kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 4)


Thanks guys for your support and harisha ….I m really sorry for now I could not take any step towards ishveer but It will take time hope you understand. And all others really a great thanks guys…

The episode starts with pragya realizing she was on top of abhi so she gets up immediately. Abhi too gets up and ishani comes there saying bhabhi have you packed your stuffs and stopped seeing the room ‘s condition
Ishani : bhabhi is everything ok.the room looks messy
Pragya: it’s all because of your bhai
Ishani laughs at abhi and he pouts like a small kid
PRAGYA : ishu ,anything you need
Ishani: bhabhi I came to help you but I think bhai is here and he will
Abhi : ha why not
PRAGYA : no need I can and you please go out of this room.
Abhi : ok your wish, my command
PRAGYA looks at him.
Abhi leaves from there.
Ishani sits near her.
Pragya: ishu will you do me a favour
Ishani : anything for MY bhabhi
PRAGYA holds her hands: ishu I want to see ma ,pa and bhai for last time before I leave India
Ishani : but bhabhi if bhai comes to know
Pragya: don’t worry about him
Ishani: but bhabhi ,I too will come with you.as I want to meet bulbul
PRAGYA says ok.then we will go tomorrow after abhi leaves.
Ishani : ji bhabhi

Next Morning
Abhi leaves early as he wants to attend meeting.PRAGYA and ishani leaves to see her family

In khanna’s home
Neil and ragini was sitting on the sofa
PRAGYA enters with fear.ragini sees her .
Pragya: ma I am not here to ask sorry bcoz I am not eligible for it.now I am here to inform that I am leaving India today as abhi wants to come with him…I will miss you all..ragini had tears in her eyes .
At the time ranveer comes there
Pragya: bhai
Ranveer: why is she here. ..
Ragini:she came to say that her husband is taking care of her and also to show off .
Neil : please stop it ragini.beta you go …my blessing will be always with you.
PRAGYA : thanks pa and hugs him.and moves towards ragini
Pragya: ma ,I know you are angry at me but believe me ma I didn’t ..
Ragini: oh stop your drama..
Pragya: its ok ma….and you always believe your first son and last daughter .bhai ,he is the first one who gave happiness in your life and bulbul ,she is the last one …but what about me ma….always i am left alone.amd this time also.you know i loved abhi very much than me.but you said you should not marry him ..ok. ..I listened to your words and broked his heart…but he is not leaving me ma and me too…I am under pressure to marry him…and what preference you have to me ….these days…but he gave me.
RANVEER raised his hands saying PRAGYA. ..and was about to slap, pragya closed her eyes …but was stopped by strong hands…
PRAGYA opened her eyes and shocked to See abhi.ishani too shocked
Abhi: don’t dare to touch my wife
Ranveer: so why your so called wife is here
Abhi looks pragya angrily and holds her hands,drags with him .
Ishani too leaves behind them

There were in car.PRAGYA knows that abhi is angry .but she didn’t utter a word. There was a complete silence which was broken by abhi
Abhi : why did you both went there ishu
Pragya : woh…I
Abhi: angrily,I am asking to you ishu
Ishani: bhai ,bhabhi wants to see them so
Abhi: now we are going to home to say bye to dadi and ma and all the stuffs were already reached airport.I was searching for you both but you two
Ishani : sorry bhai
PRAGYA could feel his care but she ignored it
They reached home .got blessings from dadi ,dasi and priya and left to airport
Abhi: ishu,you go as it’s late…we will manage
Ishani: no bhai…I can’t
Pragya: don’t be so stubborn. ..go
Abhi: ha…who is saying see
Pragya: what you mean
Ishani: guys…I think it’s time to leave so bye bhabhi…bye bhai and hugs them
Ishani leaves….

Abhi and pragya boarded the flight and it was a horrible trip for them because they kept on fighting for silly things.though pragya got irked but abhi enjoyed by teasing her.they reached London safely

In London
Both abhi and pragya reached their flat..it’s of thirty floors.PRAGYA looked at it supeised.
Abhi: why are you looking like this
Pragya: nothing come let’s go…

Abhi opened and asked pragya to enter first
Pragya: why I should enter first
Abhi: because if there is anything n.a. it will run by seeing you
Pragya: very funny…
Abhi: then what…it’s just a thing..ggo
Both enters ……

Abhi asked pragya to make coffee. She ask him to make by himself…Abhi looks on

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