kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 33)


Thanks guys for huge support…hope all are following me…and riya it’s not riya.. I am opening the suprise. ..so guys…who is it ..guess…
The episode starts with pragya and abhi coming to mm.abhi says pragya ..come let’s go to room..you need rest.
Pragya: but abhi.. I will be with ma and dadi for sometime and will come soon.
Abhi: your wish but take care..
She sees ma,dadi ,ishu in hall and goes there.
Dadi: arey beta…you need something..
Pragya: no dadi …just came to be with you…ishu…where is kush.
Ishani: he is with ranveer…watching finding dory.
PRAGYA smiles : acha…
As time passes pragya feels a pain on her back.she thinks it’s may be due to tiredness and leaves to her room.she sees abhi working in his laptop.first she thought to say about the pain ..later she thinks he will get worry …and too he is restless nowadays so thought to hide from him.she gently peeped into room and lies on her side..
Abhi sees pragya and smiles thinking may be due feels tired…
Next day abhi was getting ready when he saw pragya still sleeping.he say beside her and gently caressed her face.pragya wakes up and sees abhi next to her.she asked what happened..why are you sitting next to me..what’s the time…are you going to office.
Abhi says seriously…you are amazing in asking this much of questions,now for which question should I answer …ya I am going to office as purab called me and time is 10 now.PRAGYA asked it’s 10 ..oh my god..why you didn’t wake me..Abhi says I thought you was tired and let you to sleep.and make sure you are taking the medicines correctly.I had given to ishu …she will take care of you..PRAGYA asked in sad tone, when you will come.Abhi : why you don’t want me to go….arey what happened..today you are looking sad.is there anything you are hiding.PRAGYA thinks oh God..no I should not say..once I should confirm with ishu and I will inform him.PRAGYA smiles saying nothing..little bit tired.Abhi places his hands on her tummy saying…pappa is leaving…baby..take care of you and too mumma..if she is not eating properly kick her.
PRAGYA in anger now itself you are giving training to your kid how to trouble me…like you..Abhi says thank god my fuggy is back…and hugs her saying bye…see you soon .
Ishani comes there saying bhai..I will take care ..you leave. PURAB is waiting for you..Abhi says oh ok bye…and he leaves.
Ishani sits beside pragya.
Pragya: I want to ask you onething.
Ishani: what bhabhi…in sad tone.
Pragya: arey ishu…my backbone is paining a lot..its like some one is stabbing .I could not tolerate …it’s normal pain during pregnancy or..
Ishani: bhabhi…I dont know..because I don’t have any pain like this and moreover we can consult our doctor regarding this..
Pragya: till then don’t say to your bhai….
Ishani: but bhabhi…
Pragya: it’s a promise..

In evening…Kush was back to home and was telling his stories to pragya and ishani. Both were admiring him.dadi,and others were left to temple.only these three are in home…all workers are in leave.only robin is there..
In kitchen someone mixes poison in the glass of juice and keeps on the table and leaves. PRAGYA asked robin to bring juice.he sees juice glass in table and serves to pragya.kush says I need this .PRAGYA says ok..take it and gives the glass.ishani says no kush …it’s for the baby…see pragya mumma must be strength n.a. so that the baby will be like you and winks at pragya.pragya says no need …kush come have this.kush says no …mumma..baby wants to be fine.so only it can play with me..you drink…aditi comes saying exactly…you are like me kush and kissed him.

Abhi comes home .he thinks to suprise pragya
So he went to kitchen and sees a poison bottle on the floor.he takes it and thinks how did it came here and runs to pragya’s room.
ADITI says come on pragya…drink..don’t behave like a baby.PRAGYA was about to drink but abhi pushed the glass down.PRAGYA looks at abhi.he just caressed her face asking you didn’t drink n.a….you didn’t right.PRAGYA nods no…asking why you did like this.Abhi says pragya some one had spilled poison in it…first say who served this.
Ishani says robin. Abhi shouts robin…robin comes there.Abhi shouts who added poison in it.robin says sir mam asked me juice.I was about to prepare but I saw the glass in the table and thought ishani mam would have prepared and served. Ishani says but bhai…I am withh bhabhi only. ..PRAGYA says leave…it abhi..I didn’t drink n.a…so calm down.Abhi says how can I..what would have happened if I didn’t saw it .if something happens to you or baby..then I can’t forgive myself.
PRAGYA says it’s ok..come let’s go for a walk.aditi says I am also leaving..

ADITI comes to home in anger.she throws the bag in the floor and shouts….you escaped now…but all the times abhi cant save you…I will keep on trying to kill you…I will not leave you pragya…nor abhishek…
I will destroy your fame…your image in front of all..you deserve it and moreover you will see hatred in your wife’s face whom you love the most and too in your family…you have to answer me for what you have given me long years ago…you don’t know who is this aditi…but I know you..I tried to kill pragya by that lorry…but he saved her…I tried to kill her by mixing poison but again he saved her.next time I will not fail as I have faith on me…and you have to go through the pain by losing your baby and wife…then only you know how much I have suffered…you have to answer mehra….it’s time for me to play and you will be destroyed. ….and laughs loudly….

Shocking right….me too…let’s are why aditi wants to take revenge on abhi…what’s there between abhi and aditi …..and what the Destiny plans…will pragya be harmed ….by aditi….let’s wait and see…

Thanks for all…see you in nect episode…

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    Waiting eagerly to knw the suspence……….. pls upload soon……

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  6. Harisha39

    LOVED IT ……………………

  7. Sethidisha002

    osam muah

  8. abigya knows abt aditi reality…create it abigya punish aditi in her own game…don’t kill abigya and baby…

  9. Nice n shocking twist dint expect tz one yaar… Bt plzzzz my humble request don’t make any serious lk in real kkb to tat baby yaar plzzzzz

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  11. Superb!!! Unexpected twist! Waiting for the next part!

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  14. Reshma Pradeep

    Shocking Twist!!!!!!Interestinggggg!!!!!!!

  15. ImRagela

    Wow ..i got a doubt on aditi but i didnt believe that i my guess was ryt but today you proved that my doubt is right!!..Anyways really that was shocking !!..waiting for the reason of Sriti’s revenge. Keep rocking my friend !!!..☺☺?????

    1. ImRagela

      Sorry yaar one typing mistake it’s not *sriti’s revenge it is *aditi’s revenge

  16. ImRagela

    And aditi the funny thing is your name also aditi !!..so you r the villain pls don’t separate abd harm Abhigya !!ha ha ha !!..????????

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