriedly.”Ap ko Granny nay nahi sikhaya?”aditi scolded him.”Granny?”abhi asked in a confusing tone.”Alay..!! Ap ki mumma..!! Meli granny..!!”aditi explained and abhi smiled. He wanted to laugh but aditi was already angry.”Kya nahi sikhaya bacha?” Abhi asked in a serious tone.”Kay always wash youl(your) hands befole(before) eating..!!”aditi told him sadly.”Papa..!! Mjy q ap ko hal baat sikhana paltihai? (Papa why do I have to teach you everything?)..!” Aditi said sadly patting her forehead. She was really sad that her Papa don’t know anything about manners.”Ab kya karoon Bacha..!! I need your help..!!Ap sikhaoa ge mjy sb kuch?”abhi asked sadly hiding his smile he was playing along.”Don’t be sad Papa..!! Main hoon na..!! I will teach you everything..!!”aditi said cupping his cheeks and abhi couldn’t resist himself but to kiss her cheeks hard. Then aditi instructed him about the directions of bathroom. Then she told abhi how to wash hands. Abhi was really very much impressed by aditi’s manners. He must say pragya had taught aditi very goodmanners. Finally they reach the dinner table pragya was already waiting for them. She smiled seeing them both. Aditi sat on abhi’s lap.”Wow..!! Pasta..!!” Aditi exclaimed and abhi noticed the dishes on the table.Pasta,Chocolate mousse,Chocolate pie everything was his favorite. “So she remembers..!!” Abhi thought smilingly.”You know Papa..!! All these dishes are my favorite..!!” Aditi told abhi excitedly and abhi was just smiling. “Papa we will eat in the same plate..!!” ADITI said to him and abhi was going all awe on his sweetie pie.”Ok bacha..!!” Abhi said poking her nose and she laughed.ADITI asked where is granny and granda. Abhi asked granda..who is it .aditi says offo…Neil dada. Abhi chuckled at her answer.pragya was just watching the bond between them. They both hardly met each other few days ago and were acting like they knew each other since ages.Someone quoted it true Blood relations are worth..!! They can never be separated..!!abhi dished out some pasta in a plate and he was about to take first bite when aditi again stopped him.”Papa..! Why are you eating with left hand?”aditi asked innocently and abhi smiled seeing pragya..

Hope you all enjoyed this long update .. we will come to know the truth in next episode. ….and thanks for your lovely comments guys. …keep supporting..

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