kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 34)


Hi guys …hope all are doing well…Ya..I am really shocked and Reji….really I didn’t want to be an enemy but what to do…I will guarantee that aditi will not seperate them..So keep reading ….

The episode starts with pragya sitting with abhi .abhi asked how are you feeling now.pragya replied how many times will you ask this question..abhi says I want to make sure that my baby and you are fine.pragya says can I ask you onething.abhi says sure…why not.. pragya asked how much you love me.abhi says what type of a question is this…I can’t measure it .pragya asked why…abhi says because my love is unconditionable,immeasurable….pragya asked really…is it.abhi nods yes and says I love more than me.pragya says I know…abhi asked how you know..pragya says can anyone love you..abhi says yes there is one person in this world and it’s you.pragya says I can only love you and no one have this right too..abhi says see baby..how your mumma is speaking.pragya touched her tummy saying don’t listen to your Pappa’s words..he will spoil you.abhi says acha…baby you are my princess n.a…pragya says enough of drama …come let’s go for a walk..I am bored.abhi says you are not leaving me to talk with baby.pragya says talk once it sees you.abhi leaves with pragya. PRAGYA holds abhi’s hands and both walks slowly. Abhi says now his are you feeling.pragya says better.she sees a chat shop and asked abhi pav bhajji ..abhi says no…it’s not good to eat here.I will ask robin to prepare.pragya says no..I want now .abhi shouts will you listen to me or not.pragya says now you are getting mad at me…see I don’t want anything…I am leaving.abhi says arey meri ma…listen..pragya says no…I won’t..and I don’t.abhi runs behind her.she was about to slip but abhi holds her.abhi says listen to me..see pragya…pragya says leave me..abhi says acha..come let’s go and have yur pavbha…pragya corrects him pav bhajji. Abhi says ha…
PRAGYA was happily eating while abhi admired her.she asked him to have but abhi refused .pragya says you are missing the world’s best thing..abhi says you are having n.a….it’s ok..abhi wipes Pragya’S lips as she was busy in eating.aditi comes there in car and sees abhigya enjoying .she wants to kill abhi with her car but stops by smiling.she says you are not soon called mr. Mehra…you will suffer a lot.
Abhi and pragya reached home and abhi takes pragya to their room.abhi gets the call and asked pragya not to wait and leaves.pragya gets sad but she gets pain…she thinks to check with the doctor as soon as possible.
Abhi gets a CD from the man and thanks him.he went to his music room and starts to play.he was shocked to see aditi mixing poison in the juice.he gets angry but decides to inform everyone next day.he goes to their room and sees pragya slept.he lies beside her saying nothing will happen to you or my baby ..he sleeps next to her by keeping his hands on her.
. Next day…
All were waiting for abhi as abhi had called all of them.pragya was sitting restlessly.
Abhi came there and aditi too .aditi thinks what happened all are looking furious and enters.abhi says I asked you people to come as I have an important thing to say..whom I thought as my sister ,whom I believed more than me betrayed me.aliya asked who bhai..abhi says I have to say or …pragya asjed what are you saying and who…abhi comes near to aditi and slaps her hard.all looks shocked including aditi.pragya says abhi…what you are doing .are you out of mind .she is my friend
Abhi says friend …my foot. You know onething she is the one who spilled your juice.pragya was shocked.abhi says she is not your friend ….pragya says no.adhu can’t do like that…speak …you didn’t do right…
ADITI shouts….YES…I DID THIS… AND YOU KNOW ONE THING …I WAS THE ONE WHO ASKED MY DRIVER TO KILL YOU….in the road that day but abhi saved you…abhi asjed why…why are you doing like this….what wrong pragya did…
PRAGYA says I thought you as my friend but you spoiled it.aditi says pragya….see I don’t want to harm you…but you are abhi’s wife …you know what I really disnt know that abhi is your husband when you are with me in Paris.but soon I came to know..you know what…I wanted to destroy abhi only but not you…aliya asked why…what my bhai did…aditi smiles saying you know who am I…you all know me as aditi but I am aditi mehra…daughter of ram mehra.all were shocked….priya was too shocked.aditi says what you asked aliya …..why I am doing like this…you know how I suffered alot after missing from this family.you too get whatever you aimed in life but not me…as I was grown up as a girl without anything.you know how much I suffered …you guys don’t know…because of him ….I suffered a lot.aliya says choti…aditi says don’t call me choti…as you all have lost your right over me…abhi gets tears and says you took wrong that day I didn’t …aditi says no …I don’t want to hear anything..abhi holds her arms saying listen to me…aditi looms at him.she pushes him saying you know what I missed you so much in my younger ages. Though I was angry on you but didn’t forget to love you…I was the happiest person in this world when you became a successful rockstar…abhi looms at her.aditi continues saying I missed all..I missed my home..more than that I can’t see my father’s face for a last time.this time all cries.abhi says ssh…enough…aditi says no mr. MEHRA..I will not leave..you .abhi says enough of your drama ..come …I have to talk to you more.aditi says leave me.abhi says you know what…you are the best fool in this world.you didn’t listen to me that day…you messed your life …now too you are not listening to me.aditi looks at abhi.abhi says ya…I complained dad about you…dad decided to send you to hostel but I asked him not to…but during that dhasra celebrations…you gone missing..we thought you were dead in that give mass.you know I cried a lot after you left us. I used to sleep in your room when I feel lonely.aditi says no…you are lying…you didn’t missed me.abhi laughs at her antics.aditi says don’t try to call me.abhi asked will you destroy your own p yaari bhai…aditi says yes..I will..abhi says you can buy first come with me.he takes her to her room.aditi opened it and sees the things are same ..the photos of abhi,ishani and her.funny posters …her drawings…
PRAGYA says even he didn’t allowed me to enter this room…you are lucky to have a brother like this.aditi looks at abhi.she gets tears and hugs him.
ADITI : I missed you do much…
Abhi: me too..and kissed her forehead .
ADITI breaks the hug saying I am really sorry for harming both you and baby..PRAGYA says it’s ok..and hugs her.aditi asked where is ishu.abhi says she is in tour as kush is having holidays …she will be happy if she gets to know..I am an idiot..how I could not identify you…aditi says its my plan Mr .mehra.pragya feels a pain on her back and leans on the door..

Hope you liked the twist…and I solved it…soon there is a sad news for all Mehra’s. Especially for abhi… and please don’t think I will seperate abhigya …no I will not. ..but there is another twist waiting for you..

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  1. Nice twist yaar n also solved in nice n cute way

  2. superbb yarrr…………………………but don’t harm pragya & baby

  3. pls dont harm baby or pragya…
    super epic….

  4. I know that u wil kill that baby…y every 1 harming that baby i saw and read many ff they also killing that baby y u also kill that baby…don’t do that huh…

  5. Aditiroy

    No I will not….

  6. hey dont harm pragya and her baby please

  7. Superb……

  8. Super…

  9. ImRagela

    Wow aditi now you are not my villain in fact you r my hero !!sorry heroine ???..anyways i liked the twist but this was little different aditi was abhi’s sister nice !!..OK wats the next twist and don’t think i will ask you not to kill the baby becoz i know wat my friend do will always be different so adhu waiting for your next twist !!?☺☺??

  10. Saranya24

    Superb to the core but afraid of the twist love u dear????

  11. Adhya

    Hi, Aditi! Episode is Awesome…super twist..yaar! so touchy and lovely…But plz don’t kill baby..becoz, after so many hurdles..Abhigya is happy now, so plz..don’t kill the baby…And i know u will think something differently…I’m desperately waiting for ur next Episode..!

  12. loved this episode, but please make it a happy nice twist 🙂 🙂

  13. Hemalattha


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