kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 35)

Thanks guys…why you guys are getting hyper …I said that there is a sad news ..it doesnt means abhigya’s baby will be killed…No I can’t do that …so don’t worry..

The episode starts with pragya leans on the door.abhi and aditi didn’t recognised it as they were busy in talking about their past. PRAGYA smiles seeing their bond and misses ranveer.but the backpain is killing her.she could not tolerate it.nobody noticed her than aliya.she comes to pragya asking what happened.pragya says no…I am just tired.abhi says aliya please help her to reach out room.aliya says ok..I will.pragya says after many days your sister is back ,you guys enjoy i can manage.aliya says its ok bhabhi…I will.pragya says no means no.. you be here with them.I can manage.aliya smiles.pragya walks with much pain.she reached her room and sat on the bed holding her back.she says ha…I could not tolerate…I should consult the doctor tomorrow.she caressed her tummy saying …nothing will happen to my baby …you will be fine.
PRAGYA sleeps feeling lonely as abhi was with aditi.she waits for him but she thinks may be they three are having a good time and sleeps.abhi comes to his room In midnight and sees pragya sleeping.he smiles seeing her and thought she is damn…cute while sleeping and leaves from there.

In the morning…pragya gets up early in the morning ..she thinks not to inform abhi before consulting a doctor.she gets appointment from sheela and thought to leave after abhi goes to his office.all were in dinning hall when abhi asked aditi to come with him to office.aditi says I will not as I am not interested. Abhi says I want to introduce you as my sister ,so you should come.pragya too says go aditi…aditi says ok I will come and leaves.abhi kissed pragya’s forehead and asked her to eat proper and take rest.pragya smiles at him and he too leaves.

PRAGYA reached hospital.she enters sheela’s cabin.pragya tells about her pain and sheela asked her to take certain scans and asked her not to worry…pragya too takes scans etc and sheela informs that the reports will come tomorrow so let’s see ..pragya thanks her and also tells not to inform abhi before she says.sheela too agrees with her and pragya leaves to mm.

In mm…
Abhi was busy in his works and aditi was helping him.pragya was sitting restlessly as she was worrying about baby.and looks at abhi who was busy in his works.

Next day..
PRAGYA reached hospital and sheela asked her to take seat. PRAGYA asked nothing to worry n.a…baby is fine n.a…sheela says pragya..first calm down..nothing is wrong with baby and it is fine .but…pragya asked then what..sheela says there will be complications in your pregnancy it seems…but I am sure it’s not a big case as I handled more cases..so dont worry…you should take your medicines daily and please don’t worry…I think it’s better to inform abhi.pragya says no..I mean actually he is busy now a days…I dont want him to take more stress.once it gets complicated we will inform.sheela says as your wish.pragya says ok..I will leave now..

As days passed abhi was busy in his works…now a days he is not even taking pragya to walk.most of times aditi or aliya will go with her.now a days he is not coming home properly..most of times after midnight he used to come and goes off before she gets up.pragya feels to be with abhi.but due to his busy schedules she too keeps quite….

.no precap…..

Thanks for all who supported me…supporting me…I am again saying I will not seperate abhigya nor baby…so please enjoy…..it’s short….only but next episode wil be long…..bye …take care…

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  1. superb yarrr…………………but plz don’t kill baby

  2. Di add ishveer Epi pls i’m ishveer fan

  3. ImRagela

    Oh aditi it is a cute and short episode !..But i was missing pari my angel with sheela anyways good job adhu keep going waiting long and strong episodes ☺☺???

  4. nice yaaaaaa

  5. nice one carry on

  6. K super waiting 4 next

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  8. Tisha

    Osum adhu…..really I liked your plot…keep updating…it’s my first comment for you in tu

  9. Sethidisha002

    osam adhu and i love it muah

  10. A big big biggggggggg thanks yaar coz u r nt lk real kkb writers… Today’s episode s nice bt some wat sad 4 pragya that abhi s not spending his time with pragya

  11. Super…

  12. Adhya

    Superb…Aditi! Keep going my dear

  13. superb …………

  14. Superb!!

  15. Saranya24

    Loved it adhu dear waiting fr twist darlu????

  16. Superrrrrr…… Waiting for next episode.

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