kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 41)


Hi guys….happy to see you all in my all episodes .thanks yes I am 15 now…reji I am happy that you again started your ff and I read yesterday and sowmiya di…your one shot was osum…I read …and all monesha,harisha and all are doing a great job.so here is going to be a major twist….in this episode …as twist is aditi..

After 4 years…..
In London…
It was early morning when a small girl in her cycle enters the house.she keeps the cycle in a place and goes to kitchen and gets a cup of tea from the servant.aditi says thank you…the maid says its ok and good morning.the girl too replied goody morning…the maid smiles at her.the girl carefully takes the cup to a room where a lady was sleeping peacefully. She placed the cup on the side table and jumps on the bed.
The girl : mumma…wake…it seems the whole city is awake.the lady gets up and sees time.
The lady: hey…you..see it’s only 6:00 .why you wake me..I have to sleep.you go to living room.nani will be there.the girl replied no..it’s Sunday mom.you promused ( promised) me n.a. the lady laughs at her pronunciation ..
The lady: aditi. .please meri princess n.a. .mumma will sleep for one hour and will join with you.
Ya. ..it’s out cute little aditi. Who is just become 4 years and loves her mumma a lot .she is unaware that her dad is a rockstar and neither pragya told her.
ADITI : no…means no..get up …fresh up and have your coppie ( coffee).
The lady pouts..ADITI says pragya it doesn’t suits you..come..its our pragya who really remains same in her look.she takes a good care of aditi and was still conscious that aditi should not know who her father is.oh…my god..is abhi and pragya are separated…..then how…it will be soon revealed. ..
Pragya: don’t call by my name…
Aditi: come on don’t tum waste meri time. ( don’t waste my time).
Pragya: who taught you these..in smilling tone and adjusted her hair.
ADITI : it’s your mumma..she used to speak to granda ( grandpa).
PRAGYA and aditi comes down after getting ready and sees ragini and Neil sitting together in dining table
Neil: this girl n.a…points to aditi.she left me and ran away to home.
ADITI : granda. ..I am too small when com…com..
Pragya: compared
ADITI: ya compared to you..but I returned home ..why you feel feared .
Neil makes her to sit on his lap saying I am not feared because of me..it’s for you..you would have informed n.a…you left without informing me..I searched for you..then your granny called me.
Pragya: why you didn’t informed him in stern tone.
ADITI looks down.
Neil: it’s ok beta..don’t scold her unnecessarily.
Pragya: no pappa..she is like this because of you both..it’s not a small town..where we can find her if she is lost…it’s city pa..
Aditi: but pragya..I know how to come..from park.
PRAGYA looks angrily..don’t call my name…
Aditi: sorry mumma.and holds her ears.pragya gets melted by her antics and hugs her.
Neil: oh…how cute. ..you both look..together.
Aditi: we are always beautiful. ..

In India
Purab: abhi…why don’t you understand yaar..its not your mistake and please don’t blame..let’s move on abhi
Abhi: no purab because of my selfishness I lost pragya, meri baby and aditi.I am responsible for it.
PURAB : no you are not .and you are going to London..that’s it.
Abhi : no I cant
PURAB : you didn’t do any concerts after pragya di left but today you got a better chance so..you must..
Abhi : but …
Purab: no..you are going today and you gonna do concert and come back as our abhi.

Abhi knows that he have to move on not for him but for his family.he know nothing can change.he feels guilty that he didn’t cared for pragya or his child..he feels like all alone in this world.with heavy heart abhi and akash moves to London.they checked in ,and abhi thinks to get fresh air.so he decides to go out and get some fresh air.

.pragya and aditi were getting ready when pragya gets a call.
Pragya: ha…what..but..Oh ok I will ve there in half an hour.and looks at aditi. ADITI sighs what.pragya says sorry I have to leave now but sure I will spend my time in evening.you go with granny.aditi tells ok and leaves from there.

ADITI and RAGINI enters the park.aditi leaves her hand by seeing her friend and leaves.ragini sits on the bench and starts to read a book by keeping an eye on aditi.aditi throws the ball far away and went to search for it.abhi was sitting on the bench suddenly a ball falls on his lap.he looks around and sees a small little girl in pink t- shirt and white shorts coming towards him.he doesn’t know what he feels but he really felt relaxed after seeing her.
Aditi: uncle…it’s meri ball.
Abhi looks at her.what language are you speaking.
ADITI :English combo hindi…
Abhi: haha..he chuckled. What’s your name.
ADITI : my mumma said I should not talk with strangers. ..give me the ball.
Abhi: oh really..see..here and takes a chocolate.
ADITI sits on his lap and takes the chocolate from him and starts to eat.
Abhi: now can you say..
Aditi: aditi…
Abhi remembers about his sister and holds strongly that aditi will not fall.he secures her.ADITI says oh..see my hands are dirty..what to. do ..mumma will scold..and no water too.Abhi says you can use my coat and shows her.ADITI used it and says thank you…and kisses him on his cheeks.Abhi asked are you here alone.
ADITI : no..with my granny..and this brace…le.
Abhi : braclet ..and chuckled at her.
ADITI :mumma too have like this..how can you both have same same..
Abhi was shocked and asked whats your mumma name…

Screen freezes between both faces..I don’t want to drag as I know all are fed up with separation..next episode that will reunite…bye untill then

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