kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 36)


hi guys…thanks for your wonderful support Nd varsha I think from my last fan fiction in ps too you asked me for ishveer scenes. ..I guess…but soon they gonna join with abhi…it means where is pragya…don’t seperate them..dont kill the baby…these are the mind voices I can hear them…first let’s get into the story…

the episode starts with abhi was busy in his calls when pragya enters.she thinks now a days he doesn’t even talk to me.why we should talk baby..let him be alone…see he didn’t even noticed us..you come soon let’s show how strong we are.Abhi says you two can’t show anything…as you both are weak.because of you my baby too is weak .pragya thinks how could he say what I am thinking in my mind.Abhi says I can madam as your heart is with me.pragya says you are cheating..cheater .Abhi closed his laptop saying now think something I will guess it.pragya says ok..deal
.pragya smiles at him.Abhi says I got it..pragya says..come on..say what I thought.Abhi says you want to go for a second honeymoon and hugs her saying fuggie you are getting more romantic day by day.pragya says but I didn’t thought…you lier ..I will never think like that..Abhi asked so what you thought.pragya lowered her eyes saying I want to spend some time with you..I want you to be with me..please For me you can avoid late meetings na..I am really feeling bad when you are not with me..Abhi looks at her.pragya says ,say something..Abhi says I know you miss me..but I want to hear from you.pragya looks at him.

Abhi says I know..I didn’t have to spend some time with you..but when I am coming to home I will see you peacefully sleeping by having your marriage photo in your hands.I used to lay beside you..and will talk with our baby..pragya asked really..if so you may wake me..na. .I too had joined.Abhi says I fint have gutts to wake you. I will think you must be tired..pragya says whatever from now you have to spend time with me..hand over all works to ranveer and purab.Abhi says as your wish..as ranveer ,ishani and kush is coming today..pragya asked really..then I will make kush’s favourite dish Nd gets up.Abhi says see for this I never told this..now I will be bored..if you leave.pragya says come on rockstar. .today for you leave from husband works..you can do your work as kush is coming today but tomorrow you must be on time.Abhi says ok madam.pragya smiles at him.Abhi says come ..I will come with you..pragya says no need rockstar. .I can.Abhi says I am coming for my baby’s safety..not for you.pragya says I know…you will be selfish ..Abhi says stop your bak – baks..come let’s go.

in living hall…
all were busy in welcoming kush .pragya and abhi comes there.dadi asked pragya not to do any work as all things is on process.Abhi says madam came to do kush favourite dishes.aditi says bhabhi..me and aliya are doing..pragya says you both…Abhi says why only bahu can do anything..the daughters of this house too can achieve.pragya looks at him.aditi says you are gone bhai. ..
they saw ranveer,ishani and kush coming..both ishani and ranveer seems to be happy..but not kush.all noticed it and pragya sighs abhi to go.

Abhi kneels before kush saying hey champ…how is your trip. kush says good in sad tone.Abhi looks at pragya who looks at ranveer.ranveer nods his head in positive way and pragya tries to kneel before kush but before that abhi takes kush in his hands.pragya looks at abhi who smiled at her.pragya says so…why my baby is sad..did pappa or mumma scold you..kush nods no..pragya asked then what happened baby.kush jumps to pragya but abhi too keeps his hands on him as pragya could not hold him fully.kush starts to cry which makes everyone sad. pragya asked what happened.you won’t tell me..kush in between his sobs …honey…you know..I ..ranveer says kush first get down..see pragya is pregnant n.a…it will harm the baby..let’s talk later.pragya says bhai..wait..he is up to say something.ishani says nothing bhabhi..just he is blabbering as he didn’t sleep well..kush says no honey..ishani says kush come let’s go..pragya says wait..kush what happened beta.kush by hiding his head near her crook says honey..I got the dream again..dadi asked what dream beta..pragya says nothing dadi..it’s just a dream.

kush says honey…you know I continuously get the dream where you shouts help…and falls from the cliff..you left us.pragya says it’s nothing like that kush ..I said n.a. that day..if you remember it won’t happen.now I have a suprise for you..kush forgets about the dream asking what’s it.aditi comes shouting suprise.kush leaves pragya and runs towards aditi.ishani asked how she came here.pragya narrated her whole story..ishu gets tears and hugs aditi saying choti…where were you…these days ..I missed you alot.aditi says I know because I too missed you..kush says enough of sentiment drama..honey where is my favourite halwa..I missed it alot you know..aditi says today honey didn’t prepared anything for you..kush in sad tone asked why honey…you forgot me…oh you are going to have a kid n.a…you will not love me..pragya looks in tears saying no kush..it’s not like that..actually abhi didn’t allowed me to do..what cN I do..kush looks at abhi.Abhi holds his ears saying sorry..aditi says don’t worry kush ..I prepared your favourite halwa ..kush in happy..really .you are the best…pragya smiles at him.

all were having dinner but pragya was In deep thoughts.Abhi asked what happened and feeds her.kush says abhi he is not a small girl .honey can eat by herself.Abhi says I am not feeding her I am giving to my baby..kush says oh ..everyone laughs at him and pragya gets embaressed. Abhi asked what you are thinking…pragya says nothing..just random thoughts.after dinner…pragya was about to go when ishani and ranveer stopped her.ranveer says pragya ,don’t worry..I think kush missed you so much …so that may be he thinking you ..gets that dream.pragya says may be ..ishani says dont worry..bhabhi..we are here na..pragya says i know..its time for sleep.go kush will be waiting for you..

next morning…
aliya and aditi informs everyone about trip going to Malshej Ghat .dadi says its not good for pragya to go such places as she is 5 months .pragya with dad tone says you guys carry on.Abhi who can see sadness in her time says dadi please ..aliya says if bhabhi…is not coming ,plan is cancelled .pragya says why are you cancelling plan for me.priya says ma..it has been long time we never went to any places ,let’s go and we are here na we will take care of pragya.kush says yes I will take care of my honey…ranveer says ha…dadi.if you want you too can join.dadi says i am not that much strong to go these places…you guys enjoy..but please take care of her..pragya says don’t worry dadi…I will be fine.Abhi says ya …aditi says so we are leaving to Malshej Ghat ……

I end my episode here…thanks to all who comment regularly and also silent readers…and Sri di. ..and love you all…let’s are what’s gonna happen in next episode…keep missing..

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