kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 39)


Hi thanks to all first and sorry for not updating two days and gausin ,really I am so happy that you commented me..thanks to you and also other readers a big thanks to all..and adhya ,a big tight hug to you to..
Coming to today’s episode ….it’s gonna have many twist and I don’t know whether you will like ir not…let’s see …

The episode begins with abhi gets up in the morning and sees pragya missing.he remembers about yesterday’s fight and thinks whether she left to Mumbai..he shouts..her name…pragya. ..pragya…pragya comes asking why are you shouting like this ..I am coming n.a..abhi was relieved to see pragya and says nothing I thought you..pragya says you thought I went to Mumbai right.abhi looks on.pragya says I thought to go but I then think if I went n.a…who will be there to torture you.abhi smiles as his pragya is becoming normal.pragya says I am so sorry for last night.I didn’t meant to.abhi says it’s ok but don’t say that word again.it’s out child and I too have feelings for it.and moreover no one can harm my child..if dead comes also it should first take me ..pragya says enough…it’s more ..you know our baby is so lucky to have you as father.abhi says no it’s we both are lucky to have a wife and mother like you.pragya hugs him saying I love you.abhi says some one is more romantic.pragya says ha..is there anything wrong.abhi says nothing is wrong and hugs her.pragya breaks the hug asking shall we go to temple .abhi says why not.. we can wait I will get fresh up. PRAGYA thinks that everything should be fine..
PRAGYA and abhi comes to hall.priya asked pragya are you fine beta.pragya nods her head with smile and says ma we thought to go to hear by temple shall we..abhi says ya ma.priya says definetly you both can.pragya takes blessings from priya and leaves.

In temple….
PrAgya and abhi prays to god.
Pragya: you gave me all the happiness in my life .a loving dad ,caring mom ,friendly sister and brother and mostly you have given me a wonderful husband and also his family.I am really happy for all this.but I want these things to my end of life.you have also given another responsibility as a mother too ..I want all these things…please keep my family as long.thanks for everything.

Abhi: I really have no faith on you as you took my father with you…and now it had be regained only by pragya.I want only one thing.I want to keep my wife and baby happy and give me the strength to make it out.I know she would have prayed for me so there is no need I should pray for me.

Both abhi pragya takes the aarti and smiles seeing each other.
In the way..
Abhi : so now you are feeling happy as we came to temple.pragya looks at him and says ya..now I feel good after praying.abhi says first stop thinking about things.just be calm.
On the way pragya sees a lady and remembers last night.she says abhi stop the car…I told na..the lady yesterday I met.abhi looks at the lady and stops the car.both gets down from the roaf.car and follows the lady who was walking on the road. Pragya stops her and the lady looks at her.pragya says abhi ask her why she told me like that.abhi asked excuse me..yesterday did you let her..late night.pragya says abhi I am saying n.a. ..I met her.the last says who are you both..and what are you talking about .pragya looks at her shocked.abhi says you didn’t met her yesterday.the lady says no.pragya says arey you let me…you said that you was sent by kalimaa and you told that out baby’s life is in danger and asked me to go.the last looks at abhi.abhi looks at pragya who was shouting .pragya says tell him.the lady says I think your wife had got some dreams and please take her to hospital.pragya says you are lying.abhi listen to me..I saw her..I saw her .she told me all these stuffs.abhi says sorry to the lady and takes pragya with him.pragya says abhi you are not believing me.abhi says I think you got some dreams..that’s it pragya..come let’s go.pragya says abhi ..you are not believing me…disgusting….abhi says pragya why should the lady should lie.pragya says it means I am lying.abhi says did I say like that.you are now a days arguing more pragya.pragya starts to cry.abhi says did I shout at you…why are you now crying.pragya says now a days I don’t know what happening around me..it’s really hurting me.I want to get out of these…help me abhi..and hugs him.abhi too cries seeing her state.abhi says I will be always with you…I will be till my death.and I could not see you like this.and don’t worry everything will be fine.see if you get like this now out baby will become weak to fight with god. You should ne strong.let’s see who can hurt out baby .we can fight together even against god. So don’t worry I am here right..nothing will happen to our baby..come let’s go.

Abhi ,pragya reached home.kush sees pragya in worry and takes a raki from his pocket and goes near pragya.pragya and all looks at him.kush says I don’t know whether I will get a baby sister or brother and pragya mumma ..it’s rakshabandan .I want to make a new relation with this baby..don’t worry this raki will fight for him or her.he tied raki on her hand saying baby is inside you n.a…so i thought to tieyou…is anything wrong in that.pragya smiles hugs him saying no.m.not at all…thank you so much….kush too hugs her.everyone smiles.

So today raksha bandan…I want to wish every brother …..in this special day….happy morning…have a nice day…

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    I know there are many mistakes as I typed in sleepy mood.so don’t mistake me.and a raki for my mukund bhai and Rajesh bhai..I am sorry if I missed someone as I guessed them by their name..if there is any brother same to him…stay happy see you all in next episode

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