kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 38)

Hi guys…I already told that I am poor in making horror or thriller stories. So please forgive me for the last update.
The episode starts with abhi ,ranveer searching for pragya.abhi in his mind,where are you..I am searching for you like a mad..come back to me. . Come back..he sees someone lying on the road.abhi says ranveer…there..ranveer looks at his direction.they both went to the person.abhi in much fear turns the person.both where shocked to see…it’s pragya.abhi keeps his hands on her cheeks taping her to get up.ranveer says let’s get her to home.abhi takes pragya in his arms and both leaves from there. In car,abhi says please wake up .see i am near You. .you asked me to spend some time with you right..I am here..see me..open your eyes.ranveer says don’t worry abhi..everything will be fine. Abhi calls aditi.aditi picks up the phone saying bhai..did you find bhabhi.abhi says yes but please call the doctor to home..we will be there ..aditi asked but bhai..abhi says do what I said and cuts the call.aditi says bhai found pragya and purab please call the doctor.priya asked doctor but why.aditi says don’t know ma..bhai was in anger. Priya prays to god saying nothing should happen to her.

Abhi ,ranveer comes with pragya.abhi comes In shouting aditi did you called doctor.aditi says yes..she is here.abhi lays pragya on the sofa and asked doctor to check.the doctor says calm down Mr.mehra and checks pragya.doctor says not to worry and she is some what in fear.nothing else.abhi says is everything ok..I mean baby.the doctor says don’t worry sir. She is fine and also the baby.abhi thanks him and purab takes the doctor with him.
All sits relaxed and abhi sits near pragya and caressing her.soon pragya opens her eyes.abhi asked aliya to bring water.pragya tries to get up and abhi helps her.she gets up and looked at abhi whose eyes were red.she thinks may be he cried a lot and looks at others who were waiting for her words .aliya gives her water and pragya again remembers the lady’s words…go away ..or your child will be killed.pragya hugs abhi and cries vigoursly…abhi looks at her and comforts her.pragya in between her sobs ..abhi let’s leave from here.. I don’t want to lose our child.abhi asked what…and how did you went there.pragya says I came to drink water.abhi says you would have called me right.pragya says I saw you were sleeping peacefully and thought not to disturb you.and I saw a person going out .I followed that person and lost my way and moreover I met a lady who said that we should leave as soon as possible and put baby’s life is in danger.abhi asked her to stop and says nothing is there like that..you may had a dream.pragya says I swear abhi..I met her.abhi says come on pragya.we are living in 21 st century and there is nothing like that..see now you are fine and also out baby..pragya says abhi let’s go from here…let them enjoy..we will come back after some days.abhi asked are you mad. ..for you I postponed my plans and I m here for you..you are asking to go back..pragya wipes her tears Saying fine ..you are not coming right…ok no problem. Enjoy here I am leaving and leaves to her room.abhi follows her saying pragya listen to me but she was too stuborn and she carries her suitcase and was in hall .everyone looks worried.abhi stops her by holding her hand and aditi takes the suitcase from pragya.abhi says have you lost it..it’s late night..you can’t go alone as its not safe.now sleep let’s talk about this tomorrow and drags her.but pragya pushed him saying seriously abhi.I am saying that we will loose our baby you are telling that we can talk tomorrow.abhi says pragya..listen.pragya says enough..I listened more..I can’t be here for a second. ..I am leaving from here.I don’t know whether you care for the baby or not but I care …and I know you wont worry if something happens to me or my baby…abhi lost his control and slaps her hard. PRAGYA by keeping her hand on her cheek looks at abhi.abhi sees her emotionally .sanam re plays in background..priya comes beside pragya shouting at abhi ..what are you doing abhi..she is your wife ..abhi says enough…I am too responsible for this baby ma..I am saying her to be calm but what she thinks of herself that she only having feeling for the child and he turns to pragya saying remember it’s our baby…don’t even dare to say that word again.pragya looks at him.aditi and ishani takes her to room while aliya takes her bag.ranveer asked abhi to come with him.

In abhigya’s room..
ADITI asked ishani to go as kush must be afraid of their fight and assured her that she will take care of pragya.ishani leaves from there and aditi too asked aliya to go and be with mom as her presence is necessary .aliya too agrees and leaves from there.aditi sits beside pragya.just pragya hugs her saying how can he be so cool adhu.aditi just pats her and says don’t worry everything will be fine soon and first you sleep…see how tired you are looking you care for your baby right then sleep now .as abhi told let’s talk tomorrow.pragya says I can lay on your lap.aditi says you have to ask..come on.pragya closed her eyes and says don’t go from here.if he comes ask him to stay in purab’s room as he deserves it.aditi smiles at her and says ok …

Abhi comes there and sees pragya sleeping.he sits beside her holding her hand saying I am sorry pragya…I didn’t meant to..aditi says I am leaving Bhai and leaves.abhi sees his hands which he used to slap her and says I am sorry and goes infront of the mirror.he bashed his hand into the mirror resulting with broken pieces of glass and bleeding hand.he says you deserve this abhi..why did you slapped her for hearing the word she referred as my baby.pragya gets up by the noise and sees his hands bleeding.she rushed to him asking what you have done and takes the first aid box and makes him to sit .abhi says I am sorry.pragya dressed his wounds saying it’s ok..without looking at him. Abhi asked it pained..pragya says no..It was like sweet and looks angrily at him.abhi says I am sorry .pragya says but it pained more when I saw your hand bleeding .abhi hugs her saying I am sorry..pragya thought not to again take the topic and decides to speak tomorrow.

Precap: aditi” leave me pragya.it’s time for me to leave.pragya ” no I will not leave you…please hold my hands.aditi smiles looking at her.pragya shouts ADITI. ….you can’t do this to me….

So from the precap I think you guys would have understood.so it’s time to leave..see you in next episode ..and the montage is special.. as it’s independence day

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  1. Saranya24

    Omg iam worrued fr aditi dear?but today i loved abhi care superb love u loads???

  2. It’s just Awesome…Aditi..u just Rocked my dear… Wow I just loved it to core…Love u year..cute and Awesome emotions in one episode..I should say..u r soo creative and best dear…A huge hug to u..keep Rocking

  3. Di wow wonderful but i cant understand precap so pls soon next epi

  4. Riyashri

    Awesome Aditi ! Happy Independence Day !

  5. Harisha39

    SO GOOD ADITI……………………

  6. super epic… but don’t hurt adieu or abhigya pls…

  7. superbb yarr…………………………but i am still in confused state

  8. Ohhhhh god wat an episode yaar eagerly waiting for next part

  9. hey please not do any thing with aditi make a happy family not a sad please make it dream please do something

  10. Hii aditi..u r just a woooow writer..i m a silent reader of ua ff..bt i m forced to comment today..awesome story..we get to read somthn new in evry episode..must say u r brilliant..keep it up..w8n fr d next update..?

  11. Super and interesting…

  12. Superb! Waiting for the next part..

  13. superb waiting for next episode…….

  14. Hemalattha

    i loved abhi care for pragya it soooooooooo sweet as same pragya care for abhi.amazing

  15. Trisha


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