kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 32)

Thanks for your support…and moreover there are many lots of twist and turns waiting for you all ..hope you will like it…

The episode starts with kush entering abhigya’s room.he looks silently as abhi and pragya are sleeping.he slowly get on the bed and lies between them.he hugged pragya saying you will not leave me na honey.pragya wakes up by hearing kush ‘s voice. She opened her eyes seeing kush crying .she gets up and asked what happened beta by pating on his back.abhi too got up and asked what happened. Kush says honey I had a dream…in which a speed car hits you. . You are bleeding..and. .pragya stops him saying if you had a dream..and you can remember it then it will not happen..and bad dreams will turn to a good one..so sleep now.kush asked really.. then I will be happy and hugs her.abhi looks at her and pragya smiles at him.

In Hall
PRAGYA comes down and sees ishani talking with dadi.she sits beside her and ishani puts her arms around her.
Ishani: bhabhi.. how are you feeling now..
PRAGYA smiles: I m ok ishu…you know kush came there in early morning .
Ishani: ya I know he cried a lot …we didn’t let him but he forced alot. .so sorry bhabhi if he troubled you .

Pragya: what’s there for sorry . He is also like our son.
Priya comes there with glass of milk.
Priya: beta first drink this…
PRAGYA; but ma.. what’s there you to give me..you can give this to robin n.a. he would have …and please you take rest ma..
Priya: arey robin will care for my bahu aur grandson a…there is nothing in this..first drink.
PRAGYA takes the glass from her and starts to drink when abhi comes there.
Abhi: pragya today we have to meet the doctor right.
Pragya: ya …abhi..we can go when you are free …she is my friend only…

Abhi : oh.. is there anything important for me than you and my child.
Pragya: why all are questioning like this…first ma then you .
Abhi: exactly. . You are making us to ask..first come .. get ready ,we will meet her first.
PRAGYA smiles at abhi and he takes her with him.
In abhigya’s room..
Pragya: what should I wear..saree or Chudidhar.
Abhi: whatever … please make it soon..I am having an important meeting ,I have to take you to hospital ,drop you Nd then to attend meeting
Pragya: why are you troubling yourself ..better you go and attend meeting ,I will go with bhai and ishani..

Abhi: hey I said the plan of my day..ya I am quite busy but want to enjoy sometime with you and baby..
PRAGYA : that’s so sweet of you.pragya placed her her hand on her tummy and says see pappa is coming with us.Abhi smiled and placed his hand on here saying forever for you both and kissed her cheeks.pragya says oye rockstar we are getting late…stop your drama’s. ..come let’s go.

Abhi and pragya reached hospital.Abhi helps pragya in getting down from the car.pragya says Mr. Abhi I am not 7 or 8 months pregnant so I can get down on my own..Abhi says I am not doing all this for you..I am doing for my baby..pragya says acha and your baby comes first.. you are selfish mr. Mehra. Abhi replies I know Mrs.MEHRA …come let’s go…

Sheela greeted abhi and pragya.pragya introduced her to Abhi .Abhi says acha you too have doctor as friend.pragya glares at him.sheela laughs at their antics.sheela: if your fights are over..pragya come with me I have to check ….
PRAGYA leaves with sheela. Abhi was sitting there looking here and there.that time a small girl comes and taps on his shoulders..Abhi turned and saw a small girl with pony standing before him and smiles.
Abhi: arey .beta..what are you doing here.
The girl : I am pari. ..and I am big fan of you..

Abhi: acha .. you are my fan…you had listened to my songs.
Pari:ofcourse many times…
Abhi: really but what you are doing here.
Sheela: Mr.Abhi…she is my daughter.
Abhi:oh great.. and is pragya ok. PRAGYA comes and sits beside him.
Sheela : everything is ok..but she is quite weak…so I suggest you to take care
Abhi: thank you sheela.
Pari: rockstar uncle. I want your autograph ..
And shows her hands.
Abhi: but beta how can I write on your hands.

Pari: but you will sign on the bands for girls n.a..
PRAGYA and sheela laughed at abhi..
Abhi: beta they are big and you are small girl n.a.. it will erase…and here…I will sign in this paper and signs.
Pari :thank you uncle
Pragya: lets go Abhi you are having a meeting n.a…
Abhi: ya let’s go…

In mm…
All were waiting for abhigya…both enters and sees dadi ,priya sitting worried.
PRAGYA : ma,dadi what happened..
Aliya: bhabhi …what doctor said..our little rockstar Is fine na.
PRAGYA: ya.. for that you are sitting like this. Come on get back to your work..and she was about to enter kitchen. Abhi stops her asking where are you going .
PRAGYA : what type of question is this.. I am gonna do breakfast.

Abhi : ha..we can prepare..ma aur ishu will take care you please take rest..
Pragya: I am not in a mood to take rest.
ADITI comes there.. don’t worry rockstar I will take care of her and baby. You go Abhi.Abhi says she is right for you pragya…and leaves from there.
ADITI : come let’s go and takes pragya with her..

In evening ….
ADITI and pragya were in their room.
ADITI : are you feel bored.
Pragya: yes.. I am feeling bored. Don’t know why abhi is getting late.
Aditi: ok come let’s go for a walk..
Pragya: ya.. sure ..come let’s go…
PRAGYA and aditi starts to walk on road..
Pragya: aditi…I had no choice after becoming pregant to walk like this.. if abhi sees me then I am dead.
ADITI : don’t worry .. yaar

PRAGYA : then how is your life going…
Aditi: good but I miss your breakfast.. you will pamper me alot na. . I m missing it..
Pragya; oh really ..
PRAGYA was walking close to road where vehicles are going.she didn’t turned back as she is busy with aditi. A truck comes fast and was about to hit her but someone pulls her towards him
Abhi:what are you doing here..I asked you to stay in home right
PRAGYA didn’t utter a word and abhi knows that she is not out from shock.
Abhi : aditi..come let’s go I will drop you.

Aditi: no Abhi ..actually I am having a work here. I will go by myself..
Abhi: are you sure.
Aditi:yes and abhi takes pragya with him.
PRAGYA didn’t spoke anything that hurts abhi.he thinks may be I shouted her..
Abhi : baby .. why you came here.
PRAGYA : abhi .. I thought to have a walk.
Abhi: if so you can walk in our garden n.a. whats the need to come out.if I haven’t seen you..what would had happened..

Pragya: I am sorry..here after I will not repeat.
Abhi: if you want to go …call me I will take you..
PRAGYA : really.. then its ok and hugs him.
Abhi kissed on her forehead.

ABHISHEK MEHRA. .. I will not leave you…you will be hated by all even by your family …your wife.you have to answer me for what you have given me long years ago…I will destroy you..

So who is it…what’s the matter behind this.. shocking right…let’s wait for next episode…thanks to all …..

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