kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 43)


Thanks guys for your support…..and let’s get into the story….

ADITI and RAGINI comes to home when pragya stops aditi .aditi looks at her.pragya asked shall we go out.aditi thinks and says no mumma..I am not feeling good.pragya kneels before her and checked her temperature by placing her hand on her forehead.aditi chuckles saying mumma…don’t get fear..I am ok and laughs.pragya twists her ears and aditi says sorry mumma…leave me.pragya says come we can go to near by restaurant and will have a wonderfull dinner.aditi asked Ice cream.PRAGYA replies ofcourse and takes her in arms and leaves.

Abhi was much happy and he asked akash to order a fantastic dinner.akash says bhai ,there is a festival regarding Krishna jayanthi. Let’s go n.a. .Abhi says I have no faith in it.akash says have faith bhai.Abhi says ok..come I am in good mood dont spoil it .let’s go .
PRAGYA and aditi reached the same hotel and aditi sees lord Krishna idol and goes near it.she says ,Krishna ,you never showed my dad.mumma will say that pappa will come only if I M good.I am not good a Krishna. PrAgya hears her and says come aditi let’s go.see many toys are there.we can purchase a big teddy bear. .you asked a big one n.a. aditi looks at her and thinks not to ask about pappa..she too will get hurt and says ya mumma let’s go and both leaves.

Abhi takes a seat back to pragya.both could not face and aditi sits opposite to her and akash sits opposite to abhi.pragya orders dishes for them and abhi orders for him Nd akash.pragya feels like her heart beats fast and thinks if abhi is here.her thought was disturbed by aditi. Abhi too feels the same.the waiter places the good in pragya’s table mistakenly he pours the juice on pragya’s dress.the waiter says so sorry mam. PrAgya says it’s ok and asked aditi to be here and leaves to washroom.the manager comes to stage and says today a special guest is with us.I ask him to perform only one song for us.Abhi agrees and starts to sing. First aditi didn’t recognised him later she gets happy seeing him.she claps her hands and was frozen by his song.after abhi finished his song ,aditi runs towards him…rockstar…..uncle.but all the people surrounds him .aditi tries to go in between them but she was pushed down.she cries pappa.Abhi leaves from there where all the crowd follows him .aditi looks abhi going and shouts uncle…rockstar..Abhi turns as the voice is familiar to him.he was shocked to see aditi in such state.he immediately runs towards her and takes her in his arms and sits on the near by chair by placing her In his lap.Abhi shouts at akash yo being the first aid box and turns to see aditi.she was murmuring papa..pappa. .Abhi thinks for a while and says ya..I am here and kissed her forehead. ADITI lies her head on his chest and abhi caresses her face.akash gives him first aid box and abhi treats her wound . pragya comes out of the washroom and looks for aditi.aditi was not there and sees a crowd. She thinks what happened and thinks may be aditi is there and rushed towards them.pragya pushed all of them and sees aditi in someone’s arm but she didn’t look abhi .pragya rushed towards her and takes her in her arms. Abhi was shocked to see.pragya ” adhu..open your eyes.I asked you to stay there right..where you went and thanks to you..and looks at abhi.she was shocked.her past is standing before her.saiyaara …saiyaara plays. she then comes to senses and runs from there with aditi.akash asked abhi to go behind her .Abhi says she is alive and aditi was my baby..how can she do this to me.I have to get answer from her and leaves behind her.pragya was about to catch a taxi when abhi catchef her hand.he sighs the driver to go and takes aditi from her hands.aditi was half slept so she didn’t utter a word.he says come with me.pragya says I can go alone.no need of your help.past years we are alone ..so please.Abhi says just stop it.I am silent because our daughter is here .I dont want her to be sad.and it doesn’t means you can talk what you want .I said come with me.you think after seeing you both I will leave.why you did like this and why you left me ..atleast you would have informed me na that we are having a daughter and where were you there days.pragya closed her eyes.tears falling from her eyes.Abhi looks at her and says let’s leave.Abhi takes the car and pragya sits beside him and asked aditi too give as she is in sleep .Abhi says you have separated us for long time so I will not leave my daughter anywhere.pragya could feel the pain and sits quite. Abhi drives. On the way, abhi asked where you went leaving her.pragya says I went to washroom as the waiter pours juice pn my dress.I asked her to sit there but how come she was in your hands.Abhi says it’s a big story and says I will tell once we reach home…

Will abhi and pragya unite….ofcourse it’s an yes but how….keep reading…

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