kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 37)

thanks guys for your huge support and monesha not need to be sorry..and harisha hope you got my message and thanks alot to other readers .. and tomorrow is independence day..love your nation and feel proud to be an indian.we are living this peacefull life because of our leaders…so salute them .so what’s your plan for this independence day..I am performing a dance for deewani mastani from bajirao mastani. ..I was inspired by mouni’s dance in zee gold awards and I am performing in full white..so guys..love your nation …and Do something for it..
so there is a big suprise for you in this episode. I don’t know whether I will complete or not but just give a read…

the episode starts with abhi in his room packing all the things necessary for the trip.pragya was sitting beside him looking how he cares for her.pragya says leave it I will pack .you go and get ready .abhi says is there anything that wife should always do.husbands can also do.pragya says I know..but now go.Abhi says you know for whom Am I doing this.pragya says ha..for your kid and looks down.Abhi says no ..it’s for my soul of life…my cute wife .pragya looks at him saying in 24 hours I am resting for 22 hours by sleeping ,resting.Abhi asked then 2hours.pragya says eating ,talking ,walking and all stuffs.Abhi laughs at her saying rest as much you can because after our junior rockstar comes n.a. you have to look at our family and our child.your work will be doubled .pragya says I am happy to have a husband,a famiy like this.Abhi says you would have missed me if I didn’t forced you for this marriage and you would have married that raghav.pragya says then I would have led a simple life.Abhi looks at her.pragya says just for fun.Abhi says I know you can’t love anyone than me.so don’t try to make me jealous.pragya says really .Abhi says ok I will do rest of the packing ,you first get ready.pragya kissed him and leaves.

In living hall are were ready and especially kush was excited to gp Malshej Ghat.pragya takes blessings from dadi,dasi.dadi asked her to take care and prays to god nothing should happen to her.all leaves .Abhi,pragya, ishani,ranveer ,kush In one car and aditi,aliya,priya ,purab in another car.

after a peacefull journey all reached a mansion.pragya gets out of the car with help of abhi and looks at the mansion.it’s written as MEHRA MANSION. pragya asked it’s yours.Abhi nods yes and aditi gets happy by touching the gate.Abhi says here only we three born and later our dad got transfer so we shifted to Mumbai.we will come for vocations and this is the place where our pappa died.pragya holds his shoulders and abhi says so this some what special for us. ranveer says come let’s go in.all went in but when aditi was about to go she hears a voice and turns shocked.the lady says it’s not good for you all to be here.please go from here.aditi says oh ho..you came again.how many times will you say this but nothing will happen.come on don’t spoil my mood.the lady in veil says I am saying for your good.aditi says oh come on stop it.I dont want to hear anything just leave.aditi hears ishani calling and leaves from there.
all were discussing were to go and aditi says let’s take rest and will go tomorrow .all agrees with her as it’s evening.after some chat all had their dinner and went to their respective rooms.
in night pragya wakes up from the sleep.she feels thirsty and looks for water.but the glass seems to be empty.she thinks oh God..today too i forget to place water and tries to get up but abhi was holding her.she slowly takes his hands from her waist and leaves to kitchen.she opens the fridge and takes the bottle.she turns to leave when she heard a sound. she looks back and found nothing.she thinks may be she is thinking too much and leaves .when she heads to leave she sees someone exiting from house.she thinks who may be and in this time and follows the person.the person was covered with blanket and was walking.pragya too follows the person.at one moment she lost the person and thinks to go back when she found that she itself Lost in that place.she could not find any shops or houses or not even a person.she mentally cursed for coming alone and shouts help..but no response.she feels a hand on her shoulders .she suddenly turns to see who is it and was shocked.the same person but her face is covered with veil.pragya asked who are you ..and why you came there .the lady says it’s not good for you or your baby to be here. they will kill you and your child.better go back.pragya asked who are you to say.the last says I was send by kaalimaa to inform you..it’s all up to you..if you want to save your child go from here.otherwise they will kill you.pragya asked who in scared tone. the lady says that it’s not important for you so leave from here.the lady leaves. pragya says arey but.. and faints on the floor..
back to mansion..

Abhi gets up and sees pragya missing .he thinks may be she is in kitchen and looks for her in hall ,everywhere.then he calls everyone and all where panicked as pragya was missing.Abhi sees the bottle on floor and door opened.he says I will go and look for her .ranveer says I am also coming.Abhi nods .purab and aditi too says we are coming but abhi asked them to look after their family.aditi thinks what if happens as the lady ‘s words and prays to god.priya sits on the sofa praying that pragya shoukd be fine.Abhi and ranveer was searching for her when they saw a man coming in opposite direction. ranveer stops him asking did you see any girl in this side .the man says many people are coming this side whom you are asking .Abhi shows him photo asking did you see her.the man after thinking says ya ..I saw her walking that side and shows them the direction.Abhi and ranveer thanks him and leaves ..

on the way abhi saw a ring and takes it.ranveer asked what happened. Abhi shows him saying it’s pragya’s.I only gifted for her and cries. ranveer says nothing would have happened to her.Abhi thinks of kush’s dream saying what it becomes true.ranveer asked what …Abhi says kush’s dream.ranveer too thinks of it saying nothing will happen ..we will believe and you should be strong abhi…you have to be.

so I hope all will like my suprise. ..now the question of the day…who is that lady..don’t say riya as she could not be so homely. so keep on guessing and I know it’s not good for hiding the truth and let’s see what happens next..ok ..see you all in next episode and I just tried this episode .I am poor in writing horror stories and it will not be the one…so don’t worry.

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